Cheer Thikumporn & Toey Pongsakorn = (Bear Couple)

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  1. dancy

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    I decide to make this thread for anyone of their fans that like them or jin them. Come and share anything of these two.

    I think their fans in Thailand stared to call them the Bear couple? Since there so many bear smile tag their photos.

    Photos: to their owner


    Couple name:

    Bear Couple
    TC Couple

    Hashtag name:
    #เต้ยเชียร์ (on twitter & IG)
    #กองพันรักพิเศษที่หนึ่ง (on twitter & IG)
    #ต้ยเชียร์3แซบ (on twitter & IG)

    toeycheertogether (on IG)
    toeycheerstories (on IG)


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  2. dancy

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    Cr to: kai_aukavut & Toey IG

    Some news on them about their live IG chat:

    Their ig from yesterday:
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  3. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    Here is a photo of Toey and Cheer from today. I'm not sure if this is for what? I'm thinking this must be for their event or show they going to be on June 27, this coming week?

    Cr to: toey_pongsakorn

  4. dancy

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    Update news:

    Okay I reedit the first page so its nicer also we have some news.

    Rumors saying K'Nong is preparing a new lakorn for these two because of the good feedback and chemistry they have in their part of the Cupid series.

    Cr to:love_cheerny & Thip for translate the news

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  5. dancy

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  6. dancy

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    Some mores news saying K'Nong is preparing a new lakorn for these two.

    หลังคู่จิ้น "เชียร์-ฑิฆัมพร" และ "เต้ย-พงศกร" ปล่อยเคมีพลุ่งพล่านในละครซีรีส์ "ซ่อนรักกามเทพ" มาแล้ว แว่วว่าผู้จัด "หน่อง-อรุโณชา" เตรียมหาละครเรื่องใหม่ให้ทั้งคู่เล่นด้วยกันอยู่ เอฟซี "พ่อหมี-แม่หมี" เตรียมจิ้นกัน ได้เลย

  7. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    Clips news from Cheer and Toey at 3Zaap show yesterday:

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  8. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    Cheer and Toey said hi to their Chinese fans.

  9. Izce

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  10. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    Sorry ya I been gone for a while haven't been able to post anything on these two.

    I think ya have see so many photos of these two from this past week since they have events and fan meet events together.

    Here are some update it look like Cheer and Toey finally going to get to do a photoshoot together. I don't know what going on with the Honeymoon photos thing but they going to be in Kazz Magazine.

    Here some behind the scene clips from IG today:

    Cr to: as tag in the photos:


    This is old from a week ago but here is their first cf they did together. Its for 7 Eleven.

    I will post or update mores as I can later.
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  11. Izce

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    I hope you'll always share some info or update about these 2 ♡♡♡

    I envy you coz you can understand thai. Its hard for foreign fans to get news coz we have limited understanding of the language. Thankful you are here :)
  12. Izce

    Izce sarNie Egg

    Ive been looking for an update on their kazz mag shoot but i cant find any :(

    Also i think it was funny when i saw toey in the vid looking like he was smelling cheer's butt:risas3:
  13. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    :risas3: Haha yeah when I saw that bts clip of Toey. It was funny. I was kind of :facepalm:.

    I think we have to wait for next month issue to get to see more photos because they just have the photoshoot yesterday and you know they don't want to give a lot away.
  14. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    Aww :) I just want to said thanks for your lovey comment and appreciation a lot.

    But you know I don't understand Thai that good. I only know a few words here and there, I still need help. I use google translate for most of the time because its easy way to understand and if I really don't understand Thai or can translate a news or clips of Cheer interview I have ask for help. I still have a long way. So its still hard on me. I know Cheer doesn't have a lot of oversea fans so its harder to find fans of her and talk about her and what she doing...ect and hard because Cheer lakorn doesn't get sub at all so we fans have to watch its with out know what going on.

    I wish I understand Thai more so I can do like some of the other fans translate stuff and doing lakorn for their favor actresses or actors so other people can or will know more of their celebrities.
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  15. Izce

    Izce sarNie Egg

    Im trying my best right now to study a bit of thai, but im not a fast learner :( it will take some time.

    Ive tried watching coconut palace, the one with Thanwa (?) without subs and i kinda frustrates me coz there seemed to be some "sweet moments" but bcoz i dont understand thai, i cant appreciate the moment T_T

    going back to our Bear Couple, i believe this is the first time that Cheer was paired with a younger guy and im thinking if she kinda feel uncomfy being shipped with him, just my thoughts though.
  16. dancy

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    You don't have to rush trying to know a language. It will take time and remembering the word. It took me a while to know some words. Have fun with learning Thai. Learn a language is hard if you're not use to it or not grown up with. Have fun.

    Yeah I know what you mean. Watching lakorn with out sub is hard and you really don't understand what really going on. You have to guest as you watch.

    Oh no Toey isn't Cheer first p'ek that she pair up with who is younger than her. Thanwa is her first p'ek who is younger than her. You know both Toey and Thanwa both are super shy around Cheer. She mostly dose the teasing with them. Most of her co-star like Cee, Nam, New, Kelly, Oh, Kan, they all teaser her especially Kan. Kan was her first p'ek that tease her make her blush.
  17. Izce

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    Hmmm honestly, when i saw Kan & Cheer in an fmv i felt their chemistry too:love:. I thought they kinda look good off & on-screen, but i guess they are just good friends.

    With the bear couple, i cant feel the "feelings" yet off-screen. Ive been watching a lot of fmvs but i still think that they are only sweet for fan service.
  18. I actually like this couple. I liked Toey since SJ series. He is cute! I'm neutral with Cheer. I like how she isn't a skeleton. She actually looks decent and healthy! :)
  19. Izce

    Izce sarNie Egg

    Hi all please help me understand this news thank you
  20. Izce

    Izce sarNie Egg

    There were a lot of T&C's video in YT for 2 days now and i noticed in one of the vids where Cheer was wearing a pink top that she looked a younger with straight hair.... or probably, its just me hehehe

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