[CH3] Buang Ruk Satan (Polyplus) Dome Pakorn / Margie Rasi

Discussion in '2018' started by Mahalo, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    After Puean Ruk Peuan Rissaya, Polyplus will have a new project with Ch.3 pairing Dome and Mew Nittha together for the first time.
    From KCL:     @ถัดจากเรื่อง เพื่อนรักเพื่อนริษยา ที่ทำให้ช่อง 3 แล้ว โพลีพลัส เตรียมเปิดอีกเรื่อง วาง โดม ปกรณ์ คู่กับ มิว นิษฐา ส่วนชื่อละครอดใจรอนี้ด
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  2. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    Whoooaaa Mew is on role.
  3. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    Dome?! ..... Out of all the p'eks she hasn't worked with.... lol
  4. Tik_lover

    Tik_lover sarNie Hatchling

    To be honest if this is cofirm, Mew is to be consider as the luckiest newbie actress of all the younger generation actress right now. Mew has got to work with the top of the top actors in thailand. Such as Tik,Nadech, Chakrit, Pope,Poh Nattawut! All these guys are top rate actors. Getting to work with Tik and nadech makes her very luck despite the fact that Tik doesn't accept much lakorns and Tik is consider as Thailand's Top actor. Nadech always paired with yaya and he doesn't pair with much actress.
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  5. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    errrrrrr....at least he not too ugly hahah
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  6. Tik_lover

    Tik_lover sarNie Hatchling

    I think dome is fine, I don't know why they call him "Lor Kan Thep" aka "Handsome like God"....I don't really think he's that handsome but his acting is okay. But his mouth drives me nuts somehow when he talks..
  7. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    Gosh, I do not want to admit this but I always end up watching his lakorn despite the bad acting b/c he look like a pervet & confuse at time but I love those type of p'ek HAHAHA . I will watch this.
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  8. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I don't quite have a liking to Dome, but I'll give it a try for Mew. But first we still need to find out what the lakorn is and the storyline.
  9. betewwneen

    betewwneen sarNie Egg

    Ch3 push mew so much.
    she has 5 upcoming dramas.
    one with nadech will be onaired later,one with top ,one with great or pope,one with mark,and this one with dome.
    it is terrible thing...
  10. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    The one with Nadech has already finished filming. The one with Top is probably almost done too. The one with Mark will have to wait till next year because script is not done yet. She has one with Great or Pope? And this one. I don't think that's too bad. :)
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  11. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    Why is it terrible? She's a rising actress and they recognize her talent.
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  12. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    I don't mind Mew cause I don't think she really has a koojin. I don't care much for her and pope lol. Besides, the girl has a BF so I don't watch her lakorns and wish she is with the pra'ek in real life. I watched it because I like the characters.
  13. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Mew is on a roll. Eh, Dome's not that bad, I didn't mind him in Tawan Tor Saeng, but maybe it is because I didn't watch the old version. 
  14. beamsgirl

    beamsgirl sarNie Adult

    WHAT!?!?! Mew has one with Great? Though I miss her and Pope, I think it'll be sooooo sexxy with Great! Why don't she have one with Great and one with Pope?!?! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    So happy!!!!
  15. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    I'm not a fan of Mew but I think she's better than most newbies now and days. At least she can act. She isn't amazing but there's no doubt that she can act better than most. If they brought in more newbies like her, I wouldn't be complaining. But then they bring in Bomb, Richie, or younger actors that aren't ready for lead roles yet.
  16. Anonymous<3

    Anonymous<3 TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥

    I think betewwneen was just saying it's bad for Mew to be having so many lakorns because it may be too stressful on her. I don't think he/she meant it's bad that Ch.3 is promoting her.
  17. Tik_lover

    Tik_lover sarNie Hatchling

    Since when did Mew has a new lakorn with great?....the lakorn with Mark has not been officially cofirm yet because they are still waiting till next year. This one with dome could just be a rumor so this makes Mew to only have two lakorns. Which she IA paired with Nadech and Top. I never heard about Mew and Pope either.
  18. rockateur

    rockateur sarNie Hatchling

    Mew is confirmed in Rak Nakara, that's why P'Off and P'Daeng are filming Nakee first while waiting for Mark's queue to be available. She is confirmed by Khun Pin to be in Petch Klang Fai and Great is rumoured to be her praek however, until they have their fitting, anything can change. This one is also subject to change as well as there's no official interview from Khun Nid plus KCL's reliability can be inconsistent. 
    There's no doubt that Mew is one of the more highly promoted actresses within the Channel. According to the interviews, the elders/executives selected Mew to work with Nadech in TRKJ and sent her for the new lakorn with TV Scene whereas her other lakorns, the producers specifically casted her themselves. You can say that she is well liked by different producers but she also has the help of the elders in giving her good opportunities. Personally, I don't see that being a problem because she is quite a capable actress. If she was as bad as Richy then I would think they have lost their minds lol. Actually they have already lost their minds by trying to promote 50+ newbies for 2016. What are the chances of those 50+ being as decent as Mew? 
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  19. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    I like Mew. Hehe. I don't quite like Dome, but he's alright. I'll give this a try depending on the storyline.
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  20. Tik_lover

    Tik_lover sarNie Hatchling

    I don't kno if this Lakorn is confirm, because as I notice, poly plus only do one lakorn at a time. Correct me if I'm wrong. Because Andrew and Janie confirm already to reunite in a new lakorn produce by Polyplus at the 3Zaap show.

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