[Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)


sarNie Juvenile
i'm disappointed in this lakorn's ending
i didn't like how they cut her off from danny, his dad, the cop guy, and some other characters
the relations could of been better
pra'ek love chemistry with nang ek was dumb---the confession didn't seem right somehow


sarNie Egg
For non-thai speakers like me, i am just thinking whether we can write in to the publisher,Satapornbooks, to request for the Cubic series to be translated to English. The publisher would need to be convinced that there is a demand. Maybe we can have a petition for this?


sarNie Adult
Different ppls different opinions.. I find this Lakorn very entertain to watch to, it doesn't give me hypertension like other Lakorn.. I watch Lakorn for fun not for stress so I enjoy it a lot. Maybe I have watch Lakorn for so long so I don't care much about acting anymore as long as I can enjoy it.

When I watch a Lakorn that I not enjoy I stop watching so u don't get mad at other ppls. But not many ppls can do it....

Plus I really like Bomb and Mint collaboration and hope to see them in the future.


sarNie Egg
Snowing said:
For non-thai speakers like me, i am just thinking whether we can write in to the publisher,Satapornbooks, to request for the Cubic series to be translated to English. The publisher would need to be convinced that there is a demand. Maybe we can have a petition for this?
I agree. There are so many books that lakorn viewers would love to read. I think the first on my list would be Khu Kam. I heard the book was really good. 
Episode 14 Recap: http://picadrama.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/cubic-%E0%B8%84%E0%B8%B4%E0%B8%A7%E0%B8%9A%E0%B8%B4%E0%B8%81-episode-14/
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sarNie Oldmaid
I am going to assume that there is going to be a part 2?? Even though I don't know any news of that happening. But so many things still unanswered. 4 years later... & Patrick is still trying to catch Carlos. Danny is out of her life?? There's gotta be a part 2. Cubic can't just go out of the country like that. We need to see Phrain and Meena's wedding! I am going to assume that the writers of Cubic is using their genius brain to fool the viewers lol.

Bomb may not have been the best at acting, but I like Lin Len Ser :p


Expired Sarnie
I still haven't gotten myself to watch the last two episode. I am just feeling so depress LOL


sarNie Hatchling
Although some people were disappointed with this lakorn but i still love it even bomb's acting still has not improved. He is still new so we need to give him time. I'm sure he'll improve and do better this in the future.
I really hope for cubic 2..like someone mentioned above the cop still chasing after Carlos, Danny's dad..Danny can't just cut off from Reuthainark's life like that..they are really good friends..I love Reuthainark and Danny's friend friendship.
Plus, Lin Lan Ser is sending Reuthainark out of the country for 4 years, to be safe from the cop. Within these 4 years Reuthainark will attend college. I love to see after these 4 years, Reuthainark come back as a grown up woman, dress nicer as a woman and madame of Lin Lan Ser, the mafia or president of ChaiHong Group. It would be nice..maybe I predict too much...
Still can't get over Cubic...especially Lin Lan Ser and Reuthainark's scenes..started rewatching the whole lakorn over again...


sarNie Adult
I don't know.  I personally enjoy this lakorn a lot.  I love the mafia storyline and ne'ek in debt to pe'ek.  I just wish it was in Thailand instead.  I don't really like watching thai lakorn that are done oversea.  I mean, i don't live in Thailand, but it's just so beautiful there.   Yeah, Bomb needs to work on his emotions, and he has to work on his eyes expression, but i guess i just love his character too much, that i like Bomb too.  Bomb and Mint's scene together are just too cute.  Bomb kind of remind me of Pete T.  Got that serious look or always so mad.  But it's his character, if he would have smile a lot more like in the 5 brother series, Bomb would have express some feelings much better.   Which i thought he did better at the end when he's always smiling.  Overall, i think the storyline won me over and then the cast slowly started to follow.  This lakorn is just too cute. 
But to be honest, I can't stand Danny.  I don't know why, i know he's friend with Mint but it just seem like he has a motive.  I don't know.  LOL.
If there is a part 2, i can't wait.  I want more of Bomb and Mint.  Now it's rerun of their cute scene. LOL.


sarNie Egg
same question for season2~
Hope the lakorn tell the story more compete:(
LLS and nark are just together.
I want to see more daily life after they marry\./
And the most important puey in and meena!!


Hahaa Bomb still has that unconvincing expression even in this photo. I've got to say, Chalida looks amazing in action lakorns/magazines. BM had a photoshoot for a fashion magazine last night. These two are still being promoted and perhaps a second part to Cubic is true ? Js Nark is all grown up in this pic ^^ whooot!



Haah constipated ;p

More bts pics from Lemonade Magazine. I love how they incorporated Cubic as the genre ^^ IMO, BM has more chemistry off screen than on screen. I find them adorable when they tease each other ^^

Ouuuu Chada is spicing it up

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Expired Sarnie
LOL how did Bomb become a model in the first place. He is so stoic in photos. Wish he just keep smiling like a goof ball. I need a romcom with Bomb. 


WOW, thanks goodness this is not the end of CUBIC main lead hehehe, they are still having work together. Love Bomb, even tho is acting skill such (for now) and always adore Mint (ever since 4HJHKK). Glad and looking forward for their shoot. 
As for the Lakorn, i love it. But i do wish for more scene of Nak and Lin Linser. Also i do wish we have more scene on Lin Puey In and Mena lol, all of suddenly they're just engaged. I was like, What? How? When? where? And of course they did have a little scene here and there but how could they fall in love just like that??? Their part just leave _______ . Oh yeah, also the main lead didn't have much romance scene together. First and Mint seem to have more hehehe. 
Okay and here come the ending part...really, what happen to some of the character? I know all the bad guys are pretty much gone/dead but what about Danny? Is that really the end of him? Ugh, i loved this lakorn but the ending part is just really something else. And if they're going to make season two (if, like someone mention) then please, please at least don't leave viewer like me out in the blue! 
Over all from the rating of 1-10, i'll give this lakorn (Thanks to Mint and the name of "MAFIA") i'll give it a 7, average :) :)


I haven't continue on with Cubic after ep11 so I'm still clueless about the ending. However after reading what you girls are sharing, the ending is similar to Raak Boon where there is no actual ending aka that's why there is Raak Boon 2 hehe