BURNING ASHES - A R rated Tale of revenge


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hi zaz hope u r v well ! thanks 4 posting ! though ive read in yadech.com just couldnt help but read again cos its such an excellent ff, love it to bits !!! im ever ready 2 read further when u next post new update, thank u 4 yr time zaz, with so much appreciation ! HAK key


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Chapter 10

Twisting her ponytail around, Yaya drained the water out of her hair. It wasn't much help but she had to do something . Her clothes were dripping everywhere on the floor, leaving her contemplating the mess she was helplessly in .

"This Min really have a mental problem" She concluded still under the shock of what had just happened.

"Take your clothes off" instructed Nadech who was making its way back to her.

Disturbed by his daring command, Yaya hugged herself instinctively to make sure her garments would not leave her skin. A hint of worry flashed in her watchful eyes at Nadech's blunt entrance.

" No way !" She shouted, making sure what she said reached his two ears. How dared he ? Pinching her lips together, She got up from her seat, her hands firmly resting on her hips.

Remorseless, Nadech kept coming forward , only halting when he was inches away from her. Yaya could feel the blood in her veins shaking up, racing quicker and louder , pumping an unnerving but familiar energy inside of her. God she hated herself for being so easily overwhelmed by him.

" Look at you. " he teased maliciously " You are not going to be able to do your work looking like a wet duck."

How could he be laughing at her ? Wasn't his girlfriend the culprit? He should have at least apologised to her instead of having fun at her expenses. She was so tired of his sarcasms, why could he not give her a break ?

"Fine. I will go change at my place." Defied Yaya not giving his suggestion a second though. Aware she couldn't stay in that state , she was adamant no one would convince her that undressing in the club was a good option either. Nadech rubbed the side of his chiseled jaw, while contemplating the pitiful creature in front of him.

" As you wish... " He said gently. His eyes lowered down for a while, a mocking smile appearing on the corner of his lips, "By the way .... Nice bra. How did you know blue was my favourite colour?"

Yaya's large eyes grew wider at his words as she looked down at her chest. She had completely forgotten she was wearing a white shirt, the damp fabric leaving very little to the imagination. Embarrassed , she crossed her arms in an attempt to save her modesty.

" Don't look !" She ordered , trying to get rid of Nadech's insisting stare. " And it is only now you are thinking of telling me?"

" Hey .... Listen Missy , I could have let you walk out of here and leave you give a free show to the rest of Bangkok."

Yaya wanted the ground to open up and swallow her alive. Her hand was hitching to slap him but that would have meant to expose herself once more. As much as she hated to admit it , Yaya agreed he had a point. She couldn't leave the building like this, she had to find an alternative . She turned away from him as the warmth of her cheeks intensified, hiding the uncontrollable flushes that were betraying her vulnerability. Imagining all sorts of sordid scenarios, Yaya was already anticipating Nadech next move. That was his style to take advantage of her predicament, she was certain he hadn't done with her yet. With all those thoughts crowding her brain, she barely distinguished the sound of steps walking away from her. Baffled, she realised Nadech had gone without saying anything. She relaxed a little , cursing herself for over reacting. She wondered why he disappeared so fast , finding his action rather suspicious. But then again, anything he was doing was suspicious in her eyes. Still , she wasn't about to dwell on that. She needed a plan of action and fast. She searched around her for a solution, her eyes scrutinising her surroundings for a quick fix. Light stomping noises were intensifying in the background , getting closer and louder. Nadech was already on his way back.

" Here , that should do the trick." On the edge, Yaya jerked forward as Nadech wrapped a towel around her slender body. A bit concerned, she grabbed the two corners to bring it tighter over her. She swiftly glared at him who was still smiling at her nervous reaction. With a quick thank you, she tried to erase the stunned look away from her face without much success.

" I am no monster , you know..." Affirmed Nadech amused but Yaya kept quiet, thankful he didn't push the matter any further.

" You cannot stay like this, follow me."

Yaya hesitated. One thing she knew about this guy is that he couldn't be trusted. A kind act could never make up for a week of torments. He stopped and turned to check if she was behind him.

" Why are you still standing there for ?" Asked Nadech exasperated by her brief paralysis. "Maybe You would rather like to be dragged there instead ."

He made a move in her direction but Yaya shook her head , stopping him in his tracks. She walked towards him , apprehending the aim of his purpose. She had no choice but to stick by him, the state of her clothes restraining her from running away. After going along the dark corridor, Nadech invited Yaya to change in the private bathroom next to his office.

" Dry yourself in here first. Your dress should be coming in a few minutes."

"My dress ?!" Enquired Yaya , not remembering having left a change in the club. "Where from ?"

" It doesn't matter where from. I have quite a few connections myself Miss Sperbound " ironised Nadech . Yaya looked at the bathroom door reluctantly, not so sure it was a good idea. She felt his hands grabbing her by the shoulders before shoving her in. She wanted to dispute his actions but he didn't give her the chance to.

" Don't take too long " He shouted on the other side." Or we are going to get delayed for tonight."

Yaya rolled her eyes " Hey, you are talking like I did this to myself. Don't forget that your girlfriend is the one you should thank for all of this."

" EX girlfriend !" Rectified Nadech.

A young man knocked on the door, intruding on their hasty exchange. Nadech invited him in , throwing a brief look at the plastic sleeve he was caring. With a polite grin , the boy handed over the package to Nadech who pulled it out of its protection.


Satisfied , Nadech sent him away with a generous tip before bringing the dress to its rightful owner.

" Open the door"

" I am not in a state to see anyone." Instructed Yaya who had undressed to her blue panties and used a bathtowel to cover her bare body. " I have got your dress." Sighed Nadech getting impatient "Open the door now , we don't have all day."

Looking herself in the mirror , she could see more flesh than towel. It was out of question she would let Nadech see her like this. There was a big problem though. In order to get some clothes on, she had to open the door.

" Just a minute." Trying to figure something out , she concluded that the best way to do it , was to hide behind the door while opening it . She grabbed the handle and slowly pulled it towards her.

" Leave it on the floor." She Instructed, her body stucked to the back of the panel , only adventuring an eye or two to check if Nadech did as she required.

"It is out of a question....This kind of garment cannot be left on the floor. Take your hand out so I can give it you. "

Yaya wanted to scream in frustration . He had to argue about absolutely everything, damn it. She closed her eyes in an attempt to raise her level of courage. Fine , she would stick her arm out and close the door as soon as the dress would be in her hand.

" What are you playing at?"

" That voice ... " she turned towards it only to discover Nadech was standing beside her .

" What the hell are you doing here ? " Yaya held on to her towel like it was for dear life , horrified to see him so close to her with almost nothing on. Noticing her embarrassment, he smirked at the sight of her bare flawless skin . She was always such a delight to look at, he thought, a tat satisfied by the deep shade of pink that was tinting the surface of her cheeks. Displeased to find himself responding to her natural attributes, he tried to disregard the primitive chemistry which was arising between the two of them. The elegance of her figure as well as the fragility of her face proving very difficult to push aside none less . He cursed the growing desire of wanting to feel her under his finger tips and damned the undeniable thirst of wanting to savour her flesh with the tip of his lips. The palm of his hands started sweating at the forbidden though of caressing her semi- exposed body , his mouth getting dry with every imaginary kisses he wished, he could plant on her bare neck before pursuing her luscious lips. The thrill of possible contact was threatening to blow out the resolution he made to himself, the resolution to not waste anymore time on this beautiful foe. Attentive to his movements, Yaya could feel his heavy gaze audaciously going through her . She felt her head spinning slightly , disoriented as if he had physically touched her, as if he had transgressed an sacred barrier . His pertinent presence was enough to transform her primary senses into trembling jelly. She tried to ignore the messages of distress which her body wanted her to acknowledge but in vain.

" Give me the dress"

With difficulty, Yaya confronted the built up of stamina which was awakening in the middle of her core. She couldn't be stupid a second time. Her words broke Nadech out of his lustful greed , remembering on the reason why he had entered the bathroom in the first place. His dark eyes narrowed, finding it convenient to hold her responsible for his lost of focus. After all , it was she , whom his body seemed to respond to, no matter how much grudge he had against her. He gave her the dress and walked away bitterly, treating her charms as if it was the work of some evil witchcraft. Just thinking about it angered him greatly , his nurtured hatred cultivated over the years seemed to be no match against the appeal of this young woman. Oblivious to his internal conflict , Yaya rapidly closed the door behind him. Nadech was probably the biggest bastard she ever encounter in her entire life, yet he could manage to sweep her away with the smallest of things , perpetually leaving her short of breath and red of confusion. She just couldn't explain it.

Nadech went to pour himself a glass of fresh water to get rid of the stubborn dryness that was sticking to the back of his throat.

"That was close ..." He drank the cup in one go, congratulating himself on keeping up to his plan. He was able to keep a certain control on his emotions, reconfirming his capabilities to get to his quest, whatever the price . Pleased, his mind drifted despite himself , guessing for a few seconds , what could have become of them if he had let his desires follow their natural courses. He shook his head abruptly, interrupting this corrupted flow of images coming through. "This is f*** ridiculous."

Coming from the hallway, Two male voices were approaching his office . Welcoming the disturbance, Nadech listened acutely, recognising the familiarity of the tones.

"Mario... Ken... What is going on ? I didn't expect the both of you to be here this early."

" We have something urgent to discuss with you. " said Mario while passing an arm around Nadech's shoulders.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?" smiled Nadech while wiping the remaining sweat away from his face.

"We have to talk about Yaya."

Nadech's grin evaporated as quickly as it came. " What about her?"

"Come , let's have a drink at the bar, it won't take more than a few minutes."

Nadech looked back at the bathroom door. If it was a matter of minutes , he would be back before Yaya had a chance to finish changing. He nodded before joining them.

" I am going to get to the point. You know that your agreement with Yaya has just run out. After having worked a week with her , do you still want to fire her ? " asked Mario seriously wanting to sort the matter out once and for all . A brief hesitation seemed to cross Nadech's glare , giving him a slight hope.

"Of course !" Answered Nadech without any reserves. If he wasn't sure a second ago, he was pretty confident when the words were blurting out of his mouth " You didn't think I would have change my mind , did you?"

Mario sighted heavily. "In that case, she will have to go ..."

"Yes she would have to go today" continued Ken.

"Today ? And who is going to help me tonight?" Asked Nadech , annoyed at their sudden change of plan " What is the big emergency here? "

" Since Yaya has done wonders for this place, I have told Mario that i wanted to take her on a full time position at the Lobster's Tail." Explained Ken calmly. " My main manager is leaving and I know Yaya would be perfect for this job." Nadech kept quiet at the news. He was far from thrilled to hear this. If he had it his way , he would have had the daughter of his enemy as far away from him as possible but now...

" I know you won't probably approve" finished Mario, " But Yaya is just great at what she does , Ken needs someone he can trust... And so far, Yaya didn't give him any reason to not employ her. The problems we have with her family shouldn't be mixed to this. As for tonight , I will be replacing her."

The two friends waited to hear Nadech's reaction who for a moment, had stubbornly kept his mouth shut.

"You seemed to have arranged everything between yourselves already so why are you even asking my opinion ? Nadech was left with a bitter taste in the mouth . His two closest friends had left him out from the decision making process without any seconds thoughts. His personal feelings of animosity towards that particular employee shouldn't have to interfere with his role as an executive director. Disgusted, he had nothing much to add. "She can go to hell for what I care, It has nothing to do with me."


Yaya gave a last glance to the mirror and smiled. She was ready at last. The silk dress chosen by Nadech was a perfect fit which was a big surprise since he never asked her any details about her size. She was ready for the night ahead except for one thing. A ball of nerves was lurking back to her stomach as she though of joining Nadech on the other side of the door. She couldn't stand that feeling yet she was getting used to suffer from it everytime she was around the Purple Moon or more precisely the boss of the Purple Moon. Well, not tonight . Mr Kugimiya could try his luck to his heart content but she wasn't going to let him spoil her last day of work, never. With a new found boost of bravery, Yaya got out, ready for the shift ahead. She looked around, expecting to find Nadech but no one. A bit baffled , she decided to not bother with him while deciding to pick up where she had left off before the incident with Min occurred . As soon as she got to the door, Nadech's phone started ringing. She jumped a little at the insisting ringtone and turned around. Should she answer it ? Why would she answer it ? Nadech would accuse her to invade his privacy. If it is important , the person would call back. Yaya returned towards the door , not wanting to deal with his business. The repetitive ringing noise stopped while the click of the answering machine was engaging.

"Hey Pal , guess who is coming out from this shitty hole ? Your favourite inmate Ziggy. Haha.... Listen, They are letting me go for good behaviour but i have no where to stay, so I was wondering if you could help me out for a short while... You know, just the time to fall back on my feet. I should be released in two weeks, not bad for a guy who had over three months left. Shit , my credit is running low, I have to go but I 'll call back."

Despite herself, Yaya heard every single word of the recorded message and froze. What was this guy chatting about ? And what kind of friends did nadech have? Ziggy? An inmate coming out of jail? All this didn't make much sense to her who was aware of Nadech status . As venomous as the guy was , nothing had ever implied he was into illegal stuff. Ok.... except maybe for the way he dismissed her from her job which she was still pissed off about, but that wasn't enough evidence to prove that Nadech had his hands in dirtier affairs. He had always left her confused but now she was drowning in darkness. The kugimiya enigma had become an inexplicable puzzle whose pieces did not fit into each other, no matter which way they were combined . Curious, Yaya wanted to know more about Ziggy and why he seemed so close to Nadech . He didn't sound from around here or from the upper class bandwagon of Bangkok either. It would have been common knowledge if one of them ended up behind bars. She smiled when an idea crossed her mind. Could that be one of the skeleton her obnoxious boss was hiding ? That thought pleased her tremendously . This Ziggy guy could become the key to unlock the kugimiya secret.

" What are you smiling about?"

Yaya swiftly looked up and met Nadech's interrogative glare. He frowned at her silence before repeating the same question but in a harder tone.

" Hummm ... Nothing, " She hesitated. she needed an excuse and fast."I guess, I am just happy with the dress you have got me"

" You have got her a dress ?" Bursting out from behind Nadech, Mario was left gutted. He looked at his friend suspiciously. Usually, Nadech would do such a move if the chosen lady had shared his bed to his satisfaction but he knew it couldn't be it in Yaya's case, could it ?

Nadech nudged Mario in the ribs, irritated by his question. What the hell was he suggesting exactly ?

" Min came to see me and poured water all over Miss Sperbound earlier on. What did you wanted me to do ? "

Mario was even more astonished. "What was Min doing here asking for trouble ?"

Ken left the two young men arguing and went in front of Yaya , a genuine grin on his face. Yaya returned his smile and he picked up her hand delicately into his.

" You look absolutely gorgeous" he complimented ." My customers will surely forget their food when they realise how beautiful the new manager is."

Yaya raised an eyebrow while grabbing Nadech and Mario's attention.

" What do you mean?" Yaya wasn't sure what Ken was trying to get at. He turned towards his mates briefly to make sure no one had any new objections about the change of plan and refocused his gaze on Yaya.

" I have learned of your position terminating here a few days ago which has prove to be very useful to me since my main manager was leaving our restaurant. Yaya, I would love you to get the position if you are happy to work for a guy like me."

Stunned in some weird euphoria, Yaya looked at Ken like he was from another planet before jumping at his neck.

" Omg ! Yes! .... Yes ! I would love too"

Laughing at her spontaneous behaviour , Ken put his arms around her to return the hug she was giving him.

" Haha... I am happy if you are happy. But there is one thing you should know. You have to start immediately."

Yaya nodded positively, she was delighted to get a job in such short amount of time. She had dreading spending her next few days , weeks , months searching for a position that could give her enough income to survive by herself. But Ken came as a hero and took the pressure away. She couldn't thank him enough for this.

Nadech watched the scene that was unrolling in front of him. It was obvious, Ken liked her. Damn, what was wrong with this fool? Maybe those two guys should have tasted a bit of jail time..." I am sure , it would have changed their perspective." Nadech noticed Yaya's beautiful smile for the first time since he had known her. In fact her all face was smiling . In a spasm of envy , Nadech realised that Ken might not be the only one under the charm, Yaya looked pretty pleased to see him too. "Why should it matter anyway?" Nadech brushed the feeling away, this wasn't part of his concern. What mattered was that he was at last free of her presence. He could go on in caring his revenge and this time , there wouldn't be no more distraction.

Ken offered his arm to Yaya who gladly accepted it. She thanked Mario for everything he has done for her and promise to come and visit sometimes. Nadech was against the frame of the door, a hand in his pocket, his eyes fixed on the couple. Yaya looked at him only to be met by the same cold and arrogant glare. She wasn't sure what to say to him so she kept quiet. They both dogged into each others eyes , both awkward and reserved. Yaya finally bowed politely , showing her respect towards him. Nadech nodded quickly, annoyed by all of this. This wasn't the way they usually communicated and that irritated the hell of him to see her being polite to him. He would have preferred to hear what she really wanted to tell him instead , no matter what it was. Yaya remarked his impatience and cut the courtesy short. She frowned, this guy was going to be an butt until the last second... So be it. Yaya turned to Ken to tell him she was now good and ready to go. He quickly saluted his friends before taking the young woman into his car. Mario excused himself after receiving an important phone call, leaving Nadech to contemplate on his own. He walked back slowly towards the bathroom only to see Yaya's wet clothes on the floor. He picked up the white shirt that was earlier accused of revealing Yaya's assets.

" Now, it is time for the serious work to begin."



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Thanks you so much Key :kiss:
I was very overdue in updating this thread but I finally got around to do it. I am still in the middle of writing chapter 11 but I am not sure when it is going to be ready to post ,lol. Hopefully it will take less time than the last time :bhehe: .


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zazoured said:
Thanks you so much Key :kiss:
I was very overdue in updating this thread but I finally got around to do it. I am still in the middle of writing chapter 11 but I am not sure when it is going to be ready to post ,lol. Hopefully it will take less time than the last time :bhehe: .
take yr time zaz, im so grateful ure writing this so hot ff 4 us n m v willing 2 wait ! tyvm 4 yr time zaz ! always my pleasure 2 read, key ! X


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Thank you so much Zaz!!! Live the updates and. Much appreciation! It was long await, but was worth it. He he. I apologize if I was being annoying kept asking for update, but your writing made me so addicted... like on drugs. Lol. I'll be back to re-read. Thank you!!


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Sorry guys for taking soooooo long ! I didn't expect to need so much time to update this FF but I got really busy rebuilding my kitchen which took forever and since I am writing this story on the notepad of my iPhone , I have actually managed to delete this chapter not once but twice which left me pretty bitter every time. Anyway, I am glad to see the end of this chapter and i hope you ll enjoy it. Thank you all very much for your support :D :D :D

Chapter 11

Buzz.... Buzz... Buzz...

"Damn alarm. "

Eyes still closed, Nadech slammed down the clock on the bedside table. Hugging his duvet for a last moment of bliss, he groaned at the painful though of getting up. He felt dreadful. His head was pounding obsessively , transforming the slightest of sounds into little nightmares. He knew he deserved it. He had been drinking more than usual lately but last night seemed to have topped them all. Alcohol had proven to be the magic elixir which had numbed his daily nightmares , giving him back a much needed luxury that so many took for granted... sleep. Of course, all of this had a price, and Nadech was paying it every morning. He tried to look at the time but his head felt just too heavy to lift. A pleasant light touch passed through his hair, relieving him momently from the drunken pain. A slender hand touched his face softly while a feminine voice whispered in his ear.

"Good morning"

" Who the hell was that?" Now wide awake, Nadech straighten up with difficulties, discovering a feminine presence lying next to him and frowned. She was a petite and cute twenty something who he vaguely remembered seated at the bar last night but he just couldn't recall how she ended up in his bed.

" Who are you ?... What happened ? He grimaced, feeling his head exploding with every word that came out of his mouth. That damn hangover was much more intense that anything he had experienced in the past.

A soft kiss on the cheek answered his questions while a perfectly manicured hand was starting to venture on his chest heading slowly towards his mysterious scar. Nadech stopped her to go any further.

" Hello handsome ."

He turned around only to realise that a second woman had bursted out of the covers , pressing her half naked body against his. She appeared older and more forward than the first one, making him increasingly nervous and wary. It was like coming back to the golden days when cash and women were never short in supply. The only problem was that this kind of lifestyle wasn't what he wanted anymore. Their downfall had been spectacular because their priorities weren't in the right place. Sperbund was able to take everything away because they were taking their success for granted but that wasn't a mistake Nadech was prepared to repeat. He tried to gently push her wondering hand away, so he could wiggled himself out of the sheets.

" No, no , no, you cannot go now" she sulked while holding him back by the arm. Nadech's head was spinning around as she pulled . While struggling to break free , he noticed his outfit of the night before was still on him. A few buttons were missing but it was enough evidence to prove that nothing much must have had happened with the two cuties.

" Come one , Handsome , you promised us a good time last night and we are still waiting..." The confident girl challenged , provoking a giggle out of the smaller one.

It would have been a few years back, Nadech would have not hesitated in fulfilling their wish, but today , it was all about getting back what he had lost. He managed to get out of the bed at the detritus of his new found concubines who were both protesting while trying to reach him again.

" Listen girls, I am having a busy day today which means no fun this morning..."

They both whined and pouted at his announcement. They were so looking forward to bag a fine specimen like Nadech. Without an once of guilt, He grabbed his bathrobe and headed for the shower. His mobile started ringing, resonating mercilessly in his head. Annoyed, he hesitated to answer it, the though of freshing up was just much more attractive. Without checking who it was, Nadech turned the water on but that stubborn ring tone was not prepared to die down. He sighted, defeated and went back to pick up the call.

" Min ? I hope you have some good news."

" Well, hello to you too" Declared Min clearly irritated by his bluntness .

" Please, spare me the attitude , I am really not in the mood." Nadech could barely believe it, but he had finally gave in. After offering a second chance to Dok, the detective, He realised that the guy was more of a alcoholic crook than anything else. At that point, Min became the best option . He hated gambling with his principles but she was the only person he knew who already had earn the Sperbund's trust . He couldn't afford to wait since his presence in town would eventually be find out by everyone who was concerned, impacting ultimately on his room to manoeuvre. His plan was simple. He was going to court the older sister Chompoo to justify his interest in her family and get Min to spy and act on his behalf without awakening any suspicion. Revenge is a dish served cold and Nadech sneaky plan was no exception to the rule. He just hoped that he wouldn't live to regret his risky decision.

" Gosh, calm down ... I did what you asked for. I have passed your message to Chompoo and she has jumped at the chance to see you again." Min assured him. "And now the best part... I have convinced her to invite you to spend the weekend at her villa so you could have a look around. "

" Her villa ? Min, you know that her parents will recognise me, what make you think that was a good idea ? Nadech sat on the bed , his hand nervously going through his hair.

"Relax ... Who are you taking me for ?" Asked Min, outraged he could believe for one minute that she didn't think it through. " Her parents are having a second honeymoon for their 24th anniversary and are travelling to Paris for ten days . Chompoo will be staying with the driver and the maid which will give us plenty of time to look around. "

Nadech stayed silent for a few seconds, debating quietly over Min's idea. The two forgotten girls behind him, welcomed his distraction and came closer for a last attempt to get him interested. One started massaging his tense neck and shoulders while the other was quickly undoing the remaining buttons of his shirt. Nadech looked at the expertise of her gesture at work without reacting to what was going on.

" Ok...." Having balanced the risks, Nadech got up from the bed leaving the two girls defeated. " I am getting ready and i will be straight with you ."

He hanged up with a smirk on his face. Things were going forward at last. He hurried up , leaving the two girls finally vanquished by his lack of enthusiasm. Not wasting anymore of their time, they got themselves ready to go , not understanding why their charms didn't make him succumb at the temptation of the flesh . Before closing the door, they gave a last glance back while cursing at him between their teeth for not standing up to his promise.


" He is coming " declared Min to an anxious Chompoo.

" Really ... OMGGG !" Chompoo jumped up and down in happiness . Since their first meeting , she had dreamed to spend more time with him. She wasn't able to take his number the first time around since she passed out before she got a chance. She didn't know what to expect but the though of just seeing his handsome face again was already plenty to fulfil her with an intense joy.

" What am I going to wear ? He cannot see me like that." Worried Chompoo while grabbing Min's arm.

" You will be fine. I will help you."

Chompoo stared warmly at her friend " I am so lucky to have you Min. Look at me and my selfishness, I didn't even take your feelings into consideration . Are you sure you are ok about all of this ?"

Min gave her a wide and reassuring smile: " of course..." She lied " I would have told you if I had a problem with this."

Chompoo hugged her tightly before kissing her on the cheek. Min returned the hug with a hidden grin on her face. Nadech's plan was working wonderfully. She was going to be patient and show him that no other woman could ever take her place. She was going to help him all heartedly in achieving his goal knowing she would help herself in the long run.

Without any more delays, the two girls went upstairs. They debated and tried hundreds of outfits before hitting the jackpot. Min was doing Chompoo's hair when the door rang.

" Already? " panicked Chompoo ," but I am not ready yet "

" Don't worry , I am going to join him so you can have some extra times. Min hurried down the stairs, excited to be able to spend the weekend with Nadech . He might have been coming for other purposes but soon, his motivations would change and she would get to be the only one at his arm. She giggled at the though and open the opulent front door.

"Nadech !"

Min jumped at his neck, relishing the pleasure to be the first one to hug him. Nadech grabbed her arms and pulled himself away from her.

" What are you playing at ?"

"Can I not greet a friend now ?" Asked Min fainting her innocence. " We are still friends right ?"

Nadech arched an eyebrow suspiciously. He wasn't sure Min's friendship was something he really needed or even wanted.

"Where is Chompoo ?"

Min observed his sight wondering behind her, looking for the main girl to appear.

" She is finishing to get ready."

Min's tone of voice had deepened. How she wished she could spend some time alone with him... She had to go on with his revenge but she knew she wouldn't be able to play that game for very long. Nadech had to be hers and hers only.

A few light and nervous steps were suddenly heard. Chompoo appeared in the middle of the stairs, slowing down at the glance of Nadech 's chiseled face. She felt her spine shivering of excitement. He was here at last.

" Hello Chompoo, you look really beautiful " a seductive smile revealing irresistible dimples appeared , leaving his host in some kind of trance. Nadech knew he didn't have to do much to impress her, Chompoo had been the one doing most of the flirting since they first met. He looked at her gracefully coming down the stairs. He noticed a familiarity in the way she moved, a similarity which he hadn't notice before. His smile slowly dropped ... Yaya...

That was almost two weeks now that he hadn't seen her. He heard by Mario that she was settling down very well at the Lobster's Tail and Ken had only praise to say about her. He was irritated by his friends 's need to inform him about her every move since he never asked to know . But he wasn't ready to dwell on it. His focus was now stronger than ever and although he wasn't too sure about his pairing with Min, he knew that he was going in the right direction. He brushed away Yaya's face of his mind and focused on Chompoo. She was now in front of him with stars sparkling in her eyes.

" It is always a pleasure to be invited by such an exquisite beauty. " Nadech took her hand and brought it to his lips. Chompoo wanted to scream but she didn't wanted to scare him away so she bit the tip of her tongue instead and smiled shyly.

" Please Nadech, before anything, i just wanted to excuse myself for my reckless behaviour. I didn't mean to be this drunk the last time we met but I want to thank you for taking care of me the way you did."

Min rolled her eyes up , getting clearly fed up with all the politeness and sweetness and cut in.

" Chompoo, why don't we show your guest his room?"

She agreed and Nadech followed in the two girls footsteps. The grandiose staircase seemed to go on forever , giving access to three different floors. They stopped at the first floor, in front of double doors which Chompoo opened promptly . Nadech went in , admiring his surroundings. The room was beautiful and fresh with a calming mint green on the main wall while the rest of the room remained in eggshell white. The king size bed looked so comfortable and soft , Nadech couldn't resist to test the bounce of the mattress by pressing his hand on it. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was on the side table , and the big window which was allowing the soft sunlight to bath the entire room , gave into a large but private terrace.

" I hope you don't mind, but the biggest room left was Yaya's. I had it prepared just for you so you could truly enjoy your time here."

Nadech let a smirk escape his mouth. How ironic... The name "Yaya " had triggered many things in the past but today, he kind of liked it. She had a nice taste. Her room wasn't too feminine but simple with touches of elegance. He felt at ease in her space which surprised him a bit.

" I will be fine. It is beautiful here , thank you ."

Chompoo's happiness was difficult to contain. That perfect man was going to sleep metres away from her room. Although her parents weren't there to approve , Chompoo knew that someone like Nadech wouldn't have a hard time to get their consent. They wanted their two girls to be happy with the man of their dreams and Nadech was her dream man.

" Leave your things here" Min told Nadech. " The maid will unpack everything for you later on."
She took him by the arm and pushed him out of the bedroom. Not wanting to be left behind, Chompoo caught up with them. Nadech let himself be guided in a vast dining room where an opulent oak table had been dressed for lunch by the faithful servant of the house, Toon. An abundance of hot and cold starters were on display , waiting to be tasted by its hungry hosts. Min took this opportunity to score a few points when she caught in the corner of her eye, one of nadech's favourite dish.

" Here, grilled chilli king prawns like you like them." Min send him one of her most charming look before dishing them out for him.

Uneasy by her flirting , he promptly took the plate out of her hands and turned towards his target.

" Come on Min, let me take care of it." Nadech gave Chompoo an irresistible smile while filling her dish up. Being the perfect gentleman was the best way to secure the infatuation she had for him. He wanted her to fall for him madly, so she could be easy to manipulate when the right time would come. Flattered by his care, Chompoo lowered her eyes a little to hide the melting feeling which had invaded her. Bitter, Min had a much harder time to control her jealousy. Nadech's game plan was much harder to execute than she though. She was aware that Nadech was working on her friend to achieve his goal but it just looked too real for her. Keeping an eye on the two love birds , Min reached for the cocktail dip.

"Min!... "

"I am so sorry ." Apologised Min at the sight of his shirt. Careless, the sauce had slipped through her fingers before splashing on top of Nadech. She quickly dabbed a napkin into her glass of water and tried to wash out the greasy stain.

"Leave it." Nadech got up frustrated before excusing himself. " You start without me , I will be back in a minute."

Chompoo stood up worried. She wanted this weekend to be perfect so Nadech would never want to leave her side ... But an hour in and the first hiccup was showing his ugly head. She wanted to go after him but Toon stopped her in her tracks. Someone had arrived in the front of the house and was making their arrival known with a shower of klaxons.

" Let me take care of him, everything is going to be fine." Min assured her, rushing behind Nadech.

Chompoo exhaled heavily , resolute , and went to check what the fuss was all about. She looked at the car parked in front of her.


That was not like her driver to draw so much attention to himself. The back doors opened to let appear the culprit.

" You... OMG !"


Min entered Nadech's room without being invited and gasped at the view. He was standing near the window, a clean shirt in hand while displaying his toned naked torso. She got drawn to the scar across his chest , something he didnt have when they were together. Somewhat , it suited him , adding a bit of zest to his sex appeal . She felt the pulse of her heart raising... He was so damn hot.

"Have you never heard about knocking ?" Nadech's sighed , exasperated . He felt her eyes on him but he didn't glanced back . He was more preoccupied by that surprised visitor who had just turned up. Whoever was in the car could put an end to this ideal opportunity. He couldn't bare the idea to leave without having visited Sperbund's files. He told Min to come closer as he was getting his fresh shirt on.

" Do you know who it is ?"

Min shook her head , clueless. " It is their driver's car but no one was schedule to come over as far as I know ."

Nadech frowned at Chompoo's joy. She had to know the passenger really well to be this happy. He was just hoping that the same person didn't happened to know who he was too. A svelte and alluring figure came out of the car, her long brown hair floating in the upcoming wind. That figure could only belong to one person...

" What is she doing here?"

Min stared at Nadech for a reaction but he remained stoic.

" What is wrong with you. Can you not see that this girl is trouble ?"

" Relax Min, Yaya doesn't know anything about my past. " Nadech observed the two sisters hugging and laughing. " Besides, she can become a good distraction while I will be gathering evidence to send Sperbund's to the same hell he left me in two years ago."

Min nodded , trusting his judgement although she wasn't looking forward to have another rival around .


Chompoo and Yaya went inside ecstatic and holding hands.

"Did you think I was going to leave you all alone ?" Asked Yaya squeezing Chompoo in her arms once more.

" Actually , I had invited guests to come over..."

" Have you ? Who ? Is it your way of telling me that I am intruding then ?" Sulked Yaya with a hint of tease.

" Don't be silly." Pouted Chompoo

"Yeah don't be silly." Repeated a male voice in the background. Both sisters turned around to see Nadech going down the stairs , a grin on his face , relishing the element of surprise on his ex employee. Yaya's eyes grew wider as he approached. A familiar chill , which she hadn't felt for a while, invaded her body , her head was starting to show symptoms of dizziness while her heartbeat went up a notch.

"You ! What are you doing here?" Yaya couldn't get her head around it. What was he doing in her family mansion ? He had no right ...

"Yaya ! " reprimanded Chompoo "Where are your manners?"

"It is ok Chompoo " intervened Nadech calmly " I know I was a rather demanding boss at times. I am sure , i might not have been the easiest person to have around."

"Demanding ? Not the easiest person ? .... Horny and corrupt more like." retorted Yaya who had not forgotten his bullying and harassment.

How dared he ? After everything she had to go through at work , she had to put up with him on her private turf too ?... Nope, she wasn't going to allow it. If it is a fight he was after , she was going to give him hell.

" Yaya, what is wrong with you ? How can you say such a thing ?" Blamed Chompoo , appalled by her little sister's behaviour.

Yaya took a step back and refrained her attack. Her sister looked hurt and embarrassed and that was not what she was trying to do. She wanted to protect her from nadech , she wanted to break the spell he had on her , but it wasn't the right time. She understood that now. Yaya had only one dreaded thing left to do .

" I ... I.... I am sorry."

"Not to me ." Retorted Chompoo while crossing her arms on her chest. A hint of annoyance crossed Yaya's face before taking a deep breath.

" I am sorry" she repeated turning towards Nadech.

He nodded in acceptance with a smile that looked more like a sarcastic grimace.

" Sorry ? She was going to be..." He thought, his jaw hardened by her previous insults. He was dying to remind her who she was messing with, but he stood there , cool and collected. He couldn't let his anger get the better of him, the brat in front of him would be dealt with as soon as an opportunity would arise but his cover up couldn't be blown in front of Chompoo.

" Now , I think we should go back to our meal. What do you all think ?"

Aware of the tense atmosphere, Nadech tried to change subject so the incident could just be forgotten. Chompoo welcomed the idea and invited everyone to follow her. Although the meal was enjoyable, the company was more challenging to appreciate. Yaya kept herself busy catching up with her sister while Nadech and Min were remembering events of their common past. Chompoo was watching them from afar. She felt a bit envious of their story, she hadn't had time to talk to Nadech properly yet and god knows she was in a hurry to change all of that. Now and again, Nadech would flash his killer smile at her, reassuring her that his interest was very much alive. He glanced a few times at Yaya too but she had made it her mission to ignore him completely . At the end of lunch, Yaya excused herself and went to spend some time with Toon and James. She had missed them so much , they were like a second family to her, plus it was the perfect way to avoid her sister's guests . She hadn't be able to relax the entire time she was seated at the table with every bite repeatedly getting stuck in her throat. A bit disappointed by Yaya's choice, Chompoo took Nadech and Min in a long walk across the 300 acres of land that was at the back of the property. She was excited to show Nadech her family's private land. She was hoping to impress him by showing him the wealth that was surrounding her. They went trough a beautiful park which was baring many wild species. Chompoo explained that her dad was a big nature lover who will use this little corner of paradise as a refuge for endangered animals. They would be cared for and left free on the land to wonder around. Nadech couldn't help but admired Sperbund for his care of nature. " Shame he wasn't as sensitive to human beings." He joked to himself . He offered his arm for Chompoo to lean on, and pursued to work his charms on her . . Min stayed behind them, obeying Nadech's instructions to give them some private time. She hated all of this. She was bored limitless of their afternoon activities. She had never been attracted by nature which she always had found dirty and boring to beginning with. But the worst was to pretend to be cheerful about her boyfriend and her best friend's relationship when she was desperately trying to put her hands on him herself. After much talking , they arrived to a little ranch where a few horses were galloping to their heart content . In front of them , a few guys were busy cleaning the stables and changing the hay.

" Horses ? I would have never imagine you on a horse ." Confessed Nadech a bit surprised.

" And you would have been right to think so " laughed Chompoo at the ridiculous though. " I am a 100% city chick ." She twirled around to demonstrate her chocolate brown Chanel dress matched to a pair of limited edition of kitten heels from jimmy Choo.

" This here, is the proud and joy of my little sister. Her and my dad share the same passion for horses. As for me , I just like watching them but no one can get me to ride on one."

" A challenge huh , i like that." Analysed Nadech with a cheeky grin " if you ride with me, I guarantee, you will not be disappointed."

Chompoo stopped breathing for a second , trying to figure out if he was serious about this or not.

" I am not sure... "

" Let me show you , you won't regret it " insisted Nadech , gripping her hand.

" But I can't in these " She pointed at her jimmy Choo shoes.

"Ok " agreed Nadech after a slight pause, " Tomorrow morning then ?"

Chompoo looked worried. She really meant it when she said she wasn't into riding . At the same time, the vision of Nadech as her teacher was an idea that was becoming more and more appealing . She had this perfect image of the both of them on the horse.... It would be so romantic. Chompoo nodded with a twinkle in the eye. If she had to go , Nadech could only be the perfect guide.

Time was running out as the darkness of the night was starting to settle. They made their way back to the house, their stomachs starving for some immediate attention. As they entered the property , they caught Yaya going up the stairs.

" Yaya ? Aren't you going to spend some time with us now ?" Chompoo was hoping to get her company for dinner at least.

" I am sorry sis " she apologised, " I am exhausted. I have had a busy week and I have been eating too much of Toon's delicious cookies this afternoon , so I am not hungry anymore. I will see you all in the morning . She bowed politely and continued her way upstairs.

Resigned, Chompoo invited her guests to have a rest on the voluptuous sofas of the living room. She sat next to Nadech who had become quiet. He seemed caught up in a world of its own.

"What can I do to to make the frown of your forehead disappear ?"

Chompoo had come closer , her hand reaching for his face , lightly smoothing the crease with her finger which had formed in between his eyebrows. Surprised by her move, Nadech came out of his daze and smiled to reassure her.

" It is nothing really... " He grabbed her hand so she wouldn't worry. Chompoo grinned back , completely mesmerised by the man in front of her.

"Oi ... I completely forgot." Her face quickly turned into a paler tone while her smile disappeared .

" What is wrong ?"

" I have to tell Yaya that you are occupying her room. Toon already took care of everything but Yaya has still no clue." Chompoo quickly got up but a firm grip brought her back down.

" You look tired, let me take care of this little thing for you, my dear. I wouldn't want you to be left exhausted."

Min starred at Nadech surprised by his offer. She was tolerating all the mushy stuff with Chompoo because it was a mean to an end but why bothering with the brat that was upstairs ? She beheld his gaze for some needed answers but he looked right through her. Chompoo agreed flattered by his concern for her health , making Min even more enraged. What the hell was he playing at ?...


Yaya closed the door of her room and crushed her back onto it. This weekend was suppose to be fun. She had anticipated excitedly all the forgotten activities which she had wanted to rekindle with her sister in the hope to relieve the closeness they used to have as children. But it wasn't to be... How could Chompoo even like those people and call them friends ? Both untrustworthy and full of interested intentions like two snakes who had escaped from their cage. She closed her eyes powerless while Nadech's dark stare formed in the back of her mind. Why was he so respectful and caring towards Chompoo when he was so abrupt and shameless with her ? She just had no straight answer to this but she knew he had a closet full of skeletons which she swore to eventually uncover . Only when the truth would be in her grasp, she would be able to expose him for the twisted and perverted liar he really was. A smile was slowly drawing on her face, hopeful ,very soon , Nadech would just be a problem of the past and nothing more. A loud knock on the door, shook her out of her thoughts.

" Let me in . I need to talk to you."

"Talking of the wolf..." Whispered Yaya to herself. She inhaled deeply before asking . " Is Chompoo with you ?"

Nadech paused a bit confused by her reply. "No , she isn't with me."

" Then you cannot come in."

She walked away from the door to unzip her travel bag. She grabbed her vanity case and got her deodorant out. if he had the bad idea to come near her, she was ready to spray him to defend herself. She held her breath in and looked back at the door ... Not a noise, not a movement , ... Nothing. He looked like he had given up . She was used to get more resistance from him but she wasn't complaining at his quick resilience. Reassured, she put away her weapon of choice and kneeled back down to get her pjs out. A good night sleep was all she needed after such a long and disappointing day...

The door flew open , making Yaya jumped up. Nadech had let himself in, his gaze flashing warnings that he was up to no good.

" That was a bit rude , wasn't it ?" He started while closing the door on himself.

" Rude ?And what do you call this ?!" She pointed at the forced entrance, while flashbacks of his old tricks came flying back at her. How stupid of her to even think he would have left her alone so easily when he had demonstrated repetitively that he would only obey his own rules. Intimidated, Yaya took a few steps back while staying attentive to his every moves. Nadech noticed it and grinned from ear to ear.

" Like I said, I have to talk to you but your attitude brought me to take extreme measures which is a shame since I had to damage my own room's door."

Yaya's eyes narrowed into slits while figuring out the meaning of his words.

" Your room's door ? MY room's door you mean." She could feel the heat of anger taking over her initial fears , "in case you haven't noticed, we aren't in your nightclub here, nothing your eyes can see or your hand can touch belongs to you ."

"Is that so ?"

Nadech came forward and reach for the string of hair which had come loose on her forehead . Yaya moved away , her eyes still fixed on him. A mocking chuckle resonated in his throat while shaking his head at her response. He slowly brushed past her and stopped in front of the wardrobe.

"Tell me what you see ..." He opened the doors and moved away for Yaya to get a good look.

Yaya shrugged her shoulders irritated at such a dumb question . "Clothes."

Nadech signed for her to come closer.

" Have a better look."

Yaya stared at him not understanding what he was trying to get at and looked again. She couldn't recognise any of the items , so she grabbed one of the tshirt that was on display and unfolded it. Realising it wasn't hers , she turned to Nadech .

" What is the meaning of this ?"

"Your sister has generously giving me your room so I can be at ease during my stay." Gloated Nadech enjoying stirring it up. He went by her to reach the bed and dropped nonchalantly on it. She observed him having the time of his life , not sure of what to do next. Nadech could sense her blood boiling, relishing having the upper hand. He threw his shoes off, one by one, avoiding her just by a thread.

" Get out ! " gritted Yaya between her teeth. " Nothing has changed ... This is my bedroom and you are not welcome."

That same chuckle resonated in her ears again, mocking the fury which had hardened her gaze. Yaya has had enough , she turned to grab some of his clothes and chucked them at his face. Nadech put his hands up to avoid her attack but she upgraded the violence by whipping him with one of his jeans. Feeling the sting of the hits, Nadech caught one of the legs and pulled strongly on it causing Yaya to fall next to him. Not waiting for her to react, he jumped on top of her, pinning her arms by her sides. Stuck under him, Yaya could feel the warmth of his breath on her skin, as he planted his gaze in hers to let her know that the joke was now over. Frustrated and desperate , she tried to twist her body around to get him off but her efforts were made futile as his strength was completely overpowering her slender frame.

" I Hate You ... Do you hear ? I hate you !"

" Because you think I actually care ?" Retorted Nadech in a menacing tone.

She wasn't physically matched to battle him off but she hadn't given up. Nadech had to admire her fighting spirit, although he was remorseless in trying to squash it down. Angry tears were filling up her soft brown eyes which had no intention to surrender to him. They observed each other silently for a few seconds, their heavy breathing clashing against each other as they both refused to loose to the other. A loud scream teared off the heavy silence as Yaya decided to use her last weapon. She shouted as loud as she could for someone to come and help her out of his grasp. Nadech ordered her to shut up but his voice could barely been heard. He let one of her arm go so he could cover her unwilling mouth. She shook her head abruptly to get rid of his hand without success so she started hitting, pinching and scratching anywhere on his body she could reach. Nadech realised that the wild animal he was trying to immobilise was proving tougher than he thought. He decided to recapture her arm while he boldly brought down his mouth on top of hers to smothers any sounds that was threatening to escape. His lips were hard and punishing as he pressed them forcefully to shut her up. Revolted , Yaya tried to get away from his grasp , ignoring the pain he was inflicting on her. In a last surge of energy , she managed to change her position allowing her to grip the corner of his lips between her teeth. She bite him as hard as she could , forcing him to roll away from her in agony. Without delay, she dragged herself out of the bed but Nadech gripped the bottom of her shirt to bring her back to him. Panicked, she pulled away as hard as she could, holding on to anything that could help her resist Nadech's claws , but inch by inch she felt herself going towards him , too weak and tired to put up any more resistance.

" What is going on ?"

Nadech released Yaya who felt back , bruised and exhausted on the floor as Chompoo and Min walked on the scene, baffled by what they had witnessed. Nadech touched the corner of his mouth where drops of blood had surfaced . The little minx had made some damage after all. He glared at her swollen lips , her hands taking turn in rubbing her sore wrists. She sure had gave him a run for his money and proved to be a much worthy opponent than he initially thought. Their conflict was far from over but he was more than ready to take on the challenge. When round two would occur, he would make sure to be the only victor left standing.


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sarNie OldFart
Zazoured, that for this wonderful! Appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to update. Looking forward to what will happen on their weekend vacation. Thank you very much!! :)


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