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  1. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    I've always been a faithful Pong and Bee shipper. Lol but in this lakorn Boss wins over Pong with Bee!!!! If only they were dressed casualLy like in bts... and had the look the did bts as well. So even more perfect!
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  2. Fan07

    Fan07 sarNie Hatchling

    Agreed Film is secretly crushing on Bee...yup body language is so telling, hand holding, hand on the knee, eye contact with the cute smile. @Yaam I feel the same way about Bee & Pong, big time shipper for a long time, but Bee & Film have chemistry here, can't deny lol.
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  3. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Pong n Bee play off each other well.... ...they r cute in the bts too. Very comfy n close... like bro n sis kinda....

    Yup... his hand on her knee/ thigh a few times... when they "tease" be holds her hand tight. His eyes sparkle when he looks at her.

    Can't wait 4 mon ep...boss confess?

    They are always formally dress...costume... although boss clothes were lax as her client. Bee outfit in her other lakorn is better...lol and again she gets A young boy...

    I want film n bee in a NOONA romance like...I need romance 3
  4. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    OMG Boss finally confessed his feelings right? Did he tell her he likes her? :love: And his Mom, Idk what she is saying but I know she is Team Aruna:)

    I skipped the catfight gahd I hope they don't stretch it further. Anyway did they get in trouble at work or something? I hope so hahaha. Idk what Suchad is saying but I always feel he is saying something interesting.

    Also what were they arguing about again in the hospital? Was he trying to assert himself on Na? It was so satisfying when she walked out on him when he was still talking lol. Another satisfying scene was when Thada slapped Kanya. Not that I like violence but girl, you need to be shut down. I was actually waiting for a scene where Na would slap one or both of them but this is as good as it gets. They are destroying each other.

    Now that Wasin has admitted his feelings (I think?), hopefully we get more moments of him with Na and their budding romance
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  5. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid


    He told her he likes her!...ekkkkkk....

    I'm opposed to violence too....I say restrain would be a better option to calm her down. I wish they switch to that option. BUT dang she destroyed his daughter's cake. It's his own fault he is still with her.

    Pete - I use to be like you. Awesome wife and I destroyed it. I will have you go after the end of the month. Listen this will save you from her. If my guess is right. She will leave you after you are let go. You will thank me later.
    I'm very displease with ganya. Inappropriate relationship (pot calling the kettle blk...u are also mixing wrk and pleasure bro). Your reputation is ruin and you're not trust worthy.

    Pete - damn...the girl still in college....

    Ganya got a review...that her attitude is not warrant for that job. He told her that Tada is "fired".

    He ask why didn't you break up?

    -i already screw up and just went w/it. She left her sister for me.....


    Nu Da is happy to see "daddy" wasin lol
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  6. Fan07

    Fan07 sarNie Hatchling

    So if your boss likes you & he is young and hot, of course, you don't mind one bit...is that still considered workplace sexual harassment?:risas3:
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  7. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    only if it's unwanted hahahaha

    but boss is such a gentlemen...sigh
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  8. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    Watching episode 21 but had to take a time out to come here and :clap: for NA when she told Tada off in the hospital. He has some nerves to tell her not to find another father for their daughter.:BangHead: Her comeback was “bass-ass!”

    When did Tada’s sister became so annoying? She was a good friend and now decided she wants to be a better sister to her adulterous brother? She was all about “shit or get off the pot” with Na regarding Tada and now that Na divorced him, she’s trying to get them back together?
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  9. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    I got annoyed with the sister too! Why is she trying to bring them back together? In the original, the sister was Team Wife all the way (although she did support the wife's initial decision to get her hubby back).

    What was Na's comeback after Thada told her to not find another father for Nuda? I'm dying to know haha.
  10. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    @spanky Ohhh yassss go Boss! So he's officially gonna court her now I suppose :love: What was Wasin's Mom saying to Na in the preview?

    And finally Thada got fired! This is just the beginning of his downfall. What a lame excuse for not cutting ties with his ex-mistress, which goes to show he is such an inconsistent and spineless man. He regret his choices but will keep living like that anyway lol. I love how karma comes naturally here unlike in the other infidelity stories where the wife is out for blood after being wronged. What goes around comes around. Don't think Kanya is gonna leave him even when he's down and out based on the bts pics, looks like they moved to a smaller place.

    Na's new career is about to start too yay! Go Na! :cheer:
  11. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    Na: What did you say?
    Tada: "Don't pretend you don't know. Right now, you're attractive, irresistible - you don't know?"
    Na: And?... I haven't been unfaithful *
    Na: What I've become, I have not done wrong to anyone. If I'm irresistible (appealing) and it made/allow me to have another husband, it's not strange. Nuda will have you as her father forever - you don't worry. But you're not my husband anymore, so whatever you're going to say - be careful.

    She walked out before he had a chance to finish apologizing. :risas3:

    *( I am equating to this meaning because it's a saying in Thai - I can't translate or find a meaning that's appropriate for it)
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  12. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid


    She loves Na as a friend and think she is helping because nu Na needs a complete family. I feel she need to just help by being supportive and give nu Da extra love and an aunty for what she will now be lacking.

    - she said to Na that Nu Da might have issues

    Wasin mom told her that for a child...a completion of a family for a child is a mother and father. NA asked her what is she suppose to do.

    I don't know if Boss is going to "court" her. He just want to let her know he liked her. He respect her. NA acknowledges it but the current situation it's not quite appropriate.
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  13. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    Is Bee gonna go back to long hair at all before the lakorn ends? There are new photos on her ig with long hair.
  14. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I think there might be a time jump... but when she's not in character/scenes...her hair is as is?
  15. Fan07

    Fan07 sarNie Hatchling

    @spanky I saw a video clip of Tada & Ganya getting out of a car fighting, she was throwing things out of the trunk, stepping on something, and then Tada just lost it & slapped her across the face and she fell down. Do you know what happened there? So dramatic & I can't believe they even show that kind domestic violence on screen.
  16. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Sadly those scenes are still very common in thai lakorn. Corporal punishments. Parents hitting kids, kids hitting each other...ect....I wish they will graduate from that....tada has sooo many damn ppl routing 4 him and he has not done anything to help his own situation

    She destroyed his daughter cake and was being wicked psychotic.

    Na got pissed b4 because she also threaten/ wish harm .to the daughter

    I also pefer them to grow away from that.... shake her...restraint... is a better option.
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  17. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    Can someone explain the relationship between Marie and Film????
  18. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    I loooove Na! :naughty2: Thanks for translating.
  19. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    Poor Boss :crybaby2: So annoying when Thada kept feeding Na like just feed your daughter lol. But I love the scene at the car shop. Wasin's smiles and stares though:naughty2: And I screamed inside with that "You'll Never Walk Alone" sign damn boss style :love:

    @spanky what was the convo about in the kitchen? She was asking Thada to be more present in Nuda's life or something more?

    Wasin's Mom wants Na to "complete" her family? Is she aware that her son likes Na? And what was going on in the preview. Why no boss:crybaby2:How in the world did Kanya get inside their place, she still has house keys?
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  20. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    Looks like they're still shooting? Can't wait for the romance to bloom with Film and Bee. And yay! Her long hair will be back at seems. I don't care about the age gap. They look good together. So cute and they have chemistry!
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