[CH3] Khun Mae Suam Roy (Rak Lakorn): Pop Thakoon/Bua Wansiri/Judo Tantatch

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    I wasn’t wrong then when I mentioned in the earlier episodes that it could be someone outside of the Sutharak fam that shot Ya and Killed Pipope. It’s a high possibility that it could be Pichet, but I don’t want to boast about this comment I made in regards to this yet. Can’t talk too early. 555
    I still haven’t watch today’s episode yet but knowing that there’s not enough scenes of Thi-Na breaks my heart.

    Thank you so much for subbing for us. All your hardwork is highly appreciated. <3

    I clicked on a video thinking it was Bua & Pop but it was Pop & Eye, so yes I agree that Eye and Bua can totally pass as siblings too. Bua has so many doppelgängers. lol
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    Thanks! :icon12:
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    Your Welcome :).
  4. roselovesice

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    I finally watched today’s episode and I’m so sad there was no Thi-Na scene at all except for in the beginning. I see too much of Judo. I couldn’t careless about him. I’m quite sad with the lack of scenes between our pra’nang but it’s quite a given to begin with. :crybaby2: It was nice of Na to see it from Thi’s perspective. They both are trying to protect their fam. Pa shot Na. Ya got with a married man when she should’ve known not to do so either. Both sides are wrong in their own way.
    Looks like everyone is aware of Thi & Na’s love for one another but don’t want to say much either since they keep objecting to it. I can’t imagine what Mae’Yai is going to do when she finds out that it wasn’t even the real Ya that married Thi but Na. Like, is she going forbid Thi & Na to get together because she did bring chaos into the home all in the name of justice. I wonder if a divorce is going to take place. Probably so since it was Ya’s name that Na signed on the marriage license.
    I have a feeling it might not end next week. We still have a lot to uncover and 5 more episodes isn’t enough to cover it all. We still don’t know who the killer is, Thi’s mother is back and we still have Na’s true identity reveal too.

    I’m excited for the next episode. It’s the real Na that Thi hugs. And why is Thi’s mother back now? Sigh. More drama, more screentime being stolen that should be given to our pra’nang.
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  5. mayag

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    Oh gosh it better not end next week. I really hope they don’t do us dirty like they did to us with Sapai Kafak. I do not want another rushed ending!
  6. HyeSoo

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    2 images from the next episode, I guess....! Ohhh, this wait :fighting3:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Same clothes in this scene


    So she is probably Na and we'll have these scenes in the next episode....oh God, my heart!
  7. clee95

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    damn the male lead in this lakorn is so hot and handsome for me for some reason lol. Hope he gets more male leads in the future!
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    In regards to the marriage, I don't think it's valid since Na probably signed the certificate as Ya. Legally speaking, Na could be in trouble for fraud but I don't think the family will pursue it. It's a lakorn after all.

    Thi is definitely having conflict with his love for Na. I really dread when he finds out the truth about Na. Our P'ek will be so hurt and angry. At the same time, the truth must be revealed before they can have a healthy and normal relation. Yes and Ma Yai will probably will be against them being together.
  9. wuzhangs

    wuzhangs "We can build a warm family together, my princess"

    I guess this is the right time to bring this back


    Pop is really handsome i agree! I hope he'd get more lead roles now, on prime time lakorn or evening lakorn i won't mind ^^
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    I think this is Na.
  11. MKfan132

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    Ep 22 is up :).
  12. HyeSoo

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    That preview ... "Can you let me be like this?" while hugging her[​IMG]
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    Wooohoooo!!! Thanks a lot for the info @MKfan132

    Thanks a million zillion @NekoMeowMeow :cheer::icon12:
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    Your Welcome @varda :).
    That was:icon12::love:.
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    Pop is so so so handsome. I first watched him in the khun chai series, but only really noticed him in kaen sanaeha. He is so talented and so handsome! Why doesn't he get more lead roles??

    I send photos of Thai actors that I like to my friend (pop, mik, nine, weir, james ji, james ma, pope, etc etc) and she thinks they're all ugly except pop
  16. NekoMeowMeow

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    Looks like we have a few more eps to "FIN"! :love: It's confirmed that this will be ending with 31 eps. :cheer:
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    Hey guys just finished today’s episode only a few cute scenes with Thi and Na today
    They got careless. Looks like Khun Nat might find out tomorrow
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    Wooohoooo... 1,5 weeks to go then. :)
    Hopefully there’ll be lots of FIN from Thi+Na. :cheer:
  19. varda

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    Am going to wait for Neko’s eng sub before rewatching so I can understand the conversation from that morning after. Haha.
  20. MKfan132

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    Yay, awesome :).

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