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    I've never seen Nakee but heard raving reviews of it. Just not a fan of sad endings...but I'll try and catch the movie when I can since I'm a big NY fan. I'm not a fan of Ken but enjoyed a few Taew's lakorns.

    Getting high ratings is great for lakorns and the tv business because it'll generate higher sales revenue for commercial time slots as the lakorn progress. However, it's easier to gain high ratings because it does not cost the viewers money to watch and tune in.

    However, for movies, the costs and breaking even is higher. You need that hype or hook to gain the interest of the audience who would to be willing to pay that ticket price. Bringing in NY is a good business decision on CH3 part because they have a big fan club base that the Channel can rely on especially for their first official movie. No matter how you feel about Nadech, Yaya or NY, you have to admit that they're buzz worthy and very marketable. If anything else, the Channel will at least break even.
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    I'm super excited but it's a bummer I don't have access to the cinemas since I don't live in Thailand. I'm going to have to wait and it's gonna kill me cause I love the storyline and I want to see how it connects to part 2. Being curious, I just watched this video lol

    I guess part 2 is about Yaya and Nadech reincarnating as Taew and Ken, 30 years later. However, Yaya won't be Mae Nakee like how Taew was. They said that Lumjiat (the nang rai in the first one) will be the Mae Nakee and seek revenge. My guess is that her father died in the first one and she lost everything due to Taew.. so she will target her reincarnation which is Yaya. Not sure if this is accurate but that sounds like an interesting plot. But still, idk if it can compare to the first. We'll see haha.

    Here is the teaser. The CGI looks awesome. Kinda like godzilla hahha.

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    I believe it is. Kong Huayrai. I love his voice.
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    If this is a part 2 why it's not a serie like the first part. I'm not into movies I like series more. I watched this with my mom and we like the story even though Im scare of snakes even the fake rubber
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    True of what you've said here. Taew isnt marketable. Yes she is good in acting and although i'm a bit dissapointed about she wasn't a main actress in Nakee2. Art Act said he chose NY not because they are popular koojin but i think that is actually the reason why he chose them. If not he should pair Yaya with other actor instead of Nadech. NY has a huge fanbase which is can help to generate the profit for the movie as i believe Taew cannot do that (if she appears without NY) plus she and Ken also wasnt a famous koojin so bring them alone cannot do much for the movie despite how huge and popular the lakorn was before. Movie mostly depends on the profit while lakorn depends on rating. So it is important to bring someone who can bring profitable to the movie. Taew also doesn't have commercial value unlike Yaya.
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    While it's true that NY is very marketable, Ch3 is not imaginative enough, they stick to a one-sided profit model and invest in NY as a safe investment. But Thailand's biggest hits have used unknown names and fresh ideas. Ch3 doesn't know how to promote its own stars at all. . NY have the koojin hype and the fans and the looks and the talent but the rest of Ch3 isn't exactly a bunch of charmless losers.
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    Taew is very marketable! Maybe not as marketable as NY but most of her lakorns have gotten good ratings. NY aint the only ones at Ch3 that are marketable lol
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    It’s a joke to say Taew isn’t marketable. When it comes to consistent ratings, Taew beats out all her peers. Investing in a movie is a huge step but to think Nakee 2 won’t do well without NY is another joke. Nakee has had their huge success with just Taew and Ken, what makes fans think that anything attached to NY will automatically becomes successful? NY does have a huge fan base but that didn’t bring them good rating for their lakorns. It’s upsetting that Taew is playing 2nd lead to Yaya when she was the main reason why Nakee was so successful in the first place.
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  10. For sure. Plus all “big stars” have their primes. No worries they will also have their lows soon enough no matter who they are. They will sink to the dump in no time. Yes move along for the younger ones to rise.
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    1000% agree! numbers dont lie
  12. I so agree! Thanks for explaining! Channel 3 has many talented and big stars. Not just “NY”.
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    I don't deny this movie will probably do well... but to say no one else can do it is unfair to all the talented people who worked for the lakorns and made it a success in the first place.
    But maybe Taew-Ken couldn't have been in the movie, it's a sequel after all ?
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  14. Totally true! There are many stars out there in channel 3!
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    Yes ch3 only focus on famous koojin which Taew doesnt have any so they will only focus on NY and Mark Prin/ Kimberly. Although NY is quite famous all over compare to others. Thats the reason why the safest investment to make sure the movie doing well and bring in a good profit for the movie is to chose NY.

    There are so many other talents like Bella, Pope, Mario, Toey, Mew etc . Ch3 wont pay attention to them unless they become a big hit. Like before Pope wasn't promoted well enough but look after the Buppae became hits, look how ch3 promote him. He is has plenty of jobs now in his hand with few of dramas with him. He was underrated before Buppae.
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    Taew isn't a marketable. If you think she is marketable because of rating then why after Nakee, her lakorns only got an average rating only..you said consistent? The last lakorn she has only gained an average 3 something..that is what you said consistent? after Nakee gained 17 in rating.. what you said is the real jokes.

    Taew level not only for movies, she probably "marketable" but only for lakorns not movies. Lakorns is all about rating while movie is all about profit. After all you don't have to pay to watch a lakorns, jut sit infront of your tv while you need to pay for movies. This is probably why Act Art had to get NY to be part of the movie because he might be thinking the same way too or maybe ch3 forced him to took NY play in the movie after all ch3 is all about koojin which is Taew doesn't have advantage with it.

    NY have a huge of fans while Taew? I dont know where is her Thai fans are. Whenever Mint, Bella, NY flies somewhere, their fans will take picture at the airport but where is Taew fans? When she flew to China days ago, it was chinese fans who welcomed her at the airport. Same as yesterday Nakee2 events, so many updates about Yaya, and it's hardly to seen Taew updates. Ch3 noted on this matter that is why attention are all on them.
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    I'd say it doesn't know how to promote NY or MK either. NY is p'Ae's creation, and MK made themselves by getting involved or maybe by Anne's skill. Thankfully MK is interested in de-koojining for their own sakes and for the betterment of their art. Honestly,acting is secondary to popularity for ch3, and for ad deals and events (which is what measures popularity). But movies only need to capture the audience's imagination once. Just like Nakee or BPSW. Ch3 could have taken a gamble, but they chicken. I'm sure someone who prefers quality like Act Art wouldn't have been that obsessed with profit.
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    I have a question, so is Nakee 2 only going to be a movie, or will there be another lakorn with it? Thank you!
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    Taew is a really talented actress! She does not need a koojin to make her popular and this is one of the many reasons why I adore her. She's a very versatile actress with true talent and she can shine in whatever roles she is in. It's true that Nakee was Taew's drama that got the highest ratings but all her other dramas did well too. Sure ratings didnt hit double digit as Nakee did but that's not a fair analysis to say she is not marketable. Not every drama is going to be a hit because there are so many other factors that comes into play. Sure popular koojin may have a large fan base but that also does not guarantee the success of a drama as well. If that was the case then every drama that has a popular koojin couple in it should be a big hit then. This is the reality of the entertainment industry- nothing is ever a guarantee.
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  20. Ha beautifully said darling!
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