[CH7] Pan Ta Gaan Ruk: Bank Artit/Mookda Narinrak

Discussion in '2018' started by Maricon, Nov 20, 2017.

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    What you said wasn't offensive so I wasn't the least bit offended. I also don't see NY as untouchables, I just personally hold them to a higher regard than other Thai celebrities that I know of - so feel free to criticise them.
    I just needed confirmation in terms of Pantip because I've always thought NY fc presence on there is pretty much non-existent & has been for a while now, as well as the fact that there is also a thread on there with criticisms about LR. I was also only just asking because there are ch7 fan accounts also throwing shade & after reading KhoOnxNouxWanxJai's comment, it's clear that shade coming from both sides is just making this situation a whole mess when it doesn't need to be. I'll do more digging like you recommended.
    There have been some NY fc who threw shade at Nadech's co-stars in the past but it seems that they have grown up as I haven't heard of any problems with Matt & I hope it stays that way. There are definitely NY trolls lol but the one you were talking about in your previous comment wasn't one.
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    They really do need to post on YouTube too cus I need something to listen too while driving. Can't stream Thaiflix on my phone :confused:. I mean if they are so afraid of ratings dropping then like post it a day after or something.

    Ok glad you didn't take offense lol. I really do try to curb my comments. So for pantip, there are still fans of NY on there but just not as much as before just like a lot of the fc here are not as bad as before. I guess you can say they're not dominating those forums as before. Pantip doesn't make a voice like it used to. It's easier to go to IGs now I guess. Well now it's all about PopeMew vs PopeBella vs BellaWeir vs WeirThisaa.
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    I think it’s because audience have already seen NY many times already so when something new comes up, they would go for the newer pairing/ new storyline. Mookda was very likeable in Mussaya got really good feedbacks and was a good pair in Green/Es lakorn. Yeah, that’s unfair to be bashing on Mookda.
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  5. Lauj

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    Mookda is the new rising star in my opinion. I love her acting.
  6. Lauj

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    It would be REALLY interesting to see her with Weir. She has such a young fresh face and Weir looks way older than her. But who knows. I may be wrong. I’ll just have to wait to see how they look together.
  7. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Praew looks fairly young to and she was able to hold it alongside Weir.
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  8. Yaam

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    Mook is cute - but I don't think I'll ever get over her voice, something about it that I can't tolerate and she does well in the same kind of roles so far Mussaya and this lakorn - but I often don't feel the nangek vibe in her. Her debut she was a supporting character and maybe because she's so petite and baby looking still that I can only see her in supporting roles or like the second lead/couple. This kind of lakorn is more of an evening lakorn in my opinion.
  9. KitKat516

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    I agree because the story seems more like an evening lakorn. As for the voice, lol we should all be used to it cus almost half of the nangeks out there has weird voice. Yaya is probably the only one who can change her voice for acting. Actually I don't even know which is her real voice and which is her acting. Aff, Kim, Mew, Teaw, sometime Matt, and etc all has those high pitch voice. Especially when they start yelling lol. The worst: Aff and Kim lol.
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  10. Yaam

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    Lol talk about voices. I love Aff, but I can never get used to her voice! Then Kim's squeaky voice no, no, no. But I'm not her fan, so I don't have tolerate because i dont watch her lakorns only 4hua Jai to begin with. Yaya has a cute voice which matches her bubbly personality in reality, but way too immature for me, so I can never take her seriously when she's acting. Even when she's in "mature" roles her voice is still like a little girl tone. I love Taew voice though she's got one of the most beautiful and natural!
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  11. sineth

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    Mookda is more beautiful than ch3 actesses etc yum, toey, I cannot finished any their lakorn because I find them very unattractive. they should be a support actresses not the n'eks. So I want to let you everyone have different opinions that all.
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  12. CPY

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    I think this lakorn will end at ep 14. Is it?
  13. Prakcion

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    I am starting to think that the reason why Chon is so obsessed with Pan is because he may be her first one. I have a theory that he had sexy with her when he was drunk or something like that...
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  15. Yaam

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    I'm glad this lakorn didn't go to Weir and Bow, because the roles suit Mook and Bank much better since it's such a teen romance type of genre.

    I think Bank and Mook are going to be in a MV together for Ch7 earth day event too.
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  16. preetam

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    Indeed ! Bank still got that youthful boyish look so he is right for the role and Mook looks like a baby girl. Therefore their dynamism and chemistry works. Very cute !
    This year we got hot pair in Cee and Yui and cute pair in Bank and Mook
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  17. xdanavelvetx

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    I ship P'ek with Fah. They look good together. :love:

    Also I think they gonna fall in love.
  18. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    P' ek and fah, fall in love?
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  19. CPY

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    So far I only know Dtemfah like Thong Ek.
  20. Ele

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    9DC9A66B-F7B2-4991-9095-8D7C396A087F.jpeg FAB4B297-8A32-4E03-BEC4-370D5A21BB0A.jpeg Their eyes contact , shows their love for each other . It’s so sweet .

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