[CH3] Buang Ruk Satan (Polyplus) Dome Pakorn / Margie Rasi

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    I finished this lakorn for Dome! He’s a handsome man and agree @Meoconie that he needs to be in suit like Hem and a role like this. Dome is one of the few pra’eks that wear a suit well. I read that Dome was stiff in his past lakorns so either he improved or I overlooked it, but I thought he acted fine during 90% of the lakorn.

    “Hem” is the perfect pre’ek to me. He’s loyal to his nang’ek no matter what and always there to help her. I love the part when he said he wasn’t mad at her, but was hurt that she doesn’t believe him. I love a guy that is a good son to his mom and a good husband to his wife, support and love them both , but take the side of what is right ( even if it means going against his mother). Hem was smart, loving, and a gentleman. Even when he was angry and shouting, he was calm and his tone was gentle. I don’t know if that’s Hem the character or that’s Dome’s tone. Hem trying to help plan the perfect wedding for his soon to be wife was funny.

    As for nang’ek, what can I say... except she’s dumb. Also, what’s with wearing shorts and having her hair up in a bun for the entire lakorn? As if all the wardrobe funds were allocated to Dome. I guess she’s supposed to be simple and plain? If so, not sure how Hem fell for her. I like the second couples and their cute bickering. They had better real kisses than pra’nangs - lol. I do not have a lot so say for Pok except - “no more please!”. They caked on so much make-up on him.

    Overall I enjoyed watching the lakorn and it helped kill some time while waiting for other lakorns. I like that it was short and didn’t drag on and on. Any hurdles to the pra’nangs were revealed sooner than later. For example, nang’ek’s love confession for pre’ek, nang’ek confessing to her sister that she’s marrying for love, nang’rai pregnancy not related to pra’ek, etc.

    The osts are good too. Didn’t like it in the beginning but throughout the lakorn, it fit in appropriately.
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    Dome's song is my jam! It's the best thing from this lakorn. It's on my current playlist ahhahaa Dome said it's his top 5 songs he's ever recorded ahaha I'm glad you finished this lakorn. It was so forgotten hahahhaaa
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    haha, I will forget this lakorn by May 14th! I tolerated it because he was in most of the episodes and they didn't spend too much time on side couples except for the few times of Pok and pra'ek sister which I FF. I really like this song but was it prerecorded before this lakorn and they used it as an ost? Somehow I stumbled on a MV of this song and it looks like it was younger Dome singing it. Actually, I like all his songs that they used for OSTs for all his lakorns.
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    I think dome wrote it for the lakorn. He said he was really into his character which inspired the song hahaahahha good for him ahahhaa he hit the mark though he was like this storyline is so vintage and the theme parks has a classic feel so it inspired the 80s-90s sound ahahha YEP it's a trashy ass 90s theme lakorn that's executed like a 90s lakorn lol. I like Dome's production. I like a lot of Dome's ost. too. The last one of his I liked was for ploy and andrew's lakorn. They might not be so lakorn ost-esque but they're just good songs ahaha I had the ending on but didn't even bother to watch it ahahhaa I think it ended in a 4 so that's that. hahaha
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