[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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@ CC. To honest CC, I think what you said about Yaya is true. I honestly think Yaya would do anything
if it is needed for the lakorn. I'm more on Nadech when it comes to love scene. I really want Nadech
to stop using the "gleng jai" thingy. I understand that he is a guy and have to be gleng jai to his "nong sao". But when
it come to acting, there is nothing to be gleng jai about. It's just acting. I know it's out of respect, but
sometimes you have to set that aside and just act. This is just my personal thought of being an actor
and actress. Of course we know they are shy when it comes to love scene, I know I would, but I would think of
doing it for the best so that the lakorn would come out good. I've seen Nadech doing puff kisses on Yaya (cheek) many times
and would just love for him to do it for real this time around. If I could remember there is only one scene
that I thought was so Wannnn tee soot. It's the scene in TNNKK, the morning they did the *Ahem* scene
and was on there way to Talay and to see Toon. That car scene was so na rak and Nadech did joob Yaya for real on her cheek.
Now that's the kind of kiss I want to see Nadech do more often. But then really this is just my personal thought.
It's really Nadech who decide if he really is willing to do it without being "gleng jai" about it.

I think Yadech would protray the role as being Ryu and Mayumi to the best of their knowledge. After 3 lakorn,
I have no doubt in them at all. Chemistry would even built up more. And that's why we all love Yadech. Not just
on screen but of screen as well. :)


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Thank you for clerification about Takeshi and Ryu story. I agree with all of you that Ryu fits Nadech very well and Yaya fits as Mayumi. Hope Yadech will bring love scenes to the max and more real kisses. By the time they start filming, Yaya is 20 yrs old and Nadech will turn 21 soon, so they willing to do more just like Ann and Ken in SB. Nadech stop saying Gleng Jai to Yaya.


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Just wanted to share that yadech along Mario and GG and people on the pictures will be doing merit on 18 November.
Nadech's mother was the one who organised this merit, and from what i know a lot of fans will be there. This merit is not like the other one where they did it more private. this one will be more openly..



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Me too agree all of u guys'comments abt Ryu & Mayumi.I thk Nadech & Yaya do great & explosive chemistry in RS.

Like somp9 said,Nadech & yaya turn 20 & 21.That means they grown up & mature enough for hot & sexy love scenes from RS. I wanna see Yadech in real & passionate kiss(unlike just peck in previous 3 lakorns) .That is also the trademark of Ryu & Mayumi's love.

I wish Yadech wud cast straightly as book said in RFTD.& also I believe Yadech wud do as much as their best for Rftd.

P.s: Whats *Gleng Jai* meaning?


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Sheng, I understand that he's a gentleman and is always so thoughtful to those around him but it's time he separates real life and work. A real kiss on the check is appropriate but anything else is questionable depending on the context.

Your welcome somp9. Well this is a Thai Lakorn so you can't be expecting a whole lot of intimacy nor can we wish for them to be like Ken and Anne. A Lakorn doesn't need real lip kisses or love scenes scenes to be sizzling. There's so many other ways to come about to it. Take little steps at a time. If Nadech can take the first step and kiss the check properly then we're at least off to a good start hahaha.

Both Nadech and Yaya will need to do a lot of homework for these roles as their knowledge about yazkuas are limited. We know they're good kids and never have a problem when it comes to researching and understanding their characters before portraying them on screen.

Oh and "Kraeng Jai" means considerate.


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^ Yes CC, Nadech is a very very loving gentleman, and that's why we all love him so much.
No matter what the out come will turn out like, we will all support Yadech chai mai? 5555
Yadech will always be love by their fans, no doubt. :)


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Thanks Kittiya for the translation, and don't you worry about us. We've been waiting patiently for your translations, and are truly grateful when you do come out with them :dance1:

I only have time to skim through the pages...seems like there's some drama outside of the lakorn haha I just don't understand why people can't just let the producers/writers/directors do what they want with their work instead of having input? I mean, I'm pretty sure, they know what they're doing since they're the pros...in some cases, some people have no clue, but when it comes to Nadech's career, I think his moves have been great.


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I enjoyed Yadech's chemistry in Game Rai game ruk because they have alot of sweet scenes and kisses on the cheek and forehead. Hope their 4th lakorn is better.


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yea ur right jennaloveu ^^
i also knew it when i saw it at first, but after she posted the picture of yaya and mario i was 100% sure of it.
Does anyone know here knows how much RP have been done filming?
cause i know that Maya Tawan is nearly done filming.
Maya Tawan is done filming, Khun Pin is filming Mon Jun Tra right now.


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so now Yaya have more time filming Dao Reung. Next year we get to see Yadech in RFTD.
oh, is Nadech back from Japan yet?


sarNie Hatchling
so now Yaya have more time filming Dao Reung. Next year we get to see Yadech in RFTD.
oh, is Nadech back from Japan yet?
Nadech just got back from Japan and went back to work filming Rang Pratana. I want RFTD to film now already but I'll wait patiently now.


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Kittiya, Thank you for translating the next part. It is very helpful for me very much b/c I can speak but can't read Thai. I would love to learn how to read tho, lol.

I understand that you are busy so take your time in translating. I miss you tho. xoxoxoxoxo :heart: .


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People say Yaya totally doesn't suit the role of Mayumi and can't pull it off. *giggles* We'll see. .. .
i swear some fans are so hard to please, they complain that yaya always get the same roles (which i find silly already) when she gets a role like mayumi then they complain that she doesnt suit it!! geesh what exactly do they want?? please just enjoy with watever u're given, thats wat entertainment is all about!!