[Ch.OneHD31] Bangkok Naruemit : Pei Arak / Vill Wannarot/ Poo Praiya


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Thanks for sharing the photos @VILLNAN

I just hope Poo dose well in this role sing she have to sing and dance. and this role dose seem more different than her past role she been playing. Between Poo and Vill. Vill have a better acting than Poo.


Vill may be a better actress but Poo is definitely much hotter looking! She’s eye candy! I might tune in for gorgeous Poo!


You know two very pretty and hot girls but a p’ek like Pei??? What?!?! I don’t think he’s worth fighting for?!?:pancarta: Poo is very sexy but Vill is also very pretty. I can’t help, I think I’m going to tune in for the girls!

What’s the plot anyone? Lol


Lol! I know! I’m neutral with Vill. I love how Poo looks though! She’s super fine! But uh I’m not familiar with the p’ek! No comment! @xodxo


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I got from thaiDramatic_update

"Malaiwan" beautifully charming woman who's high-flown, has singing and acting telent, she become stage actress for these talent. Malaiwan is famous star of Bangkok Naruemit's theatre, but everyone hate her for her mean and arrogant
. . . .
One day, Ward, a girl who come from rural, scare Malaiwun to lost everything she has, then try to do anything protecting it
. . . .
Later, the theatre is accidentally setted a fire and kill Malaiwan. Her spirit still be around here where she die 'Bangkok Naruemit

for zeros

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The main actor looks like he doesn't want to be photographed. :facepalm:
On every released pictures his facial expression looks weird. :nut: