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  1. <3MY

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    So how does one determines which actress is at the “level for movies”? Let’s be realistic here, if NY can’t even pull in great ratings when their lakorn is FREE to watch, what makes their fan believe they’re at the level for movies when movies requires the audience to pay?

    Are you implying that not only is Taew not marketable but she’s also not popular? I’ve seen tons of pictures from yesterday event so you’re probably not looking at the right sources.
  2. SuzieJ

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    Youre so right! like umm if you cant pull in good ratings on TV how are you gonna get good sales on something that costs money?? Such wierd logic.
  3. Haroo

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    Taew's popularity is just an average. Well i'm sure you can see many photos and updates of Yaya compare to Taew unless hahaha ...

    Well aren't you the one said Taew is marketable because rating though? hahaha...while you said she is consistent at it while the fact she isn't.

    And i think you actually in denial although you knew Taew doesnt have a quality to be a movie star. Her face doesn't have the commercial value unlike Yaya and her acting is kinda lame already. She good at crying scene but that it. From all her lakorns, she basically the same in it. Her acting in Rising Sun is the most annoying one. Just accept the fact Taew only qualify to do lakorns only, she can only be a lakorn star but movie star, lol never. lol
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  4. <3MY

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    I’m so confused because Taew is said to be not marketable and then she’s not at the level for movies. But yet, we have Mew Nittha who is slightly less popular than Taew and who has had okay rating for her lakorn be in 3 movies. I’m legit laughing about these logics.
  5. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    Yeah her logic is making me laugh lol That girl is a known troll in this forum. She hates on Taew a lot. Just ignore her from now on!
  6. Haroo

    Haroo sarNie Egg

    and i'm legit laughing at you hahahaha. I'm laughing from the start you said Taew is marketable because she consistent in rating while basically she isn't and cannot even maintain the rating from her previous lakorn. The rating going down..down..down...keep going down

    Hahaha ..denial to the max..
  7. <3MY

    <3MY sarNie Egg

    Ohhh, I haven’t been on the forum for awhile so
    I’m not update with trolls. :risas3:
  8. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    yeah she comes and goes but i see that the troll is back loool she cracks me up sometimes cause when you tell her some things that disprove her point she gets really mad!
  9. Haroo

    Haroo sarNie Egg

    Taew's fans cannot even accept the true. If i said Taew is not marketable and if my opinion about Taew is different from them or if we compliment other stars...they will say we hate Taew, we are the troll lol.

    You'll are so narrow minded. Cannot accept other people opinion. :aaaaa::aaaaa::celebrate16::celebrate16:.
  10. Haroo

    Haroo sarNie Egg

    Hahaha mad..when hahahaha..you're all the one who mad because i criticised Taew..hahaha...you're all the one who cannot stand with me..mad..what a joke. You all so mad to the extent you all chose to ignoring me...and i am the one who mad..hahahahaha

    Taew's fans are all a jokes.

    When I'm compliment Bella, they said i am a fan to Bella and now what, i said Yaya is marketable while Taew is not...so now they want to say i am a fan of Yaya? lol they just hurt because its the real truth about what i've said.
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  11. lakorn_addict

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    It's true that movies only need to capture the audience's imagination once but if no one is willing to buy the ticket or talking about it through various media outlets until it starts gaining some momentum then it would be pointless. Movies run in theatres for a limited time versus lakorns can run for a few months and has that chance to capture the additional viewership. So comparing a movie to a lakorn is mute point.

    I'm sure Act Art isn't obsess with making "too much" profit, however, they're a business for profit with mouths to feed and not a non-profit organization. Also, for a no name Channel 3 trying to break into the movie industry, there's a lot more at risk and more parties are involved. It's one thing if you're GDH, who's made a name for themselves in the movies industry, to be more selective in the actors and actresses and casting newbies for their movies. They have the experience and trust from their outside investors of earning the profits for them. Channel 3 does not have that yet, from a business standpoint, when you're venturing into new territories, you're going to error on the safer side to get investors investing in your movies. It's better to take small steps then leap off a cliff.

    There's marketable and there's "Marketable." NY, individually and together, have continuous solid endorsements from big brand names even with their not so stellar lakorn ratings. They're practically everywhere in Thailand otherwise they wouldn't be known as the King and Queen of Endorsements of this generation. As an investor, I would be much more comfortable being a part of a project that I am 100% sure to make some money versus just possibly making it.

    At the end of the day, not only in the Thai entertainment industry but abroad as well, just because you're a tv star, it doesn't mean you can make it as a movie star and vice versa. It's too soon to say if this movie will flop or it will be the next biggest thing until it's out in theatre. We all have our biases and will lean more towards one way or the other. Time will tell so let's "Keep Calm and Wait for the Result."
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  12. Ruthy94

    Ruthy94 JJ enthusiasts

    The trailer is amazing
    Our snake queen is back
    Hopefully we see a lot of taew n ken scenes
  13. NongS

    NongS sarNie Hatchling

    I'm so sorry to have replied to a troll :(
    @lakorn_addict I agree with the concept of 'bankable stars' but it takes some investment to make a star bankable! Ch3 should consider polishing their other stars to be bankable! NY's fame shouldn't swallow the fortunes of their peers. And Ch3 doesn't play fair. It's not that I grudge NY the chance to be in the movie, I just hate the argument that no one else will ever reach the level of NY in any way ever. It's a vicious circle which no one can break by themselves. No amount of talent can stand up against the blind indifference of conservative, goody goody investors.
  14. NAP

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    Frankly, I am a NY supporter.but I am more of love to see 4 of them together. I think in the simple way. The production makes the sequel, add two interesting faces to extend the story and then twist the story and bring a good movie. NYKT are happy working together, and like ya ya said in BOTY interview, the success of the movie is the fruit of everybody work not just her. Just NY can’t make the movie successful by themselves all the time. How can you imagine Nakee without TK. I think at the end of the day, I believe that they just want to make a good movie with different flavors of actors and actresses.
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  15. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Juvenile

    I love your response! I also think that fans should come together instead of attacking one another.
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  16. I think you meant Ken P darling. Not Ken T.
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  17. Haroo

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    The one who is feel insulted are all Taew's fans. When someone voice out their opinian difference from them, they will say that someone Taew's hater. So insecure !!
    And it's true from what i have seen Taew is not marketable. She doesn't have the commercial value from MY POINT OF VIEW and who cares if Taew's fans think she has it.lol hahaha :aaaaa::aaaaa:

    Btw the trailer look promising, and the OST sound so nice after listening to it few times. Sound similar to the old Nakee OST.
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  18. AnnTfan

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    :risas3: ok, this trailer is..... I'm just gonna pretend Nakee the movie don't exist.
  19. Lol for real. I agree.
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  20. Love Taew! :icon12: Missing her and Ken P. Hope they can reunite in something fully theirs again! :love:
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