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  1. sasuke06

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    Me after hearing Ya's interview "YOUHOUUUUUUUUH" :cheer: :aaaaa::aaaaa: :cheer:


    Highlights!!! I may forgot some...there were too many :risas3:

    - About her post to wish Na hbd. She would like to call him "P Bear kong Ya" (means Nadech is "Ya's") since a long time.

    - She said he s a super human because this is true, he can do everything that s why Na is her motivation in trying to be "super ability" as perfect as him!

    - Nadech who sent her off to the airport was a surprise, he woke up at 4am! She was not aware. That's why she felt so touched. She said she had an very important project and both are very busy because of work but he still had time to surprise her that's why she was like "aww narak" (so cute). She was Happy!

    - Na wanted a pocket watch for his bd since a long time so she took the initiative to buy it for him.

    - About Na who flew over to Chiang Mai, he came to support her because she worked so hard until she had no time to sit. She couldn't reply him that s why Na only talked to Mae Pla lool. He was worried about her so he decided to visit her on set. He brought chocolates for her and all the crew and they were all so happy with his presence. What Ya thought when she saw him? She said " Lor maaaaaaaak" (so handsome). Girl must have been so proud haha.

    - She's more open and careless because of their age and many others factors.

    - Medias asked Ya if she misses P'Bear when they don't see each other, she said "YES!"

    - Tomorrow, she will go to Norway.

    - Medias asked her if they are a couple, Ya was shy and told them to ask P Bear haha.

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  2. YadechTaemint

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    When she said that she had actually been wanting to write 'P'Bear kong Ya' for years, my jaw actually dropped :risas3: I wasn't expecting that admission. The possessiveness behind the use of 'kong' makes me fangirl even more.
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  3. Lyly_isthebest

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    @sasuke06 @YadechTaemint
    The fangirl in me is crying tears of joy when i saw the vids
    Yaya definitely stepped up her game y'all and we r LIVING!!!
  4. maipin

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    wow wow so cute!! Yaya is going back to Norway tmr. She is spending time with Kimmy and Margie after the event.

    Hope to see another couple photo as a new year present
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  5. Brownie93

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    She gave him a watch for his birthday gift. It means that she wishes to spend more time with him :naughty2:
    Let's celebrate 2019 together :love:
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    В 1 серии Алиса призналась Давину что она принцесса, но он ей не поверил( была ли эта сцена?, т.к. я не понимаю тайский, но все же смотрю дораму заново) Есть ли разница?
  7. farfalla

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    Me right now.... Get married alreadyyyy :fighting3:Put the ring on it Bear! Perhaps bigger than that bow ring lol...

    Sorry me just being so so.. hmmm... excited...

  8. farfalla

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    I fell in love with this wedding venue, Sri Panwa... but... I might never be able to afford a destination wedding so if NY can make my dream come true... I would be thrilled as if I am the one who gets married there... :nut::nut::nut:

    This might just a cost of one of their luxurious watches:pancarta:

    Just look at this place guys.... hufftt...

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  9. Pifa_Alsayana

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    It's somewhat hard to think they'll be spending the holiday apart. I think something's going to happen. Unless they plan to do something different this year

    @CaSURVIVOUR i just want to say this just came out 1 day before well... I suppose many people had been vindicated lol. :) as the host says"...really resemble in some angles." To whoever interFC subbed this from the official FC site Thank you.

    Actually she look mor like the young yaya. Yaya lost some weight since. But when in same age around late teens they look very very smiliar

    Ok this is cat not yaya. Only blind cant see the similarities

    People who aren't EQUALLY familiar with both their faces won't see that.
  10. ntsparta

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    Haha, I notice that part too. She even pointed at his lower body part. Then realising it wasn’t appropriate, she said in English “Let's not go there, OK?”.
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  11. Elena_NY

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    How come Ch3 promoted it as Master Edition since EP1- Ep6 were all the same as old version :fighting3:
    they should come up with a smarter marketing strategy to attract more viewers

    I don’t think those people who already saw the old version, would keep on watching it because there were no new scenes at all so far :(
  12. m3lhouse

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    You should go look at the views on mello http://www.ch3thailand.com/ละคร-รายการ-ซีรีส์ย้อนหลัง has a higher average per ep than when it originally aired.
  13. Elena_NY

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    Anne already interviewed that there aren't too many new scenes until towards the end and she even said the beginning was the same lol so a lot of people already knew this going into the re-run.

    In comparison to other lakorns that are on air and has aired that are new, it's doing fine lol
  15. Elena_NY

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    So they should just promoted it as Re-run not Master Edition
  16. m3lhouse

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    Pretty sure they are :risas3:
  17. Elena_NY

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    I think Ch3 doesn’t want to add all the scenes this time so next year they will re-run it again and include 1 more episodes (14 episodes) :fighting3:
  18. MKfan132

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    Welcome to the new fans :), and thanks for all the updates :).
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