[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

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  1. m9saeteurn1

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    Well, you are responding right? ;) nvr had to skip b4 until u came along. LoL
  2. sasuke06

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    Don't forget to watch LR the crown princess if you want to rerun it. Get the throne or die in trying haha


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    Uh.. did you read my post? I said I had to skip many times before and I dont value much of what you say. It was you who said is skipping my post yet you replied:risas3:
  4. Alichgo

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    Oh man I would like to know....

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  5. fresh

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    Is there much difference between the Master Edition and the old version? I didn’t see it in Ep1.
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  6. fresh

    fresh sarNie Adult

    I’m so excited. Can’t wait to see what Nadech has in store for us and Yaya too.
    I really hope I can join the concert to watch him up close.
  7. Brownie93

    Brownie93 sarNie Egg

    I'm very exicted for the Real Nadech concert, especially for NY's performance. As Na said that fans will see Ya like never have seen before OMG. So I'm planning to get a ticket to BKK on 19th of May next year. I hope to join with many NY fans there.:coleman::aaaaa:

    Repost By appleapi: The Real Nadech concert teaser


    And we will get more for the next concert :cheer:

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    CaSURVIVOUR Mrs.Urassaya_Sperbund_Kugimiya

    I seconded you I actually missed the old NYers in RS thread you can't blamed me to compare old and new NYers RS thread NYers are more friendly whereas some new ones here are unfriendly and very controlling as if they own this thread and the world I can't believe this thread is infested with some not so kind fans but I totally understand due to age difference language barrier and differences in analysis and opinions the best thing to do to avoid conflict is just simply CLICK the IGNORE button simple as this :angel10:

    No one can dictate me what to post her as long as it is N.Y. related and Nadech and Yaya individually related if no one will agree with me who cares:celebrate16: .....feel free to click the IGNORE button:celebrate16:I don't need anyone's approval here.

    I am actually not a Catriona fan

    I am slowly becoming her fan I give the credit to Yaya because of their resemblance in some ways though not 100% perfectly the same it's because Yaya:love: of why I like Catriona
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  9. Lyly_isthebest

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    Holy shfhdn..how long was i gone for

    Guess its time to block some unnecessary people :rolleyes:

    Anyways onto more important stuff
    Like how nadech has some famous fanboys
    Instagram_ujaeratchada_47581514_457005244831600_1634842851737477604_n.jpg Instagram_kimkim_vad_47310362_128336338179192_3053851741258549883_n.jpg
    (cr to owner)

    Ig wan_soloist "he is so handsome until men blush"

    Ps idk if that's the correct translation i only recognise some characters and had to use google translation
  10. fresh

    fresh sarNie Adult

    Engsub of Nadech’s interview yesterday
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  11. NY2018

    NY2018 Always be thankful & grateful. ☘︎✌︎☕︎❅

    'The Real Nadech Concert Press Conference' with eng sub. :cheer::cheer:
    May 19-20 2019 :):icon12: #excited

    Cr. NYinterfc & NYMY
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  12. Elena_NY

    Elena_NY ❤️ NY

    So EP1 and 2 of Master Edition were the same like the old one aired on TV..:(

    I need to wait until Ep3 to see the differences :confused12:
  13. farfalla

    farfalla sarNie Hatchling

    So according to her live interview, she will be back to Norway for New Year and will be going on an adventure.... (that'll be too long if now she is still in the US and then New Year in Norway... so it'll make at least 3 weeks without seeing each other... bet Nadech will start losing hair and Yaya will be scratching walls from longing for each other lol just my exaggerated expression okay!)

    So... Can we expect Nadech to go to Norway with her or meet her halfway somewhere in Europe for the adventurous trip??? eyy no way they are going to be apart for that long... And she still haven't met him since before his birthday... :confused12::confused12:
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    CaSURVIVOUR Mrs.Urassaya_Sperbund_Kugimiya

    I know what you're thinking :risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3:

    I guess related to what Khun Charles told to Falada in GRGR the dog style :pancarta::pancarta::pancarta::pancarta::naughty2::naughty2:.:nut::naughty2:
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  15. pinky3

    pinky3 sarNie Adult

    U won’t notice right away but will as it air , the transit of scene it’s smoother . The added scene is much later as for ny scene I notice a couple . The night at the shed is much longer and The one fans upload when dawin kiss her hand , that’s new and it explain a lot of unanswered questions. Just keep watching u will like it more.
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  16. pinky3

    pinky3 sarNie Adult

    people see na is how he is in drama . what make this special is he want to let go the image of him being the male lead , and bring the real him as much as he can , be close to fans , do show or activities where no one has seen him do b4. Don’t worry ya will come as well but she don’t want to do the things she has already done she want change , maybe more mature and fun . She already have in mind and dream of doing , let her tell u .
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  17. YadechTaemint

    YadechTaemint Magnet Couple

    The way I was crying when I got to this page of the planner :risas3::risas3:


    I also finally got to open my boxset :cheer: I have only wanted episode 1 though, cuz I've been busy lately.
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  18. YadechTaemint

    YadechTaemint Magnet Couple


    Honestly :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  19. Elena_NY

    Elena_NY ❤️ NY

    I could not find the different for EP1 and 2, I felt that Ch3 was playing the same old one again, even the night in the forest also the same duration .. no new scenes at all
    Hope Ch3 not repeat their mistake again
    I wish I could watch the DVD so I can tell the differences
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  20. Pifa_Alsayana

    Pifa_Alsayana sarNie Egg

    Some people have problems when they don’t like what is being conversed about. , For some to even suggest to go to another thread, when it involve the celebrities being talked about here. Why? they themselves don’t always talk about likit Ruk whichnwas suppose to be the title of the thread, :pancarta:Sometimes it’s something else but related to NY. Like concert, endorsements, interviews, upcoming movies etc, these people have double standards and want to be free to talk about others things but deny others to do the same. They’ll say don’t post that , go to another thread because they don’t want to keep skipping, but what about people who wants to skip theirs? lol They think what they talk about is the only thing that matters,

    As to yaya and catriona looking alike, just as someone on twitter said, pictures don’t lie. This isn’t imagination of the tons of people all of a sudden . By the way Nadech mom followes Catriona in instagram.:risas3:

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