[CH3] Khun Mae Suam Roy (Rak Lakorn): Pop Thakoon/Bua Wansiri/Judo Tantatch


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Also, another thing, anyone else kind of understand Nat's reasoning for stealing the money? I know it isn't right, but I mean she helped Pipope in the company to earn the money, and then he is going to have a mistress and start to spoil her? I think this lakorn has put me at a moral impasse lol.


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They really left 1 whole episode for Thi and Na lol

omg the preview for tomorrow
The preview for tomorrow is killing me. Like I really want to time jump to tomorrow.

But then I remember I still need to watch Bpoop Paheh Saneewat. Oh well... it’ll be a long 20+hours waiting. This lakorn really like to make us left hanging (hopefully not in vain)! Yeaaayyy for Thi + Na tomorrow!!!


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Wow..I haven’t watched today’s episode yet but most of us were right in the first place, huh...it was Nat all along. I still feel bad for her though. I just find Nat so cute when she’s happy and smiling. And she has a good head on her most of the time.
I think she tried really hard not to be the bad person. All she wanted was for someone to love her but in return, most people betrayed her so that drove her to do bad. The family starting to warm up to Ya was the last draw for her too. I feel bad for her but I also don't because she did send a hit man to shoot Ya. Ya is wrong for having an affair with Pipop too. Ugh, and eww to Pichet how obsessed he is with Nat. CREEPY! I knew he was no good. I am glad Wiset's mistress was honest with the truth after Pichet blew her off.


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They’re definitely aiming for that high rating for the last episode. Y’all know everyone’s going to tune in now. 555


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(I'm going to be jumping all over the place here about my thoughts.)
The only thing that dragged this long is the murderer which I don't care for. Other than that, I love that this lakorn doesn't drag with beat around the bushes conversations. Some of the scenes takes me by surprise though... like I thought it was a joke or the scene was just a thought process of the characters' but it turns out to be real. HAHA Like the part when Thi and Na shared their love interest in each other then they suddenly were in her bedroom. Like damn! That was fast for me to process on their cuteness. Let me soak it in first! lol I thought they were just dreaming.

I think all the characters flows well together except Thi's mom. I still don't get why she came back and her lame excuse why she left and took 20 yrs to come face him. I thought she was a waste of scene but that hug Thi gave Na in his room was so sweet.

After the reveal, Thi was upset but he couldn't keep his hands off of Na whenever they encountered each other. haha He totally wanted her. They are so cute..the ending with them better be satisfying! I like that they showed Na's broken heart when she cried her heart out 2x for Thi. It was heartbreaking to watch. I am hoping they have a lot of screen time to make up all the drama.

Bua played both characters so well cause I hated Ya's scenes but Love Na's scenes.


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Yup they really want to score for the last episode lmak but hey im not complaining if i get a pair of drunken thi and na confessing on bed before a willing|


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I am so dissapointed with the writers because I knew they would put Nat as a crazy wife, but untill now I was hopping that I was wrong, sadly it was not the case :(. I do not know why some people are suprised that we will get just one episode for our main couple, this kind of thing is very common in lakorns hahha. Anyway, I am very anxious for tomorrow episode. We are getting more scenes with our main couple. And I think they did that because they know that Thi and Na are what we (audience) are waiting for hahaha.
Someone knows what they are saying in the preview? And in the scene where Mae'Ya are talking with the family?


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Am I the only one who was hoping that somehow the relationship between pipop and ya was a misunderstanding and in the end they would make Nat somewhat happy. I really pity her character, she wouldn’t have been like this if Pipop didn’t cheat on her. That’s just my opinion.
Yep, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like Ya got off fairly easy. It made me feel sick whenever she was at Pipope grave saying "If only I were stronger at that time and stopped or relationship, this wouldn't happen." People make their own choices, but other people can be catalysts are recipes towards contributing t o their actions. Pichet may have been a jerk, but he probably would have never become a killer had he not been used by Nat. However, Nat wouldn't have had her mental breakdown and tipping point, had Pipope not treated her the way he did, and Ya not becoming a mistress in the first place. Na, now she will get her happy ending with Krit? I mean, doesn't she feel the least bit awkward that, if she had not been a mistress to Pipope, Nat wouldn't have done all those things, and Krit's dad wouldn't have also been killed with Pipope? I would never be able to look Krit in the face after that, regardless of how much he loved me and assured me.

Ugh, I feel like I am repeating myself in this thread now, but I am super pissed off lol.


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I feel like it would've been a better match with Krit ending up with Darika than Ya.. It would be better that way... My opinion.


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if i could just cut out Ya's part from this lakorn, (i really don't like housewrecker and she got off easy to my dislike) it would be perfect for me, but hey, then our pranang wouldn't get to meet each other.