[CH3]Jon Kwa Ja Dai Ruk Gun / Love at first night(Rak Lakorn) : Mark Prin / Yaya Urassaya


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Any news on this? I’m so not updated with lakorns ‍‍ hoping that this could probably trigger me to jump back in again
A few sources say it is expected to begin airing next month in March. Also apparently Mark said it in some interview is what someone said. They both filmed for 3 Zaaap like 2 weeks ago which is a good sign. Plus a lot of the lakorns that started in January end in March.

The production Raklakorn is starting to post daily so it looks like they really are gearing up for release soon. Here are some pics. :)

1708581506801.png 1708581573988.png 1708581642818.png 1708581664011.png



sarNie Egg
Got some more info - drama is going to start airing in March :thumbup:

Set to air Mondays and Tuesdays, taking over the slot of "The Invincibles" which based on the schedule and number of episodes will conclude on the 20th. So this lakorn should begin March 25th at 8:30 PM Thailand time.

Link: The 3 New Prime Time Dramas Coming Out in March on Thai Channel 3 - Thai Update
Screenshot from website details

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Mydramalist claimed that this is an adapted version of Likit Kammathep with Smart and Anne back in 2007. I never watched that lakorn so can anyone tell me whether it was good or nah? I love Mark and Yaya so I really hope the story turns out well