[Ch.OneHD31] Bangkok Naruemit : Pei Arak / Vill Wannarot/ Poo Praiya

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    Guys don’t forget to tune in tonight! This Lakorn will start tonight
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    Yah but so sad I have to go out...I can't watch live.
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    If you watch it can you give a summary?
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    I have watched the raw version but without the English subtile I can’t fully understand the story but it is a very interesting story ! So here goes my understandings of the story; Malaiwan is a former stage actress whose spirit has been stucked in the Bangkok nareumit theatre. She will kill almost everyone who dares to enter that building . Hence, it caused people to fear goes anywhere near that building . Pae arak character wants to rebuild the old theater building after he saw a school stage performance that has been played by vill’s Character and her friend . I think he kinda fell for vill from first sight . They kinda argue after Vill aka paengmas destroy the flower bouquet in her effort to kill a cockroach lol . Pae character whose names is Karan goes to the old theater building with his father ; there malaiwan almost attacked him but when she saw his face , she instantly knew that he is the réincarnation of Khun Pon her ex lover . She did not kill him because she believes he came back for her . After that we will see the flashbacks of malaiwan’s life as a stage actress . She was super arrogant and she felt threatened by Ward (a village girl who is kind and compassionate). She could act very well and people generally more welcoming to ward . What’s make it super interesting ward who has been played by Vill is actually paengmas grandmother
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    Vill as paengmas
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    Pae as Karan
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    The first episode rating is 1.3
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    Episode 1 summary (or a small recap?)
    So Pae's character is Karun (present) and Poj (past). Karun came back from overseas (I believe) and his dad wants him to build a new hotel. He plans on building the new hotel using the location of Bangkok Naruemit theater. He believes the haunting/ghost/curse stuff about the theater is nonsense. He says the stories about the theater is false news for price competition.

    Karun goes to the performance for Mai and leaves with his sister Kaew. They go to scope out the theater as he's planning on buying it, but Kaew is afraid. When they're inside the theater, they meet this old guy with this super bad wig. He sees Karun and calls him Khun Poj and tells him that he's his pra'ek (in the past, this wig guy was a pra'ek at the theater). He tells Karun & Kaew they have to leave and hurry and get out. I don't think Malaiwan got a good look at him as she asked wig guy who were they. Wig guy says he doesn't know. As Karun leaves, Malaiwan says "why do I feel familiar with this man"

    Vill's character is Paeng (present) and Ward (past). Paeng's grandmother is Ward. She doesn't have a good impression of Karun because of how he yelled at her since she messed up the flowers that Karun was going to give to her friend Mai (who was the nangek in the performance). Mai is Karun's father's friend's daughter. Paeng tells Mai that she doesn't think Karun is suitable for her. Mai seems to be jealous of Paeng because despite Mai being the nangek in the performances for the past 4 years, Paeng has always outshined her. Paeng tells her she can't help it, her grandmother (Ward) is a retired lakorn nangek, so it's in her blood.

    Mai decides to ask Paeng's grandmother about Bangkok Naruemit since grandmother is an old generation lakorn nangek. She tells grandmother that P'Run, a close brother, is planning on buying it to build a hotel. Grandmother tells her that the theater is cursed and tells Mai to warn her brother not to interfere with Bangkok Naruemet.

    Grandmother prays for the wandering spirits of Bangkok Naruemit and says what happened is her fault.

    There's a flashback of grandmother (Ward played by Vill) with Malaiwan (Poo). Malaiwan tells Ward that she (Malaiwan) will not be happy unless Ward leaves Bangkok Naruemit. Ward says that's not possible because she's there for her dreams and cannot leave this opportunity.

    Present Malaiwan sees Karun walk into the theater with his father, but she doesn't recognize him yet. She calls out his name when she realizes it's Poj (or Karun). Karun leaves the theater with his dad after he got hurt. Malaiwan tries to go after him but is unable to leave the theater's premises. She cries that Poj has come back for her, just like he promised.

    Shows past scenes of Malaiwan coming from ayutthaya to the theater to become an actress. Poj is attracted to her when he meets her for the first time (I believe Poj is the owner of the theater). Later on, he gives her a pearl necklace. At the end of the episode or in the preview, it shows scenes of Poj & Ward together.
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    Yayyyy!!! Thanks for the summary
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    @dash and @geestory thank you for the summary. I'm waiting for a couple more episodes to see this. What is your take on it? Worth watching?
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    Super worth watching . The story is way more intense and interesting than that of its competitor , game sanaeha . Pae and vill chems also super refreshing and good too ! If I don’t ship sonvill ship, i might ship Pae vill ship to sail soon

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    my cap
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    Vill is so pretty in here and her acting is top notch as well . Hmmm getting away from aom’s Production really does wonder for her acting skill
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    Guys this Lakorn will be on air on Wednesday and Thursday as well . So yayyyyyy four days in a row for this amazing Lakorn ! Let’s Increase the hype for this Lakorn and cute couple (Pae Vill)

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