[Ch3] Wieng Roy Dao (Act Art)

Discussion in '2014' started by tinah, May 9, 2012.

  1. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    this lakorn and "tong neu gao" is khun off pongpat's upcoming lakorn that he will focus on once he is done with "ruk gerd nai talod sode". but at the moment, hes still trying to cast the n'ek for tong neu gao

    credit to juniorkoy1

    i believe this is the novel of the lakorn

  2. THaiMovieLover

    THaiMovieLover sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh whats this about?
  3. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    i am curious to know who will he cast as his pra'nang.
  4. TubbyTinker

    TubbyTinker You're Average Person :)

    Tinah u forgot to add the letter g after wien
  5. pich15

    pich15 sarNie Juvenile

    What it' s the story?
  6. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    thanks thip. ill go ahead and edit it
  7. TubbyTinker

    TubbyTinker You're Average Person :)

    looking at that cover, reminds me of Aff and her look from Roy Mai
  8. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

  9. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    Aw.. man, horror again. I hope not. me don't like horror lakorn. :(
    Thanks anyway for the info. :) I wish i can read thai so i know
    the storyline to it.haha
  10. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    Tinah thanks 4 the news yes that's the novel
  11. myheromike

    myheromike ♥♥MikeƸӜƷPle♥♥ khun yai♥pin

    i heard that off pongpat, he said his need only supertstar like ploy benz and chompoo for the tong neu gao if that right.
  12. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Whats with P'Off and horror, he seems to love doing it. Well anyways i'm excited cause i love P'Off's production too bad he makes me mad at the ending episodes cause he seems to mess it up with all his lakorns so far.
  13. Sweet_09

    Sweet_09 ♥♥Ann&Kim♥♥

    I was wonder who will be in here as well...i want a new pair and a freah start lol
  14. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    yep, he only want the top actresses for "tong neu gao" cause its a complicated role
  15. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    I would love to see P'Ken and P'Ploy since i want them in their own lakorn was so disappointed of ruk khun tao fah
  16. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

  17. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    Off Pongpat really loves Mart, huh?
  18. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    No suprise, mart is khun offs favorite.
  19. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    Oooooo.... Smart and Who?? I wonder who will be his Lucky girl. Another horror lakorn for him.
  20. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    I have a feeling the n'ek maybe its Noon Woranuch since she's no longer contract with Ch7

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