[CH7] Look Mai Laai Sonthaya: Pim Pimprapa/Sean Jindachot


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thaidramatic update ig said that 'according to komchaluek, pim and sean will work with each other in a drama called " look mai laai santhaya".
judging from the plot, the story sounds messed up and it not my type of drama to watch. however, I adore sean, he comes a long way so i'll be supporting him but I cant say that i'll watch it for definite
Messed up how???


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The first episode was actually good LOL. I haven't finished a lakorn with Sean yet. I kinda watched the one with Vill. I hated Leh Ratree, but I did watch his ghost movie. I knew he was a good actor just didn't like the lakorns he was in. Hopefully I can stick to this one! I liked Pim in the lakorn with Mik. She's a really great actress. She kinda has her moments where she looks a lot older though, but that's just me. There's a lot of great veterans in here. The CGI kinda sucks, but it's doable and not over the top. Jammie and Aof are in another lakorn together... but I wonder if they'll get together. I actually liked them since Soosan Khon Phen. The songs are good! I'll keep tuning in haha.


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Lol Sean eyes darting back and forth ...at topless nk

I felt the cgi to pk world was unnecessary....they can have them be in a nice pretty field or forest...he was lying in a field of cgi flowers lol

I don't like her w/too much Make up...makes her look older....

I use to not like sean.....sot part 1 made me somewhat of a fan
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This lakorn does look somewhat interesting. I like Pim as a singer, but not so much as an actress. I've never seen Sean in anything.


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I can't really judge from ep 1.... i'm curious enough to keep trying...it's diff. I like this "fantasy" time travel... another world...type


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Same lol. It has a mystery component. I bet Pim sings the OST? It’s really good haha. Sean was funny looking at her naked lmao


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I think Sean has a good signing voice. I might like this better than the one with James and Yeena. It's funny because I am really not a fan of Sean or Pim. I have yet to finished any of his lakorns and only watched a handful of episodes of Pim with Mik. Anyhow, not sure the reason but Pim seemed to aged a bit in here vs the one with Mik. Usually, I don't see a n'ek gets old that fast. When Sean was helping her and she touched him on the chest after he got shot and they zoomed in on her face. if I don't know any better she could be the bigger sister of Pim in the lakorn with Mik.

Yes, I like the mystery and it keeps you wanting to know more. Though the CGI is off the chart but still it's interesting.


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Wow. Saw so many clips of Sean and Kim through IG...and I am impressed! Going to wait a bit till more episodes air. But wow. I didn’t think I would like the pairing. I’ve watch one or two lakorn a with Pim in it, and I felt like she always had a sad puppy face or something with her facial expression that made her look sad and lost at the same time. Maybe it’s her doe eyes and eye brows. Don’t get me wrong, the girl is beautiful, but I think she needs to practice some facial expressions and she will get better in time.

Is Sean freelance? Or did he sign with CH7?