[CH3] My Hero Series Part 5: Tai Peek Puksa (Cholumpi Production) Louis Scott & Yam Matira


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It look like Yam will be in this part than in part 1. Pope is confirm to be her p'ek.

Part 3 synopsis:

Cr to: krisayaporn for the synopsis:

Akin a aviator is why father of Sarisa die. "If he doesn't take day off suddenly in that day, Her father not going to be die" She is more angry when she meet her.

Meanwhile he need to make a food thing for her because make up his guilty. How can he do when he know that she never forgive him. Can he go on to win her heart? even if he saw that she easily give in. Is it true that love can win everything? and how can do when she just know herself
that she love him whole her heart when she almost lost him.



Yay! More Pope. I've waited really long now for a lakorn of Pope's to air. When will one of his lakorn's air? LOL. But I can't wait to see him with Yam. :)


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I wonder why there's a change in p'ek? Is it because Pope has an upcoming lakorn with Mew? Or something else?

Anyway, still looking forward to it. Happy for Louis, he's getting lakorns left and right. :)
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I'm more familiar with Pope, but Louis is OK to me too


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Sad Pope isn't in this one, but also happy for Louis that he gets to play lead again.
Mint.N & Deaw are in this !! I love them together.
OMG yes! I thought I was the only one. They are honestly my favorite secondary couple lol. Adored them in the Gentlemen Series and in Boy & Matt's lakorn.

If they ever had a lakorn to themselves I'd watch it too.


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- I need to take the time out to appreciate how good Louis looks here and I've never noticed Yam before but she's pretty. On another note I still need to finish this whole series, I'm still determined to do so.


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Yam is the prettiest new generation nangek in my opinion. I watched her first lakorn where she was paired up with Smart. Acting may not have been fabulous, but it wasn't bad either for her first lakorn. I want to see her with James MA next, but with Ch3 having so many actresses coming all at once that probably won't happen for a long time or at all.