Cee & Amy


sarNie Hatchling
vilasaeng said:
Their so cute. I bet ya their going to become Thailand next Ent. Biz Couple. Replacing Kade and Noon.
Yeah i totally agree with u...anyway i seem to like Amy and Cee better than Kade and Noon ......They look so so so adorable together..I dont know maybe because the way the pictures of them were taken in this magazine...that why i have the impression that they r so so in love.... :p


sarNie Adult
cute couple, love amy and cee..thanks for sharing....i wish they will be in a lakorn together again....


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awww they're so cute! man i still think cee is way better off with amy instead of mo.. because there's no chemistry between them! GO CEE AND AMY! :p


i like how they are open about it and not tell us "we're just close friends" or "we're brother and sister"