[CH7] Nang Thip (Media Studio): Min Pechaya/Om Akapan/Pooklook Fonthip/Mookda Narinrak


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Excited to see Mookda 's name in here. Shell be possessed so it'll be a good challenge for her to act a few different personalities. But poor girl, if I was Parita is be paranoid the rest of my life lol. All these non-human entities trying to use her body for their own motives?


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:eek::eek:Is this really Min's boyfriend? :eek::eek:I came upon a post that tells who are the daras boyfriend/girlfriend.- Not sure if its real.:pancarta: b/c a lot were accurate(i think:p)

min's- BF..PNG

Just saw this pic on min's IG. well.... the picture of the guy here looks so much better then the other picture (phew) :risas3:

min's- BF-2.PNG
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That close up shot of Min crying is gorgeous. She's such a pretty crier. Now that you ladies mention it, Min and Taew do share a resemblance. It's just that Min's face is longer and her features are more elongated so her face is more proportionate than Taew.


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Excited to see this because I want to see Min act as the bad girl , which I’m assuming she is rai here. Right?


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I think Pooklook is. I'm kinda confuse too, because Min will be possessing Mookda's body, so I know Mookda will be in many scenes too. It might be kinda like Sarp Phusa where Tanya took over Ae's body.
Thanks, Dear erinhang. Sounds like Min sprits will come a lot in Mookda's body, but we won't see her real body many scenes in this drama? Hummmmmm....


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Do you guyskknow when willthis is on air because I am looking forward for this lakorn. there three beautiful actresses in this lakorn.