[CH7] Pan Ta Gaan Ruk: Bank Artit/Mookda Narinrak

Discussion in '2018' started by Maricon, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. CPY

    CPY GotomySin

    Managed to message the novelist. The ending at book is different from lakorn. At book, they got married.
  2. PanPai

    PanPai sarNie Egg

    Hi, do you think Bank and Mookda will have a project again.. I love their chemistry so much.. The way bank teases Mookda On or Off screen is soooo cute... Lots of giggles..
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  3. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    I'm sure they will! Ch7 is promoting Bank is praek and Bank Mook was Koo Kwan it seems.
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  4. CPY

    CPY GotomySin

    Anyone watching Raburn Marn for Bank? I do not think I will bare to watch because Bank's character seems to sink.
  5. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    Love Bank/Mook. So happy if ch7 will choose a good lakorn to pair them up again. Truly support this new Koo Kwan. :cheer::cheer::cheer:
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