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  1. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[CH8] Lay Luntaya (MAX MAGIC): Yui Chiranan / Wawwa Nichari / Nike Nitidon

    Looks like Channel 8 got the rights to "Lay Lu Not Yaa", which is a prequel to "Sarp Phusa" (which aired over at Channel 3 back in 2009). Yui and Wawwa are set to be part of the cast. Looks like Wawwa is already set to go places after her Channel 3 contract expired. She might be part of one...
  2. inbetweener_guy

    [❤️Amarin] Pleng Bin Bai Ngiw (Change2561): Golf Anuwat / Wawwa Nichari / Peak Pattarasaya / Pae Arak

    Looks like Change2561 just had their planning for 2021. They seem to have lots of dramas in store next year, across different channels and platforms. And surely they'll have more dramas with Amarin, they just have to release "Tawan Tok Din" by early next year (after "Bangkert Klao"'s run) then...
  3. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] Somewhere Our Love Begins (The One Enterprise): Esther Supreleela / Jes Jespipat

    Looks like this is a remake of the Bee-Krit drama. https://mydramalist.com/10502-wimarn-sai
  4. Maricon

    Wawwa Nichari (WE Issue 149 September 2016)

    Credits to Wawwa IG More photos/scans will be added as soon as it is available
  5. Maricon

    Wawwa Nichari (FOC Magazine Thailand Issue 128 August 2016)

    Credits to FOC Magazine Thailand
  6. S

    Wawwa Nichari (LEMONADE Vol.6 No.104 April 2016)

    cr wawwafc
  7. S

    Wawwa Nichari (MARS Magazine Vol.14 No.160 February 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  8. M

    [CH3] Kai Mook Mungkorn Fai (Pau Jin Jong)

    After Banlang Dok Maai, Pau Jin Jong will begin a new project called Kai Mook Mungkorn Fai (Dragon Fire Pearl) reuniting Puen Khanin and Apo Nattawin again. No word on n'ek.   From KCL:  @ ละครเรื่อง ดอกไม้ใต้เมฆ กำลังออนแอร์ ล่าสุด เป่าจินจง ทำละครอีกเรื่องคือ ไข่มุกมังกรไฟ วาง เพื่อน คณิน กับ...
  9. M

    VARIOUS STARS (THE MAGAZINE vol. 2 no. 16 May 2015)

    CR: MagazineDee
  10. krisayaporn

    [Ch3] Kong Krapun Naree (Broadcast Thai Television)

    New lakorn from Broadcast Thai Television. They cast Ken Phupoom and Wawwa Nichari as P'ek and N'ek.   They will start filming next years    Cr. KCL     ...Let I guess, Khun Nhong will be new supporter for Wawwa
  11. P

    Dork Rak Barn Lung Fon [Flowers Bloom After the Rain] (Ch 4.3)

       Dork Rak Barn Lung Fong  Flowers Bloom After the Rain   Thanks to the lovely Aikoden for making me my FF poster <3   Starring:             Theme song:    Tur Keu Saeng Tawan ( You Are My Sunshine )   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQZlbxUxguI CR: laosaugurl
  12. Alice

    Various Stars(LISA Vol.14 no.12 March 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  13. D

    [Ch3] The Sixth Sense 2 (Cholumpi Production)

    Credit to: snow_scorpio @ SPICY Forum Link: http://www.spicyforu...i/page__st__405 Louis confirm there going to be a part 2 of "The Sixth" Link to News: http://www.newsplus....il.php?id=55484
  14. D

    [Movie] Threesome

    Wawaa first movie. This movie came out last year before she was in Waew Mayura and in The Six Sense.
  15. D

    [Ch3] Ruk Sutrit (Wave Media)

    Credit to: Shampoo @ SPICY Forum Link: http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/14752-ch3-ruk-sutrit-wave-media-production/"]http://www.spicyforu...dia-production/[/url] Title: รักสุดฤทธิ์ Mario & Punch are pairing up for this lakorn. :woot2:
  16. T

    [Ch3] The Sixth Sense (Cholumpi Production)

    so this is another series that ch3 is producing like 4HJHKK. its gonna be based on 5 girls with sixth sense. they are looking for 5 new actresses. as if they dont have enough :numchuck: credit to my3space