[Ch3] Game Rai Game Ruk (Lakorn Thai)

CONGRATS to Nadech & Yaya. They won "Most Popular Actor" and "Most Popular Actress" awards. (Best actor was won by P'Por and Best Actress was Chompoo ka)

They couldn't attend because of work schedule conflict na. See what they were doing - working as SaiChon and NangFah at event. : )

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Awwww little saichon gub nangfah na rak mak mak! Thanks for sharing.

@ somp9. They both went to phuket ja!

Congratulation to yadech! I"m so happy they won. They both deserve it!


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Congrats to Yadech for winning an award! I'm so glad for them since they worked so hard!! :bravo: to Yadech!!
I don't know where to vent so I am here seeing if the angles can calm me down.

I just heard in a Yaya interview, the announcer said Nok ChatChai is preparing Prissana with Yaya at the end of the year (I posted the clip in Prissana thread).
That means, she has Maya Tawan with Aum A and then Prissana - and I doubt Nadech will play Tan Chai (as much as I see Nadech as the only Ch.3 actor to replace Tik. No other is handsome or polite enough in my eyes na.)

Just freaking out by myself at midnight! Grrrrrr.

Does that mean we won't see Yadech for a long time after TNNKK?????? Would Ch.3 allow that????? I don't want to wait too long after TNNKK for another Yadech lakorn na. I also want them to confirm Nadech's next lakorn.... I am now wondering what he is doing next or who is his next co-star.
I didn't come empty handed na.. Have a HANDSOME pic of Nadech to share:

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Argh. If they're not going to be paired up again for a while I hope Nadech has time for another lakorn. But it'd be understandable if he chooses other work and school first--we shouldn't forget that lakorn is not his number 1 choice of work, although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't GREEEEDY to see tons more of him onscreen and hopefully we will have him confirmed for the yakuza or Wave Media lakorn. T-T I swear, he has got my hypnotized.
Thanks Kiki!
I posted this pic in Noy's FF but wanted to re-post because he looks sooooo perfect here:

@jjinxxy Hope that motivates you to update your FF this weekend na ka! hehe :kiss:


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
thanks for sharing! Absolutely love P'Rose--her and Nadech's voices are so soothing and perfect for Talay See Dum. Great to hear them sing. Happy V-day Angels! <3


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heyy alll :) i just wanted to sayy happy vday :)
and that i miss you guys soo much! can't wait to spam on TNNK when it comes out!! ^^


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Hello Angels!

I have been extremely busy with work, conferences and studying. Just wanted to drop by to let you all know that I have not forgotten about all of you and also Happy Valentine's Day.

I know Yadech are secretly celebrating V-day too...hehe.


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^ Katelyn you're not the only one na ja! I also miss grgr to the max. I miss those days where all I think about everyday is grgr, and I miss spazzing with you Angels. Thanks for the mv na. Now in gonna go back and watch all of grgr mv's!