[Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)


Matt & Film look pretty good together...Matt is so cute or shall I say pretty in here so far...


sarNie Adult
The picture with Matt in the red dress and messy hair plus Film and his dirty shirt looked like they just got done doing the...(mind in the gutter). And why does Matt seems to be pinching her nose around Film? Does he smells that bad to her? LOL.

Super excited for this lakorn.


sarNie Adult
I'm so excited for this.
can't wait till it airs. whenever that is.
they look really good and cute together.

thanks for sharing all the pics.


sarNie Adult
The fake driving reminds me of a scene in Kularb Rai...I was watching the clip of Film trying to open Matt's eyes at the wedding and I notice Film got a very slender pretty fingers for a man.


sarNie Adult
when i see Matt picture in a red dress remind me of her first lakorn with Great. she is sexy and stubborn.