[CH7] Nang Thip (Media Studio): Min Pechaya/Om Akapan/Pooklook Fonthip/Mookda Narinrak


sarNie Granny
I thought episode was good.

So who will be together Parita and Phatorn or Parita and Tin, or someone else. This one is not easy to guess like others are.


sarNie Adult
Surprised this isn't doing well with the top stars in it. I've been watching here and there and not that convinced by evil Min. She's not bad but not killing it. But Mookda is. When she's playing possessed by Min part, her eyes really spark. I want Mookda in a full bad role now. Like a bad n'ek role.


sarNie Hatchling
I didn't think Min could be this bad at acting?! Like what happened?! She's portraying her character so off. I mean, the technicalities of her acting isn't bad but the characterization is, if that makes any sense. Haha.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
This lakorn irked me. Yeesh Om, I did not like his modern day character at all, he was so unlikeable and void of personality. His character was so useless in the modern time, he was simply there as the love interest and that was it, he added nothing, his personality was off putting and he was a callous jerk to pretty much everyone. His acting is so cringeworthy here too, during the romance scenes with Pooklook, it looks like he's trying too hard to show that he likes her. I really like Om but I haven't really liked his acting in a long time, he's been in lakorns where he's largely unlikeable or the lakorn is too boring. The last time I really liked him was in Hua Jai Tuen. He used to have really good chemistry with Min in their first lakorn together, I even went back to watch Bundai Dok Ruk and both their acting has regressed so much in comparison. I guess the fact that she didn't return his offscreen feelings took a toll on things. Their chemistry was slightly better in Look Jai Klai Ton than in here though. I hated the so called love story with Ravipreeya. Their scenes were cringy and Pooklook's acting was annoying here when she is trying to portray the playful angel. Om's character couldn't even figure out who he loved, the director seemed to try to make it look like he loved Ravipreeya but he legit forgets all about her when Thipchay shows up. Even at the end, Tatorn wasn't even bothered about not seeing Ravipreeya again and was more concerned about Thipchay.

Min's acting was inconsistent here, she didn't seem to have the right emotions for certain scenes. She was better off as the ghost than as the princess though. Though I rooted more for Thipchay than for the insufferable Ravipreeya, even though her morals were certainly questionable.

Mookda is the star of the show. She's so good at portraying her character being possessed by Thipchay. She and Typhoon where the only likeable people in this lakorn and really the only people you care about.

The overall plot was fine but the acting and the direction of the lakorn was not very good and the characters were not written well. With a better production, writing and director, I'm sure this lakorn could have been better. It was terribly boring and hard to watch.
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