[CH3] Khun Mae Suam Roy (Rak Lakorn): Pop Thakoon/Bua Wansiri/Judo Tantatch


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Ep. 31 Preview
OMG!! Got me thinking on what I should do to kill time...lol.
I'm both sad and excited for the last ep...Don't want it to end but also can't wait to see those sweet scenes...Definately catching it Live tomorrow.
OMG that promo:icon12::love:.


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Yep, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like Ya got off fairly easy. It made me feel sick whenever she was at Pipope grave saying "If only I were stronger at that time and stopped or relationship, this wouldn't happen." People make their own choices, but other people can be catalysts are recipes towards contributing t o their actions. Pichet may have been a jerk, but he probably would have never become a killer had he not been used by Nat. However, Nat wouldn't have had her mental breakdown and tipping point, had Pipope not treated her the way he did, and Ya not becoming a mistress in the first place. Na, now she will get her happy ending with Krit? I mean, doesn't she feel the least bit awkward that, if she had not been a mistress to Pipope, Nat wouldn't have done all those things, and Krit's dad wouldn't have also been killed with Pipope? I would never be able to look Krit in the face after that, regardless of how much he loved me and assured me.

Ugh, I feel like I am repeating myself in this thread now, but I am super pissed off lol.
I don't think it's an unpopular opinion. I also think Ya is getting off way too easily.


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I still don't think Ya should end up with Krit. At least with Da it would make more sense. That's the only disappointing part. There was really no need for Krit-Ya couple. Honestly, no one really cared about them. We were all hoping she really wasn't the mistress from the beginning but turns out she really was. She dug her own grave and caused all of this to happen, so I don't pity her at all. She got her Na shot at and hated on by the Sutharak family, because Na wanted to protect her and bring her justice. She caused Pa to go to jail temporarily and the whole family mental distress. The whole family even turned against each other at one point too. I don't like how they try to make Pipope's character pitiful in today's episode too. They really tried hard to redeem his character by making him so soft and apologetic for his wrongdoings. No boy. You chose to cheat on your wife with another woman. I don't pit you or the woman you had an affair with. Y'all had it coming. I'm not saying what happened to them was just as Nat was wrong for choosing such route but what happened to them does happen in reality when you choose to betray the person that loves you the most.
Anyways, tomorrow's episode y'll. I really feel cheated now. They're really going to throw the romance at us all at once...on the last episode! 555


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Maybe I skipped the side character scenes too much, but it didn't feel like they built up the romance between Na and Thi enough. There should have been one or two episodes between the kiss and the bed cuddle. They seemed to grow into friends with a hint of attraction and I was holding out for more electricity before the confession. We didn't get a slow build up, we got too much nonsense and the leads were ignored. Hmm. Anyway, looking forward to the lead couple finally being together without secrets!


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I didn't like the message on part of Ya. That being a mistress and causing pain to as many people in her path is OK.

Even if at the end they made Nat the culprit the circumstances and what she been through you understand. Crime of passion is not always white or black. The emotions one felt when being betrayed will erase everything else out at the moment. All someone see is the color of hurt.

How the mistress at the end has a happy ending...I didn't like her character at all. She was boring and her love story was boring. If they want to crucify Nat, they should have made her a more hateful person. But instead in a sense she was pitiful. Not that any one deserves to die for simply cheating but...


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Agree with all of you. All this time I was hoping that Ya had some backstory for her affair with Pipop because Ya’s “nice” personality doesn’t match her actions. If there’s still no explanation given in tomorrow’s episode, I’m going to be very disappointed about her role in this lakorn.

I also agree that Thi-Na’s kiss and confession came out of nowhere. They should have had more scenes together before the confession so that they could have build up to it better.


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I feel like this drama could have easily been 35-40 episodes. That way we could have more scenes with Na & Thi together. And they could add an adequate backstory for Ya that makes it easier to swallow the fact that she essentially helped destroy a marriage and put everyone around her through hell.


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Am I the only one who was hoping that somehow the relationship between pipop and ya was a misunderstanding and in the end they would make Nat somewhat happy. I really pity her character, she wouldn’t have been like this if Pipop didn’t cheat on her. That’s just my opinion.
I watched ep30 without subs and when Thi showed the video of Pipop talking to Nat, I was also hoping that he was just explaining it was a misunderstanding and that he never cheated. It was just an agreement between Pipop and Ya to have a biological child, a surrogate, for him since Nat cannot have kids. Nothing more than a mistress role...but then I thought, well that's still cheating if he's looking to have a child without his wife! lol UGH!

Although they made Nat the crazy wife, in reality, her revenge is satisfying. I don't feel bad for Ya at all.
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they really gave us Krit-Ya kiss scene instead of Thi-Na's one
I am pissed off now :BangHead::BangHead::BangHead::BangHead::BangHead::BangHead:


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OMG!! The Finale was satisfying...wull at least to me...I didn't feel it was rushed at all. I'm gonna say, I really want to see Pop & Bua pair up again...hopefully in 1-2 more years in a PRIME TIME lakorn. I laughed and smiled so much throughout the finale...I'm also so sad that it's over...but knowing the thai lakorn industry... There's a high chance they both might pair up again especially after receiving such good results.
Another thing... I find that the photos the staff are spoiling do more justice then the scenes in the lakorn does itself...lol why?
Pop&Bua has such good chemistry!!! I wish I didn't ship them this hard...that way it won't be so hard for me to follow their other lakorn...I'm officially a permanent fan of both.


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The only person I care about is the fragile disrespected and cheated on wife. What happened to her ?