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    Episode 2 recap

    Sorry, way way way longer than I had expected it to me. Next time, I really will just summarize it lmao
    Karun is looking at pictures of the burned up theater and then dreams that he's at the theater (only knew that it was a dream because he told Paeng's grandma (Ward) that he dreamt that someone called him Poj). He sees Malaiwan on stage and he's calling to her (he only sees her back at this point). Malaiwan turns around and says "You're here? I waited so long for you" Karun asks her why does she talk like they've known each other before and Malaiwan said it's because they did know each other. "There's no way. Someone beautiful like you, if i knew someone like you, I would never forget for sure."

    Malaiwan says that one day he'll remember her, but she calls him Khun Poj.

    Karun is walking with Mai and she asks him if he's starting to believe in the curse of Bangkok Naruemit, but he says it's just because he dreamed of the theater the night before, so he wants to know its history in case he could use the theater's history as the hotel's selling point.

    Mai tells Karun that in that case, only Grandma Ward can help him and she was the theater's leading actress back then. She tells him if he's interested, she'll bring him to see grandma. When karun & mai head to Paeng's house, Paeng basically tells them that she can't guarantee that Grandma Ward will talk about the theater, because she always avoided talking about it in the past. Mai says she hopes grandma will soften because she wants to help Karun.

    Paeng tells Karun "don't damage things when you come to someone else's house or else ill curse you like how you cursed me last time" (remember 1st ep where she ruined his flowers). Karun tells her not to worry because he's not clumsy. And Paeng asks if hes trying to call her clumsy! He said he isn't, he's just calling himself clumsy and that she shouldn't think for herself. Paeng said she isn't but she's onto him. He calls her observant. "I'm not a dog!"

    Grandma Ward is taking a nap when Paeng comes to wake her up and let her know that her friends are here. Grandma Ward is shocked and speechless at first when she sees Karun and there are flashbacks of Ward & Poj together. She calls Karun Khun Poj, and Karun tells Grandma Ward his name and asks why she calls him Khun Poj. Grandma Ward apologizes and says it's because she's getting old, so she forgets sometimes. He says it's okay; she is the 3rd person to have called him that (1st being the old guy at the theater in ep 1 and 2nd being Malaiwan in his dream).

    Grandma Ward warns Karun that the place is cursed and that he shouldn't get involved with that theater. Karun asks why she calls the theater cursed. Grandma Ward says that place was cursed and if anyone is stubborn and gets in there to restore the theater, then everyone will be afflicted. She begs him not to do it and to trust her. Karun tells her that it's too late because they're going to start the reconstruction the next day. Grandma Ward warns that if anyone gets involved with the theater, that more people will definitely die. Karun tells her to calm down and says that either way, the hotel project will have to continue.

    Grandma Ward thinks back to when she was young. She is getting hit and scolded by her father for refusing to marry Khun Udom, he calls her stubborn. Young Ward says she can't marry him when she doesn't love him. Dad says it doesn't matter whether she loves him or not, she will have to get married and stop thinking about becoming an actress. Ward says she won't let her dad force her. She says even if you kill me, I won't marry. My heart isn't with Khun udom. My future isn't with marriage or a family. Her dad asks her if dancing and acting as a profession will let her live comfortably and feed her and she tells him that it's better than him placing her as a bird in a golden cage.

    Young Ward arrives at Bangkok Naruemit when she's asked why she's there and is then accused of being a thief and wanting to steal from inside the theater. It turns out this person is basically Malaiwan's lackey, trying to get rid of Ward so that Malaiwan won't have any competitors. The other lady asks who Ward is and why is she here. Ward replies that she's there to audition to become an actress. The lady says "No wonder someone got hot and bothered for their boss. Afraid their boss will fall from being leading actress". The lady with the mole responds that she's wrong because a true diamond won't be afraid of a rock. Ward says shes come to Bangkok Naruemit because Malaiwan is her motivation. The nicer lady says Ward will have to wait for Poj to come back in order to audition. Young Ward has caught the eyes of Poj! Ward is practicing on stage for her audition without noticing that Poj is standing there. When Ward notices his presence, she asks who is he. "The person you've been waiting for since this morning" Poj tells Ward to concentrate and try singing a song to him. Grandma Ward says "or maybe karma dictated? It's been destined already"

    It's the next day and construction is beginning. We can see Malaiwan with an older lady with gray hair, she is Malaiwan's grandmother. Malaiwan's grandma begs her to not hurt anyone anymore. Malaiwan says grandmother has already begged her many times and asks grandma if she (Malaiwan) has ever listened? She says grandma probably hates her because she's a bad granddaughter and that if she hurts her so much, then grandma should go reborn. Grandma says "no matter how evil you are, it doesn't make me hate you. But it makes me hate myself more. I taught you to win using these wrong methods" Flashback where we can see grandma doing some chant. Basically doing some "bad magic" (not bad magic, but idk what you would call it) so that Malai will be a leading lakorn actress. We can see some time of pepper or something being added into the food Poj is eating, I'm guessing it's to make him love her?? Something like that. Grandma says it's her fault for not teaching Malai to accept loss. Malai says grandma used to help her all the time in the past, but it's not the same anymore because she doesn't need her help anymore. Malaiwan says she will not let anyone go if they try to obstruct her.

    Scary looking Malaiwan says that Bangkok Naruemit will not be anything but a lakorn theater. Crazy old man says "break it, break it all!" (I'm guessing he's happy that it's being broken down and is hoping that the curse will break with it?" Malaiwan shows up in front of a construction worker and asks if he's asked the owner's permission yet. He's begging with two hands and says they hired him. All the workers around him are kind of going "what's going on??" Worker says he's sorry and he'll do merit for her, but malai says she doesn't want it. She says she doesn't like apologies or "sorry" because she'll never forgive. Then she kills the worker.

    Grandma asks Malai if Poj knows she killed someone, does she think he will love her? She says he will because she's protecting their house. She says no one can turn the theater into something else.

    Karun doesn't believe it when a worker tells him that the worker died because of a ghost. The worker says he didn't believe it at first either, but two of the workers were there and said the exact same thing. Karun asks if this is an excuse to ask for more wage. The worker says it's not about the money; Karun says good if money isn't the issue, but the worker will have to find more workers to complete the job or else he'll sue the business for breach of contract.

    Karun goes to see his friend (the actor) and tells him about what happens? Karun says what's ridiculous is using ghosts & curse as an excuse, that a ghost killed a worker, so now no workers will want to work. His friend tells him that it might not be a lie because he also heard that people who enter there...Karun cuts him off saying "don't tell me you also believe that theater is haunted?" Karun says he never used to believe in nonsense beliefs, but his friend says since Karun grew up overseas, he won't get how people here (in Thailand) think. Karun says it's not getting how people think that, but how can they think that.

    Karun, Paeng, and Mai go to the theater together. Karun teases Paeng, asking if she broke anything yet. Paeng says she's not a construction company to break stuff everywhere that she goes. Paeng says she heard his whole team quit, is it because of your temperament she asks. He says yeah there's no workers, so I'm planning on hiring you because just by walking here, your mouth has already broke the foundation

    Mai says to Paeng that if karun joked with her like how he jokes with Paeng, then she would be happy (this girl is so jealous of Paeng). While at the theater, grandma ward calls Paeng to ask if she'll be home late. Paeng says she will because she's gone to Bangkok Naruemit with Mai so that Mai could see Karun. Paeng tells grandma ward not to worry because she's only accompanying Mai.

    Paeng says to grandma that she's on the same stage that she (grandma ward) was on when she was younger. The phone cuts off and grandma ward feels faint and is extremely worried.

    As malai is looking at Paeng, malai's grandma asks malai what she's planning to do. Malai says to grandma "do you see that girl is ward's descendant? She looks just like nang ward" Grandma says that malai is being blindly vengeful without opening her eyes. She tells her to have some sense. Malai yells back that yeah she's senseless + evil + bad. But who made her like this? (Uh I'm guessing grandma) Grandma tells her she should fear karma & hell, but malai says she's not afraid because these days are no different from hell anyways.

    Karun is walking with Mai holding onto his arm when he asks Mai where her troublemaker friend is at. You can see the jealousy in Mai's eyes when he asks that. Grandma begs malai not to harm Paeng; she says Malai should have some consideration for her if she has no consideration for sin & karma.

    Paeng is knocked out by something hard that was thrown at the back of her neck. Grandma Ward arrives at the theater looking for her. Malai' grandma comes to see grandma ward and tells her that Paeng is in the theater and to follow her. Ward recognizes the grandma (so malai's grandma's name is Soi).

    Grandma Ward begs Malai not to hurt her granddaughter. Grandma ward says if malai wants to hurt someone, then she should hurt her because her granddaughter doesn't know anything. She says she knows malai is vengeful towards her, but begs her not to harm Paeng. Malai tells Ward not to beg for sympathy as it's a waste of time. Malai calls Ward a fake backstabber and husband stealer. She says Ward is aged already, but still cannot face the truth, just like before.

    Grandma Ward says she never thought of stealing Khun Poj. Malai says if Ward hadn't planned on stealing him, then she wouldn't have answered the way she had that day when she asked. She says Ward lied to her since she was a human and now that she's dead, she still wants to lie to her.

    Flashback of Malaiwan speaking to Poj. She asks if he's really going to have Ward play lakorn there. He says yeah, he wants to support Ward in lakorn; he sees her talent and says she'll be a new star in the industry if she has support. He says Ward will be a talented lakorn singer no less than malai. Malai says that both her and Mae pongjai will soon be forgotten and asks if she thought right or wrong by moving to Bangkok Naruemit, since Poj will have a new leading actress soon and he'll soon forget about her. Poj tells her not to sulk and that everything in the world circulates; even if the stage is hers currently, there will be a new generation talent one day. He asks if she doesn't plan on giving the new younger generation a chance. He tells her not to worry as she's still his beloved wife.

    Malai has someone get Ward so they can talk on the stage. Malai begs Ward to leave Bangkok Naruemit because she's has to struggle and persevere through so much hardship before getting to this stage and that it wasn't easy. Malai said she had to sacrifice both her dignity & heart. Malai says her instinct tells her that her situation isn't stable and she'll have to do something before she loses everything.

    Ward says Malai is no different from her, as she had to run away from home & face hardship in Bangkok. She caused shame to her parents that they disowned her all because she had a dream to play lakorn, so matter what road or how many obstacles she'll have to face in this profession or what she has to encounter....

    Malai says she can see her perseverance and will give Ward one more chance. She tells Ward to leave Bangkok Naruemit, but Ward says she can't because she's there for her dream to play in a lakorn. She's not here to steal Khun Poj

    Malai says Ward knows how Khun Poj feels about her. Malai tells ward if she never leaves, Malai will never be happy because she'll always be suspicious and will not know when Poj will make Ward a mistress. Malai begs her again to leave. Ward apologizes and says she can't leave her opportunity. Present time, Malai says grandma ward stole Poj from her and even in this lifetime, she's still trying to obstruct their love. Grandma Ward tells her she should forget Poj and let go of everything. Grandma Ward takes out a sachet of some holy powder that injures Malai. Paeng limps out holding her neck before fainting in front of everyone and is brought to a hospital.

    At the hospital, Grandma ward tells Karun that she told him to not get involved with the theater and that the curse of the theater is going to kill all of us. Paeng says she doesn't know what happened, but she was just walking before something hit her and everything went dark. Paeng jokingly asks Karun if he threw something at her. Karun asks if she's crazy! "Why would I throw anything at you?" (Can see jealousy in Mai's eyes again). Karun tells Paeng to tell him next time when shes going to wander, so he will know where to go to help her
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    Thanks for the recap
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    Sorry it was so long haha I'm not good at summarizing, so I was just typing up almost everything they were saying (unless you like that)
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    It’s allright! I like Your long summary
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    Yayyy the rating keeps increasing day by day ! Now it has hit 2.2. I hope this Lakorn would be a super hit for one HD. Fighting Vill and Bangkok Naruemit team !!:aaaaa::cheer::clap:
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    BAA1A2FE-62B5-44EB-9702-7E9B95997193.jpeg Vill and Pae so romantic together! willing|:icon12::cheer:
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    All catch up on episodes now :).
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    0244A6DC-7C9A-4C3B-8CD6-ED002B6F1C7A.jpeg Is it just me that feels like this monk has been to every Lakorn I watched . I feel like he is the only monk available for every Lakorn o_O:risas3:
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    The rating still steady on 2.1, I wish it will go up because this Lakorn keeps getting more and more interesting
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    Vill , Natthew and the director Tha Nakvilairote . Vill looks cute standing next to Natthew. I wish they will have future Lakorn together as a couple
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    Yayyy now The rating has hit2.5. So excited for this ! Fingers crossed the rating will goes up and up
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    Yayyy so happy ! This Lakorn has hit 2.7 in rating. Now hoping it will hit 3.0 soon
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    Wednesday and this Lakorn still manages to get 2.5. This makes me so excited for Vill and her Bangkok Nareumit team mates :cheer:
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    Who knows which team translated Bangkok naruemit except Muse fansub :crybaby2:
    The Muse fansub required paypal card but i dont have none but only have visa card.
    Somebody sub this lakorn, please :crybaby2:
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    Agree!! I hope some kind soul will translate this one along with Kahon Mano Ratuek, Sakul Ga and Vill's other lakorn that have not been subbed yet
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    This lakorn has officially ended last Thursday . Still missing this one . Love the ending but it’s still quite bittersweet. The rating is quite good and this is the first time one hd managed to get a high rating during Wednesday and Thursday airing period
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    Just finished episodes 5 and 6.
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    I don't really like this director's work at all. He does the same concept in a lot of his lakorns. This lakorn was straight out boring. The acting was bad from all three leads. Pae, Poo, and Vill all couldn't deliver. There was absolutely no chemistry between Pae and Poo and Pae and Vill.

    Does Vill have any other lakorns after this one? I remember skimming her Instagram and someone asked her a question about whether she's going to have a lakorn for Ch. 3 or not in the future and she said "Maybe." I haven't watched any of her lakorns since Sudsaipan.
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    :cheer:my very first post here :) i came here because of Vill....
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