[Ch3] Heyha Mia Navy (Duang Malee Manee Jan)


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What happened ? No updates at all..? I was really looking forward to this lakorn .. They started filming back in 2015 and now it's freakin 2017 ... did they withdraw this lakorn or something .? Anyone .. please inform me ..


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I haven't crossed any updates in a very long time now. I think this lakorn will still go on because in one of Phet's interview back in November, even after the updates have stopped, he said that this was one of his lakorns that he was in. Also, his dad writes in all Phet's lakorn in his bio on his IG, & this lakorn is still on that list so I hope that means this lakorn isn't cancelled.

I'm so sad. This one and Kaew Kumpun have no updates at all.. For KK, they probably have to wait for Pat because she's pregnant unless they already rushed filming and finished. :( I remember seeing a post of his dad's saying KK will be coming soon. I hope at least his lakorn with Pope and Mew have a lot of updates.
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According to Thai wikipedia (please take it as a grain of salt as Wikipedia pages are subject to change/updates) this will be an evening lakorn.



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OMG yay! I missed seeing Got on screen! I hope we get to see him as P'ek soon <3 im not really a huge fan of Phet but i like his acting. Glad both of his lakorns as p'ek are gonna air now. Hes a talented actor


Got is talented, sexy, hot, handsome, cute and everything that he is! He's definitely gonna steal the show!! Hehehe. Sorry Phet.


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
There's also news about that lakorn with Namtarn and... Puen? They all seem to be close to airing.

Idk, I hope they don't all air at once! I gotta focus on school, lol. & idk if I can handle that much Phet. I want a few breaks in between. & I'm very nervous for him. I believe he can do well but man, I have not been as impressed with him since Bang Rajun.


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This is a lot of Phet coming all at once. Hehe. Idk whther to feel happy or overwhelmed. Like Ntsuab-Ci mentioned, I love him but like to space it out so I can have some breaks to see him since he’s 2nd lead most times.