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    ❤️[One31] Ley Luang (The One Enterprise) : Cheer Thikumporn/ Pooklook Fonthip/ Jes Jespipat/ Ann Siriam/

    Cheer new drama for One31. Don't know who are the rest of the cast yet. Only know Cheer is in this drama for One31. Title: เล่ห์ลวง
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    ❤️[CH.8] Graseu Lam Sing : Cheer Thikumporn / Indy Intad

    Last year in the news Cheer said she going to go behind the scene and director a lakorn. Not sure if she be playing a role or just be behind the scene. I made this thread for her lakorn. Not sure what the name of the drama is or who is the cast. Here are some photos of Cheer with some actors...
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    Cheer YouTub channel?

    I not sure is this her channel or is it her company Chame channel? I know way back when YouTub was staring up... Cheer did have a channel but I forgot what her channel was call since she didn't post any more video. OMG...
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    ❤️[CH3] Boopae Roi Raai (Broadcast Thai Television) : Toey Pongsakorn / Cheer Thikumporn

    There was news from last year N'Kong was getting Toey and Cheer to pair up again for this year, since the other drama did not work out. So here today it look like its confirm for sure that They will be in this drama. Fitting is soon. N'Kong Interview about Toey and Cheer: Title...
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    [Cheer Thikumporn] : Have any relate thing about Cheer, talk here

    Decide to make this thread for anything who want to talk, share news clips, anything about Cheer here. It be easy that way so we don't have to go into different thread to talk about her so it won't be mess or interfere with other people.
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    [Musical] Soot Snaeha 2019 : Cheer Thikumporn / Keng Crescendo

    OMG I thought this was going to be a remake drama not a musical version. I was so hoping to be a lakorn. So sad this remake is a musical version of this lakorn. This is a musical version of Ann and Ken version Soot Snaeha. Photos cr to its owner: Cheer is playing Ann role Alin Keng is...
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    ❤️[Ch.One31] Reuan Mai Majurat (One Enterprise) : Cheer Thikumporn/ Captain Phuthanet/ Organ Watcharapolmek

    A few weeks and months back there was news Cheer was going to have a lakorn for Ch. One31. This will be her first time playing for them. Link to news and source: Last week Cheer have a workshop for the lakorn but...
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    ❤️[GMM25] Club Friday Series 11 : Cheer Thikumporn/ Indy Intad/ Cee Siwat/ Noon Woranuch/ Buachompoo

    :cheer::cheer::aaaaa::aaaaa:Yeah I'm so happy to see Cheer have a new project. I can't wait to know more what this lakorn is going to be about and what kind of role Cheer going to play. I really hope she play some thing different. Here is the title in Thai. Hope someone can help translate into...
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    Cheer & Mew Nittha = ( Cheew couple) ^_^

    I decide to do this thread for Cheer and Mew (Cheew couple) since they both stole me heart. I'm crushing on them right now. :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: Their posters from their movie 7 Day is killing me. I so want to see their movie and their scene. I know they will have not a lot of...
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    Cheer with others stars

    OMO I just love Cheer so much. She so playful with other stars. I didn't want to pose this in Eye and Toey lakorn thread since its not relate to their lakorn so I just post it here. Last week Cheer went in to film an episode of "Hollywood Game Night." Eye and Toey were too to film too but they...
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    News Cheer lakorn "SNRM & PRSHJ" to air in China

    Good news to Cheer fans :cheer::cheer::cheer::clap::clap::clap: This year Cheer two lakorn "Sao Noy Roy Mor & Pom Ruk Salub Hua Jai" are going oversea to air in China. Cr to: cheerny_kyo_fc
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    [CH.Mono29] The Kill List (AsiThink CO.,LTD) : Aon Sarawut/ Cheer Thikumporn/

    :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:OMG I woke up to this morning to some good news. So happy for Cheer. She is getting ready for a new lakorn. :aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa: I thought we would have to wait forever. This lakorn is for Channel Mono29. I'm not sure if Aon is the p'ek or is it someone else. He...
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    ❤[CH.Workpoint] 7 Wun Jorng Wen Season 2 (Talent 1 movie studio) : Toni Rakkaen/ Vj_ja/ Jason Young

    This is season 2 of the first season 1 staring Krit Chakrit back 2010. Toni, Vj_ja and Jason are the main lead. In each storyline Kan, Cheer, Lift and other actors and actresses are guest star in. Here is the trailer: Airing next week Spet 25, 2017 Poster Cr to: Workpoint ***Note:***...
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    ❤️ [Ch8] Pom Ruk Salub Hua Jai (Aplus production): Andrew Gregson / Cheer Thikumporn

    :aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa:Omg I'm so excited. Cheer and Andrew are going to get pair up a new lakorn for Ch8. :cheer::cheer::cheer: From Cheer interview:
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    New wave of Koo Jin 2017 to watch?

    New wave of Koon Jin that are rising and making big with fans. Four of the couple are from The Cupid Series Boy and Toey J. Cris and Punjan Wawwa and Indy Cheer and Toey Ter and Mew from their movie they have together. Cr to: daradaily
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    Cheer Thikumporn & Toey Pongsakorn = (Bear Couple)

    I decide to make this thread for anyone of their fans that like them or jin them. Come and share anything of these two. I think their fans in Thailand stared to call them the Bear couple? Since there so many bear smile tag their photos. Photos: to their owner Couple name: Bear Couple TC...
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    ❤[GMM25] Club Friday Celebrities stories

    This will be Dan and Cheer first time pairing for this series. Sorry don't know if this is series 9 or other title. It was tag as club Friday the series no number at the end. So for now the title is like that. Will change the title later if they said its 9. Also will add other actors name on...
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    [Workpoint TV] Unknown : Gun Svasti / Cheer Thikumporn

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    [CH.Workpoint] Sao Noy Roy Mor (Raruek Production) : Kan Kantathavorn/ Cheer Thikumporn

    I can't find the thread that was already have so this is a new thread. If ya find the old thread let me know so I can merge them. Fans of CK here your happiness. These two are finally getting pair for real this time. Title: สูตรรักเสน่ห์ร้าย Photos of them at Workpoint event. They both...
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    Reckless : (update) scene 2 up.

    I know, know I haven't even finish any of my stories that I stared. I'll come back to them when I don't have writing block. In the moment I'm so hype on Cheer and Toey that they going to be in the "The Cupid series"  I have to write this FF on them.     The cast:   Cheer Thikumporn as Elena...
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    ❤[Ch3] The Cupids Series Part 5 : Sorn Ruk Kammathep (Broadcast Thai Television) Cheer & Toey P.

      Title:  ซ่อนรักกามเทพ / Sorn Ruk Kammathep (part 5 of 8) Also known as:  Duration: TBA Genre: Romance / Comedy Popularity: TBA Air time: TBA Broadcast network: Channel 3 Broadcast period: TBA Theme song:    Producer: Director: Mai P.wat.P. Screenwriter: TBA Company Name: Broadcast Thai Author...
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    [News] Cheer Thikumporn open up after to be labeled as ungrateful actress

      Asked about topic of the troll insult her as 'ungrateful actress' in Instagram, Cheer Thukum said that she don't annoy with that.  Beside she talked that she understand with the situation and not serious with that feedback. So she repeatedly about her status with Ch7 that is good ending, and...
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    Cheer Thikumporn (TV POOL Vol.25 no.1294 March 2015)

    credit magazinedee
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    Cheer Thikumporn (OLIVE Vol.1 no.15 February 2015)

    credit magazinedee
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    [Ch 3] The Cupids Series (Broadcast Thai Television)

    This Lakorn consists of 8 series. Cr. kenphupoom_lakorn IG  
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    Shadow of Silence (my couple story line) Chapter 3 up

    Note: This story I wrote with some of members here but we never got to finish this group fan fiction story. So I decide why not finish my part on my couple and their storyline, I decide to change my cast up to new people and the story will take a different turn.        New cast in : “Shadow of...
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    [Ch7] Pla Lhong Fah (Media Studio)

      Book Cover      Title: ปลาหลงฟ้า / Pla Lhong Fah Also known as: Lost Fish In The Sky Duration: Episodes 16 Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama Popularity: Air time: Film Broadcast network: Channel 7 Broadcast: February 13, 2015 to March 20, 2015    Producer:  Director: Screenwriter: Company...
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    [CH7] Payu Tewada (PhaSangYaSon)

      Title: พายุเทวดา / Payu Taewada Also known as: Storm Angel Duration: Episodes BTA Genre: Drama/Action/Fantasy Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure Air time: Friday, Saturday & Sunday Broadcast network: Channel 7 Broadcast period: March 16, 2014 --- (On air) Theme song: "theme song" Artist  ...
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    [Ch7] Wimarn Mapraw (Pordeecam)

    Title: วิมานมะพร้าว / Wimarn Mapraw Also known as: Castle Coconut / Coconut Paradise Duration: Episodes 17 Genre: Romances/Comedy/Fantasy Air time: Monday & Tuesday Broadcast network: Channel 7 Broadcast period: November 12, 3013 --- January 7, 2014 Relate to: Wimarn Mapraw 1994   Popularity /...
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    [Ch7] Saeb Salup Kua (Dida)

    Yeah.... :dance1: they back together again. Title: แสบสลับขั้ว Credit to: Thip @ SPICY Forum Link: http://www.spicyforu...salup-kua-dida/
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    From Paul To Sritrung - Chapter 2 up

    OMG I am so :heart: this couple so can't stop thinking about them. :coverlaf:
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    [Ch7] Pang Sanaeha (Dida)

    Saw this at Cheer Wiki page @ asianfuse. Someone made a topic for this and it said to be awaits to be film. Summary: "หัวใจแข็งกระด้างราวหินผาของผู้กองหนุ่มมือปราบจอมโหด และบ้าระห่ำอย่าง 'ร้อยตำรวจเอกเตชิต' มีอันต้องอ่อนยวบหวามไหว เมื่อถูก 'สาวน้อย' ใสซื่อบริสุทธิ์...