Can we all posts now?


sarNie Adult
Sorry guys for the random issues.

I'm going to upgrade more. Just want to make sure we can post first.

We can all confirm its working good right?



For reals! Me too! I wasn’t able to login for the last few months. I was so upset. I miss my girls in here! Lol! I hope you all had nice holidays!


Staff member
I just want to add, if anyone has trouble logging in (like when you click a link and then you find you are logged out), the thing that has been working is, go to the main page and log in again. Make sure you check "Keep me logged in" and that should fix that issue, but if you are logged out again, just repeat, main page, login check keep me log in (I find sometimes I have to do it twice).


sarNie Adult
Yaay! Thanks so much admins! Everything is working fine. One change I've noticed is that we can only "like" posts now, and not like before when there were several choices. But then i actually prefer the like button which is much simpler.


sarNie Egg
lol i thought i keep entering the wrong password and thats why I couldn't post. I saw other people post and thought it was just my computer lol.