[Ch.OneHD31] Bangkok Naruemit : Pei Arak / Vill Wannarot/ Poo Praiya


sarNie OldFart
"Vill Wannarot" Yah Poly andVill! Ploy was my favorite actress when she was with Ch3! Can't wait to know storyline..


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From what I've read, the story will be mostly centered around Ploy the spirit of a theatre actress that is stuck there. Based on the novel by Pongsakorn, same author who wrote Sarb Poosah, Kol Kimono, Soi Saeng Dork Jun, amongst many other famous novels.


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Not sure if it is a remake but here are some additional cast info

Vill - Pangmat / Ward
Ploy - Malaiwaan
Pae - Karoon / Poj
Natthew - Saharchat
Pleng Savah - Nieramai