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    Ok as usual @spanky I need your help in understanding some stuff :) Thank you so much in advance. You're my only hope in fully understanding this show lol.

    * OMG did Na tell Wasin that she loves him too?! That holding hands though! :cheer::love:
    * What did Na say when someone gave a nasty comment (?) during her live show? I know she delivered an empowering message. Just curious what she exactly said.
    * Khun Chad is too sympathetic to Thada. Dunno what they were talking about but I like the bro-in-law in the TW version, he was giving him the harsh truth all the time like "Are you jealous? Hide in your room and cry" lol. He's the one who chooses to stay in that toxic relationship.
    * When ex-sis-in-law asked Na if she still lovesThada and how she feels about Wasin, what did she say? All I got was "mai dai" haha so she can't.. choose?
    * Was Nuda asking Na if they got divorced or something? I know Na assured her that both parents love her and whatnot.
    * What was Kanya saying during her live? I know it's something bad.
    * Wasin-Na convo at the office and at the end after the nasty rumor?
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    Lol sly boss...he want to go eat with her. "Can't you see I haven't got to eat with you that I've lost weight. " awwww ...he remembers every thing he order and did that day. He said her drinking and coughing was like an old lady.

    He was teasing her about being an "old" lady

    N: harsh...old..so what...old mean you don't love me?

    B: oh course I love you... I've said it before... you can forget other things but this (him loving her) you can't forget...

    Shy...shy... ....she goes in the wrong direction. Lol

    Question: 3rd hand..fight or divorce?

    As a Mia of 2018 is hard...ppl don't have morals. People just take advantage. It is not to be solve by the wife...it's the husband job. The guy needs to have enough morals. If we are not good enough to him. If he can't cherish you, let him go. Think of it that your karma does not match...fighting.

    Chad - that job don't seem worth it. Why don't you work in Phuket. It sounds like you're punishing yourself.

    Kanya is trying to get sympathy and create rumors for Na. She said she knows it's wrong and she came after but it's not fair that Na gets everything because she is successful. She feels bad for tada who has to work so hard..we are having a hard time..she took everything....blaah...blaaah

    Convo in office

    He is asking if she has a contract with the other company. Can you be a presenter. I'm send your profile over.

    Na: me? I don't think i'm fresh like that

    B: It doesn't matter the age...it's the person as a whole...the life style...and at this point you're a very interesting person. If you get this you owe me lunch for a month.

    Ending scene
    At the end he asked if she's ok and listen to her talk.
    B: does nu da know?
    Na: with this news she will know. She is already having issues, now this.
    B: she's like a hurricane, she destroys all and then leaves.

    He explain how he and her broke up. He said she follow him but she saw a new target w/tada. If she find a new target she will leave. If not it'a down hill from then...

    Kitchen scene

    Da: are you and daddy separated?

    Na: we can call it that. He is living near his work. It's like one day you need to move and live elsewhere because you've grown up. You rem. That fav dress you had that you can't wear because you've grown up. We grow out of things. But what will never change is that mom and dad loves you sooo much.

    Tada is finally kind of stepping up. He know she is the problem and is "trying " to not escalate it but also be there for his daughter.
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    @spanky THANK YOU! :icon12:

    Hahaha Wasin and Na are so cute. She's totally blushing over him. She agrees to go on "dates" and lets him hold her hand now. That's something:)

    Ugh Kanya. How is she gonna get sympathy by coming out as a mistress. She exposed herself and Thada when Na didn't even mention them at all right? I feel bad for Nuda, the greatest victim among them all.

    Thada knows she is the problem but how is he "stepping up"? He doesn't seem to have any plans of leaving her lol. Imagine if Nuda finds out her dad is living with another woman eeek. The whole "I just went on with it" is a stupid excuse and reflective of a spineless loser. Although I did pity him at the mall scene but he ain't doing anything to get rid of that crazy:fighting3: He's gonna work in Phuket? Does that mean we'll see less of him?
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    He know she is the problem. This is his karma. He is working in a different district but not Phuket. He knows he can't have her go into Na's house again. Is he spineless, yes...but ...he is the most real/genuine now. He's not trying to get Na back and want to make it right for his daughter. She will go to the extreme with kidnapping nu da. So he will really have to do something. When she barge in Na suggested she go get help from a doctor.

    Not sure what the writer will do. They need to create drama since they don't have the 2 living there like original and it's not really a love tri either. Na knows her child well being is #1.

    I'm busy all day... won't be able to catch the ep til much later
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    @spanky He is the definitely the most real/genuine now I agree. And I do feel for him in some moments It's just that his scenes with Kanya are getting exhausting to watch haha. They should've thought of getting professional help when the suicide thing happened.

    They made it a love tri for Thada-Na-Wasin instead of with Kanya. We're at the sequel part of the original version I guess.

    Take your time. I'll wait. You're the most reliable one and patient enough to answer all my questions :)
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    She's to arrogant to get help. I think this is ending soon. I don't feel bad for him. It was barely a love tri. Na didn't give Tada hope or was trying to win him bak. I love how they made it that it's about her and no guy.
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    Omg....I only saw few clips on ig....Na and that smack!
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    Ok, Now I sort of feel bad for Tada.

    He finally broke up w/her. So he will be going to phuket now. She will now go to the extreme. I wonder what. For sure she going to go stalk him at his new company. He'll prob. get fired. The full climax is here since it's ending.
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    When is this ending?
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    I think ep 27...so 3 more ep..? My math might be off.... but diff. No more than 27 ep...
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    I haven't watched the full ep yet but I saw clips. He finally did it, hooray! Messing with Nuda was the last straw. But she's gonna follow him around, there's no escaping that witch lol.

    I legit cried during the father-daughter scene :crybaby2: Poor Nuda. And I felt for Thada too. What were they saying to each other? Apart from "I need to go to work". I kinda felt bad for him too when he was looking through their photos. Damn why do people destroy their own lives and families.

    Also, what happened to Wasin's arm? Kanya did that?

    The preview, what did he say to her before leaving?

    Ohh it's ending soon I see. The time jump will probably happen when he gets back from Phuket and Na will sport long hair and hopefully already in a relationship with Boss:)

    P.S. Thada left his shoes at the apartment :risas3:
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    She had it coming. If I were a Mom and someone messed with my kid like that, I'll probably do the same.
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    Tada is still visiting on wkn for Nu Da. They discussed Kanya. Saying she needs help. Na is reporting it to the police. He let him stay in the guest room.

    This lakorn is a good lesson....

    "It's not greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.

    B4 he was leaving he ask if he can give Na a hug...If that is ok w/her

    She cut wasin arm in a rage....he has shown that to Na when he realize she was there....
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    I can't wait for the time hop!
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    They did a better job showing the moral of the story and how they champion women empowerment and self love.

    A goodbye hug. Maybe she'll agree. I cried during the goodbye hug in the Taiwanese movie. But that was the super final hug haha.

    Kanya needs real help. Getting tired of her tantrums.

    Was rewatching the daddy-daughter scene. What did Nuda ask him then the dramatic music played so I felt like asked/said something important haha and he said "listen to me" or something.
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    He promises to see her on weekend....she said that he promise many times before and he never showed up. Tada has sooo many people who backs him and support him.
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    What’s the chances that next Tuesday will be two episodes long? Going to bing at the end :thumbup:

    Ratings are still going strong.
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    Awwwwwww. Have to admit the daddy-daughter scene was my fave moment from ep 24.
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    I don't think so...it might be ep28 for fin service of boss...lol...

    inter is really good
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