[Ch3] Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised, Kimmy Kimberley/James Ma, Pop Thagoon/Eye Kamolned


sarNie Juvenile
i don't think she dislike her but i think sje likes others more like Kim ..... but i think also its interesting if Kim and James cooperate 


sarNie Hatchling
This one is likely to be Yaya considering that she doesn't have anything lined up except for that Princess lakorn (which is not confirmed) and that Anne originally wanted her in PCKK. Besides, there were rumours way back that Jma and Yaya would pair together. But then it could also be Kim since Anne has the tendency to cast certain people in her works. I'd actually be interested in seeing Yaya work with Anne because although I'm not a big fan of Anne generally, I have no doubt that she has the ability to mold and push her actresses to their fullest potential. She was able to do that with Kim and Mark who previously were taking on the same roles and weren't moving forward at all until they were casted as Cher-aim and Tam. Having that said, I want to see what Anne can do with Yaya. 


sarNie Coma
Im.not surprised anne is a favorite amoungst the younger generation. I am surprised she chosen james ma to be on her lakorn. Then again, she only directed a few so far and she chosen kim-mark so I doubt she would constantly choose them back to back. I guess she's gonna direct full time now? So sad that this may be the end of the older generation. That's why I hardly watch lakorn nowadays.


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I don't think Ann hates Mint...but that whole ordeal that the gang went through kind of give you an idea which side certain people are on. With that being said, I hope Ann takes a few new actresses under her wings considering how precious a chance can make someone's life for the better and Ann should know all it takes is for someone to believe in you.  Though, I wouldn't be surprise if the N'ek is Kim. Everybody has their "baby" that they consider before others.
I am glad that James Ma is given an opportunity to work with others and others actresses because that is the only way to grow, when you spread yourself a little more rather than get stuck with one person time and again.


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one of close fans told me that ThongEntertainment wanting to pair popeploy again in 2015 this pairing is a back to back 
i am cheering Yam with JMA 


sarNie Adult
So Anne is really promoting some pairings back to back, but it's ok, I like Popeploy...
But why it taking so long to know abt the n'ek? *sighs*...
I want someone that surprises me...


sarNie Juvenile
I'm not trying to say she dislikes her or anything, it's just that she's not really fond by her. If you look at it, Anne promoted the gang, but not mint, through her cartoondara show. She even sided with Mark during the scandal, and she just seems to be more interested in the others. This is my perspective, so no one has to agree with me. It seems a little odd to me when they hangout and take pictures. But it's true that every company have their favorites.


sarNie OldFart
I agree Bellherr. Anne is a bias Mark fan. It was pretty obvious that she sided with him during the scandal after that subliminal quote that she posted up on her IG. She deleted it afterwards. Some can say that we're just assuming that it's being directed at Mint. There's no proof of such and such. However, sometimes, your intuition just knows when someone is taking indirect shots at someone just like how we can tell someone is lying by the way they stutter or wander their eyes. I don't think she favors Mint either after the scandal. I'm a huge Anne fan and it doesn't make me proud to talk about her like this, but she lost some points from me because of that. I still love her though. And this is just my opinion. No one has to agree. Please don't start attacking. Lol. 


sarNie Juvenile
Don't get me wrong either, I too am an Anne fan. I may be wrong or may be right, but for now, I'm just observing.

Anyways! :) I'm super excited to see the handsome james in a modern lakorn! Thank the lord he's out of boran lakorns! Hahahah


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janajelly1 said:
I got the translation for this thanks to bubba ^__^
Here it is:
1.  Thanks to the owner of the pictures.
 2.  I see that Kimmy press LIKE.  Do you know if Kim will have a lakorn with TV scene?
 3.   I see that pe Aof Pongsuk said that he loves Ti.   Do they know each other?
 4.   When will Ti ( is this James??) have a new lakorn?  I want him to have a lot of lakorns.
Waiting for the reply na ka.
I'll answer na ka.
Will he have a lakorn with Kim or not?  I don't know, so I won't say anything ka hahahahaha.
He prob. meet Aof at some works.
James will have a new lakorn.   Waiting for pe Aar and the producer to announce.... (got cut off)
Thank u jelly... But I'm still confusing...What's the second point means?Kim press like for what picture? Why asking if Kimmy has a lakorn with TVscene? And what's the meaning of the second part......???Confusing confusing confusing! :scratchhead2:


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janajelly1 said:
I think they meant she liked this picture:

They're asking if she will have a lakorn with Tv Scene because she liked it, this makes them think that they might pair up together.
I see. James Ma looks super hansome in this pic :wink: I think there isn't a big possibility that Kimmy works with TV scene :scratchhead2: