[CH3]Jon Kwa Ja Dai Ruk Gun / Love at first night(Rak Lakorn) : Mark Prin / Yaya Urassaya


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CH3 is now open to more real kisses and bed scenes... But they have cut down on rape and abuse... I think we will get atleast one proper kiss between the leads.
I wanted a rom-com for their reunion and i am happy that this lakorn has lots of comedy...
i really really hope they’d stop with the force kiss and attempt R thing cause it’s not romantic at all it’s toxic o_O thai lakorn sometimes be like rom-com in genre and then Bam! Force kiss/attempt R:pancarta:

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Thank you for including the Thai title in this thread's title. I get so confused scrolling through Asianfuse and seeing only the English titles (some which make no sense whatsoever).


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Another picture from yesterday :) 6-25-2022.

Cr. raklakorn


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This looks like it'll be a great rom com! I'm so excited! Kleun Cheewit was the 2nd Thai drama that I have ever watched, and one of my favorites ever. I've never seen a drama from this producer before, but they seem good.