CH3 45th Anniversary


Thanks x0unerthnlater! 
WOW i really have to say, PopeMew and GreatMatt are the two natural one. These two couple are very natural. No over doing it! I will say that most awkward couple is Jiranee...I watch the clip and i was like WTF??? They try too hard to be cute for their fans. MK and NY, no comment. Well MK and NY does have their cute moment but gosh i think i have enough of this two couple, i wonder how would a fan JIN this two couple after continually seeing them at events, magazine shoot, lakorn shooting sight, lakorn airing etc. All i know for sure is that i do get bored of repeatedly couples.
Out of all the Koo-Jin kick i enjoyed PopeMew and GreatMatt. I love when Pope and Great carry their lady, gosh i was totally pulling my pillow. Such a gentlemen! Mew is so tiny staying next to pope and i laughed so hard on PopeMew goalie part.