[Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)


sarNie Adult
having nalika dai on replay atm, hope ya&mark get to reunite in the future, they were cute, adore mark esp as din, but havent been able 2 watch any of his recent lakorns cos sadly his last lakorn was banned halfway, so didnt want 2 start it


sarNie Hatchling
I have tried the lakorn and it's was so weird, the style and everything. I was just not into this. I have watched 3 episodes but i stop here. Even if i like the casting and love the ost. But the story no...


sarNie Oldmaid
Rewatching this lakorn right now. It’s not my type of lakorn but I enjoy this lakorn probably cause I’m bias haha I love all four pranangs lol. Mark/Yaya are my fav on screen couple of course but I love Pope and Mint together in here too. I’m hoping they pair up again sometime soon! Both don’t really have too many lakorns rn so I’m hopeful.

Anyways, I loved Mint and Popes scenes in here more than Mark and Yayas. They were super cute in here. Mint and Yaya looked really cute as cowgirls too!

Popes character was my favorite in this lakorn. And loved Yayas OST for this lakorn.