[CH7] Pan Ta Gaan Ruk: Bank Artit/Mookda Narinrak


Managed to message the novelist. The ending at book is different from lakorn. At book, they got married.


sarNie Egg
Hi, do you think Bank and Mookda will have a project again.. I love their chemistry so much.. The way bank teases Mookda On or Off screen is soooo cute... Lots of giggles..


I'm sure they will! Ch7 is promoting Bank is praek and Bank Mook was Koo Kwan it seems.
Anyone watching Raburn Marn for Bank? I do not think I will bare to watch because Bank's character seems to sink.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Prakotkarndee lakorns start off so good and then end flat (except HNM). This had so much potential but geez louise did they mess up with the p'ek.

The storyline was solid and they surprisingly did wonders with such a simple plot. If this was ten years ago this probably would have been twisted into a slap/kiss/r lakorn. I'm a sucker for a good warring family drama. I didn't see the twist coming when it came to him and his father. I enjoyed the p'ek and his antics in the beginning and I liked seeing him grow into a caring person; however, the end made little sense. It was not necessary to make him push n'ek away for no reason and he did it in such a dumb way, then BAM it ended. I like Bank, he's not that attractive but he's charming onscreen, sucks that they ended the lakorn in such an anticlimactic way. He has good chemistry with Mookda and their scenes together were cute. I love the type of p'eks that are assholes but deep down they're softies. The n'ek is such a sweet character, she's so protective of p'ek despite all that he has done to her. She definitely loves him more than he loves her. Good lakorn, it just needed a totally different last episode.