[Ch3] Heyha Mia Navy (Duang Malee Manee Jan)


sarNie Adult
Oooo Phet and Got are both yummy. So is this an evening lakorn? Who is the n’ek? If only Benz in here with Phet, they would make a cute couple.
Phet and Benz would make an adorable couple.
Their feature together would be so great.


There's also news about that lakorn with Namtarn and... Puen? They all seem to be close to airing.

Idk, I hope they don't all air at once! I gotta focus on school, lol. & idk if I can handle that much Phet. I want a few breaks in between. & I'm very nervous for him. I believe he can do well but man, I have not been as impressed with him since Bang Rajun.
I know right. Hahaha. It's too much to handle too many characters to differentiate. Like when Got had THREE back-to-back/overlapping lakorns at the beginning if this year.

Watch we're gonna get all of Phet's lakorns in one go and then it's going to be quiet after that. Hahaha .

I personally wanna see this one first before the one with Pat although the one with Pat may have a more interesting storyline. Haha. I just wanna see Got already it's been too long!


sarNie OldFart
Omg, they would... But they're 11 years apart, oh gosh.
Really? Benz is so young though. She was like 25 when she started in Naree Rissaya. I remember when Phet first debuted was in the Sixth Sense, that was like almost ten yrs??


sarNie OldFart
I still consider Phet young and if that girl is 11 yrs younger what is she, 12?? Hahahaha. Jk jk. You guys know what that means. New wave of actors/actresses. Noooo!
Hahaha, Benz is like 18 or 19. She started her first lakorn as a lead when she was 15. Phet is still very young. He’s in his 20s, right?


sarNie OldFart
I’ve been waiting ages for this one :( they should’ve aired it in the beginning of the year if they weren’t sure it would bring good ratings! I am praying Kong Karm does well so they will air this after :angel10: