[Ch3] Manee Sawad (Good Feeling)


sarNie Juvenile
oh i didn't know they are having another lakorn together i liked their first one. not a big fan of rita, but gotta say she's really pretty there and i miss aun too. looking forward to seeing this one.


sarNie Oldmaid
Rita is gorgeous, and I am not really happy with the actor, I just hope it could be some body else. Sorry to Aun's fans, but I think he's a decent actor.


sarNie Tombstone
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@sriritajensen "ผู้กํากับเรียกเข้าฉาก"


sarNie Juvenile
When will this lakorn got on air? I can't really wait, plus miss Rita so much.
Does she have another lakorn beside this one?


sarNie Hatchling
I actually like Aun & Rita pairing up again. I love them after Pleum Plai Lai Rak. They look cute together. I'm waiting for this lakorn to be released.