[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

Discussion in '2018' started by krisayaporn, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. freyja78

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    I am from the Philippines but I knew Yaya first before I learned about Catriona. I am a big Yaya fan and I find her really beautiful. When I saw Catriona compete in the Ms. Philippines pageant, I immediately saw her resemblance to Yaya so I was not surprised when other people think they look alike. However I find Yaya’s face to be more refined but they both exude the same elegance.
  2. lakornwatcher

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    I think they're both beautiful. I can see the resemblance too.
  3. m9saeteurn1

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    Lmaooooo so funny. Still going on. Must be a newbie thing! Hilarious! Really is no point conversing with a kid. Now I understand why some just let them keep barking. *rolleyes
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  4. Elena_NY

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    Ch3 had already removed the old version of Likit Ruk from their YouTube channel and uploaded the new one that have been aired on tv recently. But I noticed the new one look like the old one 100% in term of BGM, transition, etc. the only thing I found different are commercial ads :risas3:

    I don’t want to think they made mistake by airing the old version again
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  5. m9saeteurn1

    m9saeteurn1 sarNie Adult

    Hmm hopefully it's the new version & hopefully subbers can pick it up.
  6. Elena_NY

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    Let’s wait and see Ep3 tomorrow. If there is nothing change again, Ch3 need to review their work :fighting3:

    CaSURVIVOUR Mrs.Urassaya_Sperbund_Kugimiya

    CAUTION and WARNING to some new NYers here who hate this topic FEEL FREE to click the IGNORE BUTTON our topic is for :love:reasonable and intelligent NYers only who are broad minded and mature minded:risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3:when you lack good judgement feel free to SKIP or else you will get severe headache with our CatriYaya topic:nut::celebrate16::pancarta::pancarta:

    I am actually NOT a FAN of Catriona due to her resemblance to Yaya made me like her. And I also doubt. You said Nadech's mom is following Catriona it could be Nadech himself is actually following her out of curiousity we all know Yaya his gf and Catriona are being compared it's in the news internationally and locally and Nadech is also using his mom's IG acc though it is also possible that MKeaw herself really followed Catriona.I am very sure as soon as Yaya arrived in Thailand media will surely ask her opinion how does it feel being compared to our new MU i think Yaya will be definitely honored flattered and be very thankful for such a beautiful compliment.

    My Girl Crushes ATM:love:

    just randomly saw this in yt:angel10::icon12::aaaaa:

    CaSURVIVOUR Mrs.Urassaya_Sperbund_Kugimiya

    I feel yah done watching Ep1:BangHead::BangHead: I really thought they will show us the master copy of LR:fighting3::fighting3:I end up remembering Anne's bf the :BangHead:MASTER CUTTER:fighting3::pancarta::pancarta::pancarta::pancarta:
  9. agree

    and RESEMBLANCE and very much the same are totally different:celebrate16::confused0::confused12:I mean if Yaya is always being compared to new MU we must be happy for Yaya that she is compared to a beauty queen but it does not mean that they are 100% the same ....resemblance or similar are the right adjectives:angel10:

    ok .....NEXT topic:celebrate16:

    is it just me or some of us here thinking the same I really feel that Nadech will join Yaya in Norway even he said he will just stay at home on his vacation :love::icon12::naughty2:
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  10. greenleo

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    In terms of episodes 1 and 2 specifically, did you notice any new scenes at all??? Sadly, I don't have the DVD boxset to compare it to. From what I heard other people say, there are no additional scenes in episodes 1 and 2. So I guess we will have to wait and see if episode 3 will have new scenes. Unless, other people have missed the additional material.

    Also, I'm hoping someone will sub the "extended" version eps if the channel is correctly showing it. I'm beginning to wonder!
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  11. Pifa_Alsayana

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    it making me laugh how incense some people are. That was just a new fan going into the thread who just made a comment and the disrespect was astounding.
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  12. Pifa_Alsayana

    Pifa_Alsayana sarNie Egg

    you are not alone. there were so many comments on twitter. Most are not in English. Many are Thai and Filipinos who saw both.
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  13. pinky3

    pinky3 sarNie Adult

    To be honest it’s really hard to notice and change at the begin if there is one . The major scene I notice was what I mention and also I think scene with Alan and Alice but those r later . Just keep watching it cuz u will enjoy it more this time I did . The music didn’t really bother me much cuz it’s insert at the right time . I actually to me get a a feel that is Lakorn and not movie idk that’s my opinion I have to rewatch it again lol
  14. Cethu

    Cethu sarNie Hatchling

    Yes, definitely the background music is less disturbing, you will notice it more as you keep watching. The change is not obvious, really subtle.

    The most obvious change from the old version is when Alice return to Hrysos. So many scenes we have not seen to better understand the story and feeling of each character.
  15. farfalla

    farfalla sarNie Hatchling

    Stay at yaya home in Norway you mean?? :naughty2::naughty2::naughty2:
  16. Rita

    Rita Nadech <3

    darn it, i don't think anyone will be subbing the new master version. if someone would so nicely fill in the blank for us, that would be great ;)
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  17. ArabellaRose

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    Wow. I think yaya's makeup is a bit different. I noticed her brows changed its shape a bit and got thicker. I may just be imagining it though.:risas3:
  18. Brownie93

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    2018 best nine on Instagram. It come as no surprise for me to learn that their couple pictures were the most liked :love:

    CaSURVIVOUR Mrs.Urassaya_Sperbund_Kugimiya

    IGNORE them I dont have time for :BangHead:DUMB PEOPLE and :BangHead:UNREASONABLE snobbish:fighting3: and immature fans:fighting3:.They dont have the right to stop us from posting here this is Yaya's thread also who is the most talk of the town celebrity due to her similarities to our new MU.:cheer:

    to CatriYAya topic haters:celebrate16::pancarta::pancarta::pancarta::pancarta:




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  20. m9saeteurn1

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    So awesome if someone did sub it.
    It would be sweet if Na join Ya in Norway. After all 7 years is a pretty dang long time.

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