sarNie Adult
omg. the head maid was listening to 2pm's song "again and again"  in episode 17 when she was cutting out the ham into a heart.  Love it.  I was like what is she listening 2pm fighting.  Always a HOTTEST...


sarNie Adult
Okay.  just finish the ending for real.. i finally went beyond the guys running around waking up late for their  i couldn't stop watching it. lol. . it was really good till the ending.  Flim and his girl's ending was cute, but it should have been shared with family and friends.  They shouldn't make them get marry somewhere else.  Should have just stick with the other two.  At least everyone else was there.  So kinda felt sad for them. 
Other then that.  Love all the couple, i think they got their fair share of screen time in this series.  But if i do have to pick, I liked watching Wawwa's couple more. LOL.. They are so cute, she was a bit stubborn or very stubborn but it's still cute. They should have just got marry too. lol...But i really like them all.  Love the cast, hated Peach.  I wanted to rip her apart. LOL..


sarNie Adult
LOL @meenia, I felt the way to just want to rip her up into pieces, haha
Film and Kat's wedding was cute but I think they have had it with the other two couples when the whole fam and friends was there.
Finger cross that there is going to be season 3 or else I would die.
Coz I want to know if Thi and Ros's (Grate and Eye) baby is going to be a boy or girl or TWIN'S. I love twins.


sarNie Egg
This movie had a beautiful ending. I feel really satisfied as an international viewer. Let's hope there will be a season three. This Lakorn is a must watch! I can see why Film and Kat had their wedding at the beach. Remember, when Park June Ji were being interviewed by his fans? The fans asked what place does he like in Thailand, and he said he likes the beach, bamm! he got married at the beach!


sarNie Hatchling
Sixth Sense is one of those rare lakorns that I tend to not forget about.  I love the entire cast from Season 1 to Season 2.  The most catching part of these two season to me was the friendship between the girls.  Call me weird, but I cried with them when they were sad and laughed when they were funny.  Although they were different, but they were their own little culture.  I would not mind a third season :dance3:


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I love the Sixth Sense. Both 1 and 2!!! I just love the friendship between the girls and that they all stay strong together when they go through hard times. The ost for this is amazing too. I really hope for a season 3, with all the SAME cast too. That would be so amazing if they could get everyone for a season 3. And if they do a season 3, hopefully all the same cast aren't too busy with other schedules so they can do a season 3!!! I just miss this so much. Still wish it was longer or just never ends.