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F-f-film? I'm happy that his back but I honestly can't imagine him with kat. I may be wrong, but the image in my head now is screwing everything


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Hahaha I guess everyone is hoping right Film is the Korean look like actor that will be good for the part.


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Part of 2. Really? Damn,Part 1 got to be good then, that's why there will be part 2.
I should watch it then since it's done already.


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I Dnt think Great and Eye will appear a lot on the 2nd part because they have a happy ending already. Yes, I do wish everyone have the important role as part 1. I can't wait for part2 next time year is toooo long.


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I still think Eye & Grate are still in here but appear shortly...their my favor in season 1 if anyone care LMFAO...anyways let all hope for da other their when is da opening lol


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English sub 4 The sixth sense please.... Em totally dying to watch this but i can't understand thai .. TT_TT


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Can't wait to see season 2. for me want to see more cute scenes of Phet&Krissie, they should get marry in part 2 cause was said from the book. part 2 we should still get to see more of Ja&Louis and Great&Eye couples as well cause there will be problems that happen to them. Louis's mom come between their love. Great's dead little sister came to ask for help. if Film is p'ek it's good. he fit to play half korean&thai character in here. wonder who gonna pair up with Wawwa.


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I think it is him because he looks similar to the guy on TKBT. Apparently he's in Raeng Ngao. Well, he has a Lakorn airing now or something
Uuhh... I always thought that wawwa's p'ek would be cuter, smaller, something that fits her but this is unexpected

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I can see why they made a part 2. The ratings were great and they were going against another high-ish rating lakorn like Tawan Tor Saeng. Didn't watch part 1 and i probably won't watch this either though.