CH3 45th Anniversary

So today is the soccer match, etc. to celebrate Ch3's 45th Anniversary, if anyone wants to share pics of today's event please post any here. :) 


Mrs James Ma
Jaaaaaaaaaaaames Mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2: 
Man he is looking super HOOOOOOOOOOOT :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :drools: 
Sweet_JJ said:



Sorry for the bad quality but I'm watching it live so the quality sucks lol







TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥
Kim looks gorgeousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. :shock2: :shock2: :shock2: :shock2: :shock2: :shock2: :shock2: :shock2:

Kim is absolutely STUNNING. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: She carries the grace, elegance and maturity of a queen. :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
Yaya is cute. ^_^



sarNie Hatchling
Anne has the best look. But where is all the Veterans . I kinda liked last year more. Theres, no cherry, Ken, Chompoo, Aff and Poh in the parade. It's sad but oh well. Lol. I miss ken. Wonder why he's not in it for two years.


TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥
It's airing live on 28 SD right now but I can't find a link to watch it! Can anyone help?!


TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥
I just realized that it's almost 10:30. Aw that means it's almost done. I missed most of it. Haha. I hope someone uploads the full concert on youtube, and in HD.


sarNie Oldmaid
Hope I'm not missing much.  Thanks for the link, Sweet_JJ! Will try to watch it!

cr : keaw_jung


In love with Phet & Mookda <3
Missed most but still thankful. Thanks Sweet_JJ for the link! Much appreciated. ^_^ the guys are all handsome, tho I couldn't tell who some were. V_V