[CH3] My Hero Series Part 5: Tai Peek Puksa (Cholumpi Production) Louis Scott & Yam Matira


sarNie OldFart
Glad to hear this part is good so far. I liked part 1, gonna skip 2-3, hopefully watch part 4 with Toey and Eye soon and by then hopefully Thippy will have started subbing this part too lol
So far Im liking this one more than part 1 and I really enjoyed 1. Watched 2 to support a Great but yeah didnt like it. Started part 3 but dropped it, despite all the sweet scenes it was boring lol. Heard part 4 was good but since I'm not a fan of Eye it was a skip. I can watch her as supporting but not as lead.


sarNie Adult
I forgot this one was already airing! I’m still trying to finish up series 3 to get started w/ 4. I’m so glad this one is good so far. 2&3 are such buzz kill. 2 is probably the worse & I love my Great.

Tresor Moi

sarNie Hatchling
Yeah i didnt dind him attractive till he cut his hair. But now hes so hot. But sometimes his nose still throws me off lol sorry louise
Yea, maybe in some angles. His nose is like... bam! His crying scenes, gets me every time though. So emotional!


sarNie Adult
Just finished ep 2 and am loving this storyline so far. Very interesting and intriguing. Can’t wait for the next episodes and for everything to be revealed!!!

Louis is soooooo freaking hot! I’ve always love Louis and am so happy that he’s getting more lead roles. Pope would’ve been great in here but I’m tryna imagine how different the character would be if Pope was playing him. But Louis is doing so well so far. Every time he’s sad or hurt by Yam’s words I just wanna shield him away like come to mama, I’ll take care of you :naughty2: lols