[Ch3] Dung Phrom Likit (TV Scene)


sarNie Oldmaid
The seriously cast these two? One, their first lakorn has yet to air they could honestly have no on screen chemsitry. Two, Bomb really isn't a strong lead I don't know why people cast him as much as they do. Three, Ice is a newbie and is already working on two other lakorns right? They should wait and see how her other lakorns are received first. Oh well from the shaky trailer we got for their last lakorn they look cute enough together. Fingers crossed that their first lakorn turns out well, that way I can actually look forward to this one. 


Ncmeowmeow35 said:
you have my respect lol
LOL. Thanks. I still don't know why i like him though. I guess he's cute in my point of view. Haha. Some people may argue that all he has is his height and he's not even cute or good looking. I used to be that person too, but somehow I started thinking Bomb was really hot. LOL.


sarNie Oldmaid
Ok so I'm not one to go ranting about who i think makes a better praek in so and so lakorn but like SERIOUSLY How The heck does Bomb have 4-5 lakorns under his belt already when he is the century's worst pra'ek but then you have a better actor like James Ma with only 3?! Wth are they doing at ch3?


sarNie Hatchling
First Ekaporng and Samai Maneerat are confirmed as the second couple in the lakorn. 


sarNie Oldmaid
rockateur said:
First Ekaporng and Samai Maneerat are confirmed as the second couple in the lakorn. 
First should be the male lead instead of Bomb! Lol, but seriously poor First is underrated. 


Opening Ceremony was today. I'm not too happy that First is playing second to Bomb:( I have compared First's acting to Bomb's acting before on how First improved from his previous lakorns and hoped Bomb would too.