[Ch3] Kong Krapun Naree (Broadcast Thai Television)


ch3eks said:
^ You speak my mind na Smilez! Actually, I hope Khun Nong casts Prang and Phet as leads where they don't have to share their screen time with another couple lol. 
Eeekkss me too. Or just change the leads to Phet and Prang ^^ haha Better yet, K'Nong should just cast them in another drama as the leads. ^___^


- Marina ♥
Wawwa's style reminds me a bit of her style in Sixth Sense. I love it!
And Ken's looking so good with his new hair! Can't wait for this!


sarNie Oldmaid
Oh sweet Top is in here too. I love his fighting style. I wonder if there will be a fighting scene between him and jija, rachanee action vs ex national karate champ!