BURNING ASHES - A R rated Tale of revenge


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Hello everyone :)
Mrs Chum persuaded me to post my FF on here and i hope you will enjoy it. It is a Yadech FF and it might get a bit R rated at times so young souls shouldn't be reading it lol. :dance3:  :dance2:

Main characters :

Nadech : a handsome, self made millionaire whom success get cut short when he is falsely accused of fraud and put in jail . After finishing his two years behind bars , Nadech wants to rebuilt himself and plans his revenge against the person that accused him in the first place.

Yaya : comes from a rich family , the Sperbounds . The youngest of two girls, Beautiful and smart , she want to achieve her ambitions without the prestige and money of her family .To support herself , she became assistant manager at The Purple Moon owned by Mario and Nadech .

Other characters :

Mario : Nadech's best friend And business partner . They have grown up together and got rich together too . Owner of the purple Moon dancing club .

Ken P : Nadech 's good friend and business partner . Owner of the Lobster's Tail restaurant .

Taew : Yaya's friend and colleague . Work at the purple Moon too.

Chompoo : Yaya 's older sister . At the opposite of her younger sibling, she enjoys the family fortune and spends her days shopping and going out to trendy places .

Min P : Nadech's ex lover.She dumped him when she learned that he was in trouble with the law. But plans to get him back when she see he has returned.

Mr Tar Sperbund : rich hiso , Father of Yaya and Chompoo. He disagree and worry about Yaya's choice in life but admire her at the same time . Complicated but loving relationship.

Ziggy ( kong ): inmate with Nadech . He use to have a popular tattoo parlour but lost it when he got involved in drug trafficking . Tatooed the Phoenix on Nadech's arm while in jail.

* I might add or change characters as I go along with the story as I didn't figure out all of it yet.


Nadech Kugimiya is a handsome bachelor who has met many successes in his young life . Originally from a working class background , Nadech and his best friend , Mario Maurer, managed to built a chain of successful nightclubs around Thailand and became self made millionaires . They both enjoyed the high life as their business quickly developed . nothing was never too much : cash, cars , drink, and of course , women ....
While enjoying the fruits of their labour , Mr Sperbund , who was associated in a number of projects with them , accuse them of fraud and got them arrested . After a few months of arguing in court , Nadech gets seven years in jail and is wrongly accused of fraud . Mario get saved by Nadech who decide to lie to the court. Mario tries to save Nadech from his fate by selling all their wealth except for their most successful nightclub " The Purple Moon " which is situated in the heart of Bankgok . Mario makes appeal and managed to reduce Nadech 's sentence to two years after paying 3millions Barth to Mr Sperbund.
When Nadech comes out of jail , he is full of anger and speak of revenge . He joins Mario again and start sharing the responsibility and ownership of the nightclub . Among his employees , he finds Yaya , an attractive and young woman who has been assisting Mario in managing the business and that Mario grew fond of . Although, Nadech feels instantly attracted to Yaya , his feelings darkens towards her when he learns that she is the daughter of Mr Sperbund , the guy who wrongly put him in jail.... Torn between his friendship with Mario , his uncontrollable attraction to Yaya and his revenge on the Sperbund family , Nadech is ready to take over the world ...


"Hey !.... Hey!...Wake up !!! ...Come on ! ...... in a few minutes time , you should be free !" Ziggy was shaking energetically his inmate of almost two years in an attempt to wake him up . Nadech 's body seemed unaware for a while but eventually the rough wake up call that he received , got a groan out of him.

"Man ......Huh?..... What?" answered a really spleepy voice , slightly annoyed by the disturbance .

Nadech opened his eyes , slowly recollecting all his thoughts ... He blinked a few times and looked around . Remembering his mate's words, he replied : " yeah , Zig, ..... from today , I am starting everything all over again ..."
Nadech got up quickly , feeling the sudden urge to go back outside among the civilisation. He was definitely ready to built another successful future for himself ."I have done it once and i know i can do it again" he though looking by the window , starring at the morning sky ...

"So what 's next ? "enquired Ziggy , " Is anybody waiting for you ? "

Nadech turned to face him and proudly smiled , " My bro is waiting for me ! And do you see this ?...." He said while pointing at the tattoo of the Phoenix on his arm. "This is what I want to be.... Like the Phoenix , i am planning my rebirth ! I want today to be the first day of my new life.... So don't worry about me.. "
Nadech padded his back's friend while Ziggy nodded.

" I wouldn't have ask you to make this tattoo for me if I did not believe in the meaning behind it" , continued Nadech .

Ziggy smiled quietly in agreement . He understood very well the psychology behind getting a tattoo . Before his arrest, he owned a very popular tattoo parlour but everything went pear shape when he decided to turn a blind eye to some drug trafficking that was going on inside his shop. Police had investigated him and he got arrested for eighteen months for complicity . He loved his job and got allowed , with limitations, to practice on the prisoners as long as his behaviour was flawless.

"Number 4007 !!! " Interrupted a rough and cold shout . "Are you ready ?.... If you are , come and follow me " ordered the guard while opening the cell to let Nadech out.


"See you outside ! " said Ziggy suddenly realising that his mate was leaving .

"You bet !" Answered Nadech looking back at him , "only a few months to go Zig ... Don't screw it up ..."

Ziggy held on to his cell' s gate, hoping to get a last glimpse of his old friend who was , now ,walking next to the guard , going along the grey corridors for the last time . " I won't be missing this damn hole ... " Nadech suddenly though.
They finally arrived at the collection point where his clothes and belongings were ready to be picked up. The clothes that he was wearing when he got arrested were returned to him so he could change into them .
Happy to find a bit of his old life back , Nadech rapidly changed into his white shirt and dark grey suit . His black tie was not necessary so he decided to roll it and put it in his pocket . After changing his clothes , the man at the reception gave Nadech back his Rolex , a pair of black raybans and a few thousands Bahts that was found in his pockets at the time of arrest .

Please sign here , added the old man . Nadech obliged and gave the receipt back to him. "You are free to go Mr Kugimiya , have a nice day ."
The guard opened the gates to let him out and closed them back without saying a word. Nadech was standing there for a while , contemplating his surroundings , acknowledging his new found freedom ...

Oink! Oink !...

Coming out of his thoughts, Nadech looked up in the direction of the horn and stared at the black BMW who was parked up a few feet away from him . Slowly walking towards it , he can see the shape of a man opening the front door of the car .

"Welcome back handsome ."smiled Mario ," the world has been missing you ." Nadech could not help a small laugh at his friend's comment . Speeding up his steps , he gave a friendly and sincere hug to Mario . " I am so glad to see you here..." started Nadech , " I am so glad to be back !.... But first, I want to see the changements you have made to The Purple Moon." Mario smiled " well, let's not wait any longer then..... jump in."
Without delays, Nadech went into the car 's passenger seat , " let's go ! The quicker I get back to work , the easier for me to get my life back ."

After going around Town to witness the changes that happened in the last two years, the black BMW finally arrived in front of The Purple Moon . Nadech and Mario came out of the car, wanting to inspect the popular night club , which was responsible for shaking the high society of Bangkok . Nadech was impressed by the way it looked . It was much more sophisticated and trendier than it used to be .Two giant bouncers were at the doors, making sure that only the right kind of clientele will get in . They had a reputation to worry about and were very strict about the people who were allowed in the club. After chatting about the details , Mario invited Nadech in . The two bouncers saluted their bosses while moving out of the way .

"Wow !.." exclaimed Nadech Looking around him . They entered the main room which was huge with really high ceilings. True to its name , the walls were of a rich tone of purple with a black ceiling which had many little lights incrusted , reminding of stars in a cloudless sky. The dance floor was taking central stage and lacquered black tables and chairs were displayed all around it . The bar was lighten up with blue led lights giving a very modern and cool touch to the place. At the back of it , a glass stair was curling up to a giant mirrored ball that was bursting out of the wall . Mario explained that it was the VIP room . He designed it in the way that anyone in that room could see every move that was happening on the dance floor. "I cannot recognise it anymore but the changes were definitely necessary .... The place is just stunning ."

Mario was really pleased to see that Nadech approved of the way he has dealt with the business while he was away .

" Oooohhhh ! You are back !... "

A young woman appeared from behind the bar , suddenly aware of their presence . Mario waved at her with a smile, inviting her to come and join them . Leaving the bottles of Coca cola she was holding on the counter , she hurried in the direction of the two men. Using her roller skates , she glided towards them as quickly as she could , stopping once she had reached them . "Nadech , I would like to introduce you to your assistant manager, Yaya Sperbund , without who I could have never survived during your absence ."

Nadech starred at his new found employee with an amused smile . She was a pretty girl .... Not so much his type though , he usually goes for older and more promiscuous kind of girls because they usually fitted his lifestyle better .... But nonetheless , she was very attractive ... Beautiful long dark brown hair framed a childlike face. Her wide chestnut eyes , her full pink lips , and her button nose were complimented by a slightly tanned complexion .

" Very nice to meet you Yaya ! Mario told me a lot of good things about you .... But.... You look so young ..... Pardon me for asking this , but do you mind telling me how old you are ?"

"I am twenty one , Mr Kugimiya , but I am a quick learner and I have a bit of experience behind me too", assured Yaya .
Mario stepped in , " don't worry bro , without this cutie over there , I would have had a nervous break down by now !" He winked at her to silently reassure her that everything was fine.

Nadech chuckled ." I am not worried . I am just surprised that someone as pretty and as young as you is also very capable . "
Relieved and flattered , Yaya blushed under his comments. Her new boss was intriguing and handsome . His full head of brown hair and dimpled smile were the first things she had noticed about him. Then , she found herself drowned to those thick eyebrows which were framing an intense dark stare . That was the first time she ever met him , she did not even know what he looked like until today. The only thing she had been told was that he was abroad for two years for personal reasons and that he had always been equal partners with Mario concerning the night club.

" ... please Yaya !.... No Mr Kugimiya between us , just call me Nadech " he added , taking Yaya suddenly out of her thoughts . " Oh ... Ok ! ....she happily answered , Nadech it is then !"

"and by the way , what's up with the roller skates ?"

" It is my idea ... " interrupt Mario " you like ?" before Nadech could answer the question , he continued " I wanted to introduce something new that also helped the staff to get to different areas quicker . The roller skate was the answer ! This has now be part of the quirky characteristics of the Purple Moon! Clients love this ! They found it entertaining ...
" I am sure they do ! smirked Nadech , who would not like pretty girls on roller skates , huh ?!"

"...specially when their uniforms resemble the ones that pompom girls wear ... " continued Mario with a guilty smile .
" so Yaya ..... Even you , as the assistant manager , are wearing that "interesting" outfit ?"

"Yes , Mr Kugi.... I mean Nadech . The waitresses 's outfits are purple with their name and number in white while mine his white with purple details ."smiled Yaya , amused by her new boss 's reaction to the changes .

"well, I am looking forward to see it tonight then !" Teased Nadech , taking pleasure in rediscovering how his charms worked wonders on the fairer s3x ....Yaya blushed under his mocking stare and nodded.

"Come on, let's go to the VIP room Nadech , we need to talk business , excuse us Yaya ..." Mario grabbed his friend's arm and pulled him to come along . They went up the glass stairs And entered the sphere covered by large octagonal mirrors .
" We can see absolutely everything from here ! " said a surprised Nadech.

" I know ! But nobody on the dance floor can see us ... It is my favorite spot in the club. " replied Mario with satisfaction. " From here I can check the performance of the staff , spot potential troublemakers and last but not least , it is the best way to find the lucky woman that will keep me warm for the night " winked Mario to his partner in crime .

"hummm... interesting .... " Grinned Nadech " I though you said that you were interested in someone , huh? " "Well, I might be .... but nothing is decided yet ..." Replied Mario.

"Can I have the pleasure to know her name ? "

" when I will be 100% committed , you will be the first person to know ..."

Nadech laugh at his friend sudden reserve , "Oh !..."

"What ? " interrogated Mario

"Should I assume that the lucky girl is hard to get or is not interested ?" joked Nadech watching his friend 's annoyance growing .

" Nonsense ! Defended Mario , it is more a case of the lady not being aware of my intentions towards her yet..." Before Nadech could take more pleasure in torturing him any further , Mario decided to change subject and get serious . He needed Nadech to be ready for the night ahead and he had a lot to adjust with him if he wanted to let him supervise the birthday party that was going to happen later on in early evening .

At last, the first guests started to arrive. Details were being adjusted. Yaya was at the entrance , making sure to give her best welcome to the guests from the list she was holding .The two bosses agreed that Nadech will be in charge of the dance floor while Mario will be supervising the all evening from the VIP room. It was important that Nadech approached the customers and made his face known inside the club . People had to be aware that from now on , The Purple Moon will be lead by Mario and his business partner.The club was , now, getting full . The party was in full swing , customers were enjoying their drinks while the DJ was rocking the dance floor. Nadech went to introduce himself to the birthday boy who had just turned 22yrs. He was a regular at the club and son of one of the richest family in town . They seemed to have got on so well that eventually , Nadech was invited to sit down at his vip table.Yaya , in her white cheerleader uniform , was busy keeping everyone happy , skating from one end to the other meeting everyone 's demands.

" Taew ! ... Taew ! Come and help me with the cake ! " shouted Yaya while signing her friend to come over to the kitchen .

" Cominggggg ! " Taew glided towards Yaya trying to avoid a few of the dancers already tipsy by too much alcohol intake .
" Wow ! That is what I call a birthday cake !" Said Taew with a hint of envy .

Yaya laugh at Taew's amazement ," you are always blown away by all those stuff !"

" Heyyy !... Not everyone has the money to buy their fantasies !" Protested Taew , " but you wouldn't know about that, huh ? "

" Here we go again ... " sighed Yaya , " I might be from a rich family but flaunting it has never been my style . As you already know , I am taking care of myself ! I am not getting a penny from my parents ......."

" I know , I know .... I was just teasing ..." Cut off Taew, " you are now part of the " normal " population , i accept ! .... But you must have lived a few amazing things while you were with your family ? Huh ? "

" Money does offer you more freedom of choices ... Admitted Yaya , but money unfortunately , didn't give me what a crave for ... An identity and purpose . "

Taew rolled her eyes at her friend's answer . " I swear , we should have been switched at birth ! ... I would have had no problem at finding an identity and purpose with a limitless credit card ! "

Yaya smiled before retorting " Don't worry , my sister is already doing all of that for me ! "

The last candle was now alight and the cake was ready to go to the the VIP table . Yaya came out of the kitchen and winked at the DJ . That was the sign that was decided to let him know that it was , now, time for the " happy birthday" song . Taew and Yaya took a end of the cake each and as carefully as they could , brought it in front of the birthday boy. Guests were all singing and cheering with their phones in their hands , recording the moment .After shaking hands with the guest of honour , Nadech excused himself and came over to Yaya .
" I have been observing you all this time and I must tell you , you are quite something ... "

" What do you mean ? " Worried Yaya , a bit intimidated by his presence .
" Please !.. Don't be alarmed , I am actually complementing you on your hard work . You seemed so in control of the all place that I kind of felt useless watching you ... " Nadech smiled at her nervousness. He could not help but noticing how cute she looked in her cheerleader dress . Her long and sleek hair were caught in a ponytail revealing her pretty face , where pearls of sweat were appearing on her forehead and upper lip. Nadech took his handkerchief from his pocket and slowly wiped the areas that needed his attention . Yaya was stunned by his caring gesture . She starred at his handsome face , wondering where the thoughtfulness was coming from .

"That is the least that I can do ... Recognised Nadech, without you here , this evening would have not been the success that it has been . Mario knew exactly what he was doing when he took you in ... And I am really glad that he did ..."
Meeting Yaya 's stare , a small laugh escaped Nadech's mouth , " why are you so surprised ? Any boss will do the same as me if he knew how irreplaceable his employee really was ..."

His words made her come out of her daze . Yaya could feel her cheeks getting hotter , feeling the redness invading her face , once more ... " Oh ! .... Of... Of course ! Sorry ... I am just not used to that kind of attention ... That's all ... "

" Really ? Well, I will have to talk to Mario about that , then ... Answered Nadech tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear . He was definitely enjoying the effect that he was having on the young woman and would have not mind letting it go on for a bit more if it wasn't for Taew's interruption .
" Yaya ! ... Yaya !... , the client is ready to pay the bill ! "

" I am on my way ! " shouted Yaya . " Sorry ... Nadech .... I have got to go ..." She shyly added.

" I won't keep you any longer , grinned Nadech looking into her big brown eyes . Intimidated, she quicky lowered her eyes down and went to join Taew at the till , still feeling his gaze on her .

" Looks like the new boss has the hots for you ! " teased Taew while watching Nadech going at the bar.

" Shut up Taew ! ... He was just trying to be nice , that's all. " said an embarrassed Yaya .

" Ok !... Ok!... Don't jump on me , I was just telling you about what I have observed "

" Forget it Taew ... The bill is sorted . Please give it the the VIP table for me , I need to go to the ladies room to fresh up for a bit ."

" I bet you do ..." Grinned Taew at her annoyed manager. Yaya rolled her eyes at her remarks and proceed to go to the washing room as rapidly as she possibly could .

The night was coming to an end and most people started to leave the club . Nadech was at the door thanking everyone for coming and making sure that the guests were leaving happy .

" Thank you so much my friend !" Shouted a , now, drunken birthday boy." That was a great party " he hugged Nadech tightly , while padding his back , mumbling how happy he was ...

" Alright.. Alright ... I am pleased that everything was at your satisfaction ! That is what we are here for after all...." Nadech pulled himself away from his embrace and guided him towards his car where a driver was patiently waiting .
As he was going back inside the nightclub , a green cab drove by the entrance and called:

"Number 233 is ready to go ! "

"Nadech approached him and asked him who he was looking for . " I am waiting for Miss Sperbund , replied the cab driver , is she ready ? "

" Miss Sperbund ? ... You must be mistaken my friend, I can assure you that nobody with that surname could possibly be here tonight or any night for that matter.. " chuckled Nadech nervously after hearing a name that he wished , he would never have to hear again.

" I am here ! I am here ! .... Sorry to make you wait , apologised a sweet voice coming from behind his back. Nadech turned around and saw Yaya coming down the stairs , coat and bag in hand . She entered the cab and pull the window down .
" Bye , bye Nadech ! See you tomorrow ! " waved Yaya while the cab started driving away.

Stunned, Nadech waved back , trying to acknowledge what had just happened. His eyes suddenly turned darker while his jaw tightened , "someone owes me an explanation ..."


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hi zaz, first i must thank mrsChum 4 asking u 2 post BA here cos some yadechers r not in yadech forum so they can read this Awesomely written ff of yours here !!! i love this ff sooo much and will recommend it 2 good friends !
this ff is really hot and i anticipate will only get better as it goes along. love how nadech was so into yaya before he knew her identity, shows da tender side of him. ohhh hope he doesnt turn meanie 2 yaya...will wait up 4 yr next update. thank u so much zaz, wif appreciation !


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Thank you very much Zaz for posting it here. I'm sure those who read it will love it as much as I did :)! Your an awesome writer and you should share your creative talent to others. I can guarantee that those who read this ff will be anixiously waiting for an update from you everyday.


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mrsChum couldnt agree wif u more, zaz is excellent, love love love her writing !!! i cant wait 4 her 2 update i 1 2 read more, stalker i'll b haha ! thanks v much mc, appreciate all u've done *:*


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Ive been a follower of this ff on yadech.com and i love it and recommend it (especially if your a nadech yaya fanfic fan) ... Great tip from mrs chum for zazoured to post it here for more people to read ....cant wait for the upcoming chapters


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Hello everyone ! :dance1:
Thank you so much for all your support, it is sooo nice to feel appreciated and you guys have done wonders on my mood swings lol.
@MrsChum Thanks Mao, :kiss2:  you were right to push me to post it here. i didnt realised that many yadech fans were not part of the yadech forum and couldn't read it. Wow, you are making me blush at all the compliments, lol. i dont think i am a great writer but Yadech is a great source of inspiration , hehehehehe ;)
@Keylargo I have only known you for a week or so and i have to say that you have been just great about everything. Thanks for your support and recommandations, I am glad to count you among my cyber friends  now l :thumbsup:
@Xiongurl26  @Bobby101 @Koy123 Thank you so much guys for following this ff , hope i wont disappoint you . Just be prepared for nasty nadech hehehehehe :gungirl: ( love that smilie)
@Ausa :blush: Awwww i didnt know you were reading it too, Thanks for the recommendation, you guys are spoiling me lol 
Here is chapter 2 :)
Chapter 2

Nadech kept his eyes on the green cab until it disappeared from his sight. A sudden heatwave shot through his body , spreading all over . Boiling , he stormed back inside the club focusing on what he had just heard . Not looking where he was going, oblivious of what was in front of him, he accidentally knocked Taew down on the floor .

" Sorry, sorry ... I did not see you there .... " apologised Nadech , disturbed by the altercation but admitting his fault . Without hesitating, he offered his hand to help her get back up on her feet.

" I am alright ..." replied Taew slowly, a bit dazed by the fall. She ,thankfully, accepted Nadech's help and got herself up quickly. Nadech was still fuming and needed to talk to Mario urgently but first he wanted to confirm a detail with Taew

" I don't think I have asked you for your name yet ? "Asked Nadech calmly , trying to force a smile to not alarm her.

" My name is Taew , sir " she answered , fearing to have caused her boss 's anger.

" Taew , I need to ask you something . Do you happen to know Yaya's full name by any chance ?" Wondered Nadech , wanting a quick answer from her.

" Of course I do ! Her name is Urassaya Sperbund but we all call..."

without letting her finishing her sentence , Nadech mumbled his thanks and went straight towards the VIP room to find Mario. He rapidly crossed the dancing floor , now completely emptied of its dancers , went up the stairs and without knocking, stormed inside the room where he found Mario lying down on the black leather sofa , getting his head massaged by a young beauty who Nadech recognised as one of the guest from the earlier party.

" I need to talk to you ..." Requested Nadech firmly , trying to keep as calm as he humanly could.

" Heyyyy !... Bro !.... Come in !!! Come and join me here ! This is my new friend Bee and ..."

"ALONE !" Interrupted Nadech showing signs of his growing impatience. Not waiting for Mario to make a move , he looked at the girl and made a quick sign of the head to make her understand that her stay had come to an end. Intimidated , she quickly said her goodbyes and got out of the room leaving the two men alone.

" Oh nooo ! Don't go ! I was just starting to have fun " complained Mario frustrated that his massage got rudely interrupted by his friend. " Nadech ! Why did you do that for ? " interrogated a confused and disappointed Mario .

" URASSAYA SPERBUND ! " articulated Nadech carefully, making sure that his mate got the message loud and clear.
At those words, Mario silently got up and walked towards the mini bar . He knew what was coming next and needed some artificial courage to confront the fury of his friend which was threatening to burst at any time . He poured himself a shot of dry whisky and drank it in one go. Mario showed the bottle to Nadech , silently asking him if he wanted one too but Nadech ignored it . His fists were tightly closed, focusing exclusively on the explanation he was looking for.

Mario finally started " I swear to you Nadech , at first , I had no idea of who she really was ... "

" So she is from that Spellbound family then..." Realised Nadech , flaring his nose while his jaw hardened. " How could you give her a job here ? Her family has destroyed our business and put me behind bars and now I have just realised that you have actually gave one of their family member the right to come and work here ???!!! "

Mario knew that it looked bad but he needed to be heard first because he felt his reasons were acceptable enough.

" it was not like that !!! Protested Mario , my previous assistant manager wanted to leave but before she did i told her to help me find a suitable candidate to take over her job. She went through a few hundred CVs and came up with a small selection of people . I joined her at the interviews to make a final decision and Yaya seemed to be the most eligible at the time .... "

" And her surname never bothered you , at all ?! ... Are you telling me that you overlooked her background because she fitted the job ?! I would like to remind you that I have been rotting in jail for the last two years because of her damn father ! I have lived in hell all this time because I got accused of a crime that I was never guilty of in the first place ! We lost everything because of the Sperbunds and you still can justify to hire her here ? Did you completely lost it ? "

Playing with his glass nervously , Mario listened quietly at his friend's anger. He knew Nadech had all the reasons in the world to react that way and he couldn't blame him for it.

" I am sorry Bro ..." Apologised Mario. " I have been stupid , I know ... I actually was not aware of her family roots until later on actually ... " Mario took a long breath and decided to spill out the truth. " You see... I , kind of , ... did not look at the candidates files at the interviews. He mumbled . I know it was careless of me , but you have to admit that it was unlikely that my future employee was going to be in fact the daughter of a tycoon ! "

Nadech was shaking his head , . " Ok !... Fine ! ... You were careless and realised later on your mistake. But why letting her stay after knowing her identity ? Why did you not fire her as soon as you found out ? I thought you hated them as much as me ! "

Mario sighed heavily and looked at Nadech. " Because she was such a good damn assistant manager , that's why ! Ironically , she was really good for our business. Yaya was effective , a quick learner, and capable to work alone , giving me time to take on other things like expanding our chain of night clubs."

Nadech chuckled nervously , not believing in what he was hearing .
" Let me make myself really clear here. Now that I am back , Yaya has got to go !... Do you get me Mario ?

" I get you , I get you .... But she cannot leave right away. " explained Mario, calmly .

" You are joking , right ? " questioned Nadech starring directly at his mate's face.

" Look ! i need to give her a month notice ! It is the law ! plus, she will have to train you too. We are now running things quite differently here . I have had to modernise our system , and let's not forget that you need to get a better acquaintance with our regulars too . Yaya is really good with them . Being a hiso has its advantages, she knows what they like , what they want.... "

" Why cannot you not show me yourself ? You must know how everything works, right ?"

" Of course ! But I don't have the time! Nadech. I have been trying really hard to open another club but I am still in the negotiating process. You have a lot of catching up to do, and Yaya can help you get up to date. Anyway , from what i have seen, it should not be too hard . She might belong to the wrong family but it is pretty clear to me that she had a bit of an impact on you ... Don't deny it , I saw you flirting on the dance floor earlier on ."

Nadech rolled his eyes , laughing slightly at his friend's observation , before giving him a serious stare ." Such short memory !... I just came out of jail, Mario !!! Any female , right now , is fair game as far as I am concern. Yaya might be pretty , but so were the hundred of girls that were here tonight !... Bottom line ... She is replaceable . "

" Alright , alright ... Surrended Mario, I was not hoping for the both of you to be soulmates ! But I would have liked you to be as nice as you possibly could ..."

"DON'T expect anything from me ! " jumped Nadech angrily , it is my first day out off jail and that family is already starting to poison my life! Mario , now that I am back , I want her out of here by tomorrow ! It is either her or me !!! Your call !!! ..."

Mario knew that Nadech was not joking and that trying to argue the case was useless . " FINE ! You want her out ? You fire her then ! Because I definetly cannot do that to her . I did not forget what her family did to us but I also know that without her here , things would have not been going as smoothly as they did."

"I have no problems with that ! " smirked Nadech , now that we both agree , give me the duplicated key of your house , I need to rest and fresh up.

"Here ... " Mario handed him the keys of the gate and front door . " You go ahead , I have things to sort out . By the way , the guest room is ready , all your stuff are over there "

" Thanks , appreciate it !... Later bro" Nadech forced a smile and exited the VIP room. Mario sat back on the leather sofa , contemplating on the heated chat he just had with his best friend , another shot of whisky in hand .

Downstairs , Nadech decided to call a cab so he could get at Mario's as soon as possible. He could not wait to sink himself in a good bath . After this stressful day , a well deserved sleep in a comfortable and clean bed was all he could think about. Two years of dreaming of that moment and nothing or no one was going to stop him enjoying it .

Yaya came up in the early morning to open the club and take care of deliveries that needed to be checked and counted. In the kitchen , food and drinks needed to be put away , so she started organising and clearing everything up . Later on , Taew joined her and helped her finish that tiring task . Exhausted , They both decided to sit at the bar for a five minutes break . Yaya was making cups of herbal jasmine tea , when Nadech came in , casually dressed in a dark jean and a light blue shirt . She looked up and smiled as Nadech was approaching the bar.

" Good morning Nadech ! " welcomed Yaya , "do you want to join us ? " she started taking another clean cup from the cupboard , ready to pour the soothing hot beverage in.

" That won't be necessary Miss Sperbund " assured Nadech , feeling his anger slowly growing and coming back to him. " I actually want to see you in my office right now. "

" Now ? Interrogated Yaya slightly confused , " eeemmm, Ok then !" She put the teapot down and told Taew to help herself while she was away. Following Nadech silently in his office , she could not help wondering what reason Nadech had to see her first thing in the morning . Nadech made sign for her to sit down and without wasting any time , he started talking about the troubling matter.

" Miss Sperbund , Mario and I are really appreciative of everything you have done for The Purple Moon... You have shown great qualities and have been a star assistant but I have to be honest with you .... Me coming back here , means that we won't be requesting your services any longer .

Yaya 's ears were buzzing . Was he for real ? Did she really hear Nadech telling her that she would have to leave? Confused but slowly acknowledging the situation , Yaya managed to utter, " but I don't understand , Mario never said that I would be loosing my job at your return !...."

Stunned by Nadech news ,she only managed to stare at him with interrogating eyes. Trying to understand why suddenly , she was not wanted anymore .Nadech 's attitude was cold but polite . He felt genuinely sorry for her , for a second or two , but then his brain took over and he reminded himself that he was sitting in front of his enemy's daughter .

Yaya was really quiet . Trying to process the bad news , she started panicking in her head . How can she find another job in such a short time ? She had bills to pay and going back to her father was out of question . She wanted to prove her parents and herself that she could survive on her own, there was no chances in hell that she would ask her family for money. Yaya was too proud for that .
Nadech stopped talking when he saw Yaya's face getting paler . She seemed genuinely affected by the news. She was looking down , holding up stubborn tears that threatened to spill out at any time.

"She looks like a kid who has been told off " though Nadech, while watching the pretty creature sitting in front of him .

Finally, Yaya looked up at Nadech , wanting some explanations of her own. " But yesterday , you said that I was good at my job ! You even told me that the evening would have not be a success without me ... I don't understand how I went from being a model employee to being fired the next day ! " pleaded Yaya .

She looked at those dark eyes of his , who suddenly seem to have gotten a shade darker. He sat back in his leather chair having listened to her words, annoyed to see her standing up for herself.

" you are not going to make things easy , are you ? Noticed Nadech , not too pleased by Yaya 's questioning .

At that moment , he was craving to tell her the truth about her father's accusations and deceit . He wanted her to know that because of him, he lost two years of his life in a shit hole that he did not deserved to be in . Her father was responsible for his downfall and he wanted her to acknowledge that . He wanted her to get upset by the kind of man he really was. He wanted her to be hurt ...
But he had to forget about that plan. The last thing that he needed to advertise was that he has been put away for two years in a stinky cell . His goal was to claim back what has been taken away by the Sperbounds . He will get there, no matter what the cost was ... At that point in his life, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain . Yaya met his gaze , wondering what was going on behind those piercing eyes. She was worried about his answer . She wanted to stay . Her job at The Purple Moon gave her the independence that she had long craved for. She wanted to be in charge of her own life and profit from her efforts. She was hoping that deep down, he will change his mind and tell her that she could get her job back. Nadech seemed to guess what she was thinking .

" It is not the end of the world Miss Sperbund. I am not firing you , I am just saying that your position of assistant manager is not needed anymore now that I am back . I have no doubt that everything will be fine for you. "

Yaya could not figure out that man that was smiling in front of her . One day , he is praising and flirting with her, the next he is telling her that she is jobless with not a care of how it can affect herall life.

" How long do you give me until my position ends ? " asked Yaya , resolute that Nadech won't change his mind any longer .

" I am afraid that your work here is ending today , Yaya . I have talked to Mario about this and he has no problems with my decision, lied Nadech . " we know that you are from a wealthy background and that you won't be affected seriously by our choice .

" What do you know about my feelings ? And how affected I really am ? " Yaya could feel herself trembling . She was already upset but now she was getting furious at his words and assumptions.

" And how can you justify not giving me any notice ? You are telling me that i am not fired , yet I feel like it is exactly what you are doing !... "

" I am surprised that you are taking it so strongly , said Nadech , clearly irrited . I have dated quite a few rich girls like you in the past. One thing that I have learned , is that they like to experiment a lot .... They have the cash to do or choose whatever they want . I am assuming that this job that you have taken here is a way to show off to your parents that you don't need them , a little rebellion to reminds them that you will do what you please not matter what ..." Smirked Nadech , discrediting what Yaya has been working for.

His obnoxious words slapped her hard. It was obvious to her that Nadech had really little respect for her or her ambitions. He was judging her, solemnly , on her status of hiso , disregarding her as a person who was working hard to become someone through her labour . Not wanting to hear anymore abuse from him, Yaya got up silently from her chair . She was disgusted and found it hard to keep her composure after listening to what he had to say. She glanced at him , regretting the day that they have met. Without another word , Yaya opened the office door and slammed it down as hard as she could. Walking towards the bar , she was not able to contain the flow of tears that starting to roll down her rosy cheeks. Her head started to feel dizzy and her sight was becoming blurry. Clearly shocked , Yaya had only one thing in her mind , to get out of there....



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hi zaz thank u 4 yr kind words, gives me da nicest elated feeling, love it and proud 2 b friends wif u zaz !!!

thanks 4 posting chap 2. so gripping ! nadech has every rite 2 b bitter and nasty but wif yayas dad not her ! our poor innocent babe just got da immediate axe w/o knowing wats wrong !!! he hurt her so much, hes got horns on his head !!! v arrogant our hero is, i know u will make his character worst b4 reviewing his tenderness 2 yaya ! i cant wait 4 tat itll b so sweet ! im waiting patiently 4 an exciting ride wif u in this ff ! thank u zaz, wif appreciation HAK


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Hey guys , here is chapter 3. Thanks you so much for following this ff and  i really apreciate all your kind comments. I will update more often here since I have a few chapters done and eventually will catch up with the thread i have made in yadech forum, so stay tune lol ;)

Chapter 3

Surprised, but strangely satisfied , Nadech watched Yaya walking out on their meeting .

" Classic .... " He told himself, " those spoiled girls cannot handle anything that goes against their will. They are just plain Divas , annoying little brats! "

Nadech decided that it was now time to inform Mario of yaya 's forced departure. Disturbing him in a middle of a meeting , Nadech announced that he was going to take care of the club tonight and that Yaya wouldn't be attending as she was told to leave on the spot .

" How is she ? " worried Mario.

" You want to know how she has taken the news ? ... Not very well , I must admit ", informed Nadech while getting up to face the window of his office . "She was shaken but I think she understood why she had to go in the end.... I don't need her , I will be fine on my own . The waitresses will give me a hand if necessary but I am not too concerned ..." Assured Nadech , looking forward to the night ahead .

" Nadech !!! Are you Nuts ???... You cannot supervised the club on your own ! I have told you last night that a lot of things have changed . Right now, I am in a meeting which I believe is going to take me all day , I won't be there to help you out if you encounter trouble .... Call Yaya back and try to get her to stay for a bit more so she can step in if you find yourself in difficulties ." Requested Mario , troubled by his friend's decision .

" No need , I know ...."

" Nadech , I have got to go. " cut off Mario, watching his colleagues around him loosing slowly patience. " Get Yaya now if you don't want tonight to be a complete disaster in the making! " Without waiting for Nadech's reply, Mario hanged up so he could go back to his negotiations.

Nadech was puzzled . Was Mario questioning his abilities ? He was confident that everything would be fine . Wanting to prove himself, he finally decided that he would go against his mate's advice and would take charge of the club on his own. After all, he was now in charge and had previous experience, it was about time that his voice was also heard.

Walking along the hallway, Yaya bumped carelessly unto the wall . Her tears flowing all over her pretty face. Harsh words of her earlier encounter with Nadech were coming back at her , haunting her every thoughts.
She finally managed to make it to the bar where Taew was still enjoying her hot and fresh tea . Alerted by Yaya's sobs, Taew turned around to check what was going on . Stunned to see her friend 's state , Taew abandoned the bar and walked rapidly towards her .

" What is going on Yaya ? .. Yaya ? ... Yaya?.. Speak to me !!! What happened to you ? Oh my god, stop crying !... Shuuu.... Shuuu... "

Taew gave Yaya a big hug , stroking her hair softly to calm her down . She , then, tried to support her and guided her towards one of the chairs around the dance floor. Yaya sat down heavily , not really aware of what was happening around her. Taew was still next to her , trying to comfort her . After a few minutes, Yaya eventually stepped out of her daze and looked at her friend , a serious expression on her face. Trying to bring enough strengh in her , she brought herself to annonce her friend that she was no longer part of the staff. Taew could not believe what she was hearing .

" What do you mean ? Are you quitting ? " asked Taew while wiping Yaya's tears away .

A small nervous laugh escaped Yaya's mouth. " I wish ! ... But nope.... Nadech called me to his office to tell me that I was not needed anymore ... Basically , he fired me ... "

" Fired you ? On what basis ? Everyone here knows how hard you are working ! How can he do such a thing?" Interrogated Taew not really understanding what was happening .

" Apparently , Nadech 's return meant that my position as assistant manager had to disappear " said Yaya , calming herself down . She gave Taew a warm little smile , signalling that she was going to be fine. Getting up from her chair, Yaya made her way towards the exit door . Feeling stronger, she wanted to get out of here and rethink how she was going to sort out this unexpected mess. Before leaving, Yaya turned to her friend and informed her that she would come during the week to collect her things . She also promised to keep in touch and thanked her for her support . Once outside, Yaya took a deep breath and decided to call a taxi so she could go back home.

Thinking of the task ahead , Nadech came out of his office to look for a cup of coffee. He went to the bar and instruct politely Taew to make him an expresso with no sugar. During that time, he decided to prepare the tills for the night coming.

" Why are they not opening ? " asked himself Nadech . " Normally , my staff card should be enough .... I don't get it ..." Turning to Taew once more , Nadech pointed the problem out to her.

" It is normal " answered Taew , finishing making Nadech's coffee , " you need the till's codes . Each till has its own code. It is a new security measure. "

" Can you give them to me , please ? "
Asked Nadech , trying to figure out the computer .

" I am sorry but I don't have them. Yaya and Mario are the ones who know the codes. " confirmed Taew .

Passing a hand in his hair , Nadech was trying to find a solution.

" I am sure that Yaya has some record somewhere , she might have left something on her laptop...." Nadech turns Yaya 's computer on but he is quickly stopped by the password .

" Damn it ! I cannot get through " Nadech was starting to loose his cool. Too many obstacles were on his way and Mario was not there. Feeling defeated , Nadech knew that he had to swallow his pride and persuade Yaya to come back with him so she could help him through the night .

" Taew , do you know where Yaya is ? " asked Nadech impatiently . He wanted to find her quick , hoping that she hadn't left the premises yet.

Taew hesitated for a minute , After all Nadech was not her favourite person at this moment in time. Reluctantly. she finally gave in to Nadech's demand . Yaya was, actually ,the only person who could really help him.

" She is outside , waiting for her cab " explained Taew , a bit worried.

Nadech ran to the main entrance , hoping to catch Yaya before her departure . As he arrived, Yaya was closing the door of her cab and was ready to leave . He quickly tapped the boot of the car to get the attention of the driver, signaling him to stop . Yaya looked through the window and saw Nadech coming on her side to open the door .

" Yaya , I have to talk to you . Can you please step out of the car ?" He was holding onto the door , showing her the way out.

Surprised, her eyes still red and puffy, Yaya frowned at him
"And what do you want now ? " she asked , her arms crossed on her chest, not obeying his request .

" Miss Sperbund , I might have been too quick in my decision..." Started Nadech, unsure of what to say next. " I have realised that I was unfair and too hard on you . I am prepared to give you a week notice so you can bounce back on your feet .... What do you think ? " wondered Nadech , wishing to get Yaya's interest.

" Not good enough ! " she answered firmly. " so now, if you don't mind , I have no time to waste in chatting with you. I have to look for another job ! Have a good day "

Yaya grabbed the handle of the door and pulled it as hard as possible so she could close it. Nadech , not loosing hope yet , wrestled with her to keep the car door open. He finally gained the upper hand and decided to ask her what he could do to make her change her mind .
Yaya sat silently in the car, thinking about the change of situation. She suddenly realised that she was in the top seat and should use this opportunity to her advantage ...

" Alright then, I will accept your one week offer ..." Smiled Yaya sweetly.

Not believing his luck , Nadech's face lighted up. " Good... Good ... Let me help you then ..." He offered his hand to assist her out of the cab . She looked at his polite gesture but she was still not moving . Instead, she seemed amused by what was going on .

"I am not finished yet" signaled Yaya, " I will work for a week if you pay me for the all month that is coming up ..." Finished Yaya , enjoying the control of the moment.

Nadech couldn't believe her audacity . He felt like she was playing him and he was not liking it . His body stiffened while a flash of anger passed through his dark eyes.

" You must be joking , right ? ... What make you think that this kind of deal will ever interest me ... " enquired Nadech with a hint of disbelief.

" After the way you have talked to me in your office, it is obvious that you now, desperately need me ... , smiled Yaya pleased by Nadech's reaction . " you want my expertise for the week?... Fine !... You can have it . But this is my condition ... Take it or leave it!"

Nadech gazed at her innocent face ...
" Never judge a book by his cover ! " he mumbled between his teeth . He knew that he had little choice in the matter and the club success was more important than his pride .

" I agree... " he managed to say , regretting those words as soon as he said them.

Satisfied, Yaya came out of the car and thanked the driver for his patience before instructing him to leave.

Nadech intervened and stopped the cab driver for a second time. "actually, I want you to go home and get something to wear for tonight . "

Confused Yaya looked at him. " I don't understand ..... my uniform and rollers are all here, there is no need for me to go back home ."

A smile appeared at the corner of his lips before finally enlighting her. " the week that you have accepted to spend here is not going to be as an assistant manager , Miss Sperbund...... I have ask you to come back because I want you to be my shadow ... "

" your shadow ? " echoed Yaya a bit curious.

Nadech nodded positively before adding " Miss Sperbund , I want you to find something classy but not flashy , so you can accompany me during the all evening . You will have to stay by my side at all time and you will have to answer all my questions about the business and the customers that I could possibly have .... I want you back here in an hour . "

Understanding what was expecting of her, Yaya sat back in the car and gave the directions to her home to the driver.

Respecting her promise , Yaya was back an hour later , her outfit packed, ready for the night onwards. Before The Purple Moon could open , Yaya had explained how the security system worked , giving all the codes and instructions necessary . Finally, Nadech ordered the staff to change into their uniforms while ,he and Yaya , will put their individual outfits for the evening.

Coming out of his office, Nadech was wearing a black tuxedo with a slightly open white and crisp shirt underneath . His hair were sleeked back, revealing his handsome face . He walked towards the dance floor with one hand in his pocket, his eyes fixing the silhouette that was in front of him.

"All in Black ?..." Interrogated Nadech . Yaya turned around to face him before replying " you wanted me to be your shadow , right ? "

" Very funny .." Answered Nadech, slightly annoyed by her sarcastic sense of humour .

"So, what am I suppose to do now ? " asked Yaya looking around for things to do .

" You will be staying with me , Miss Sperbund. I want you to inform me about the clients and their habits . I need you to help me socialise with them."

Acknowledging her instructions, Yaya agreed . Nadech wanted to welcome the guests of this evening so he decided , with the help of his " shadow" , to stand by the front door . Yaya was giving names and details of all the people that were regulars in the club. She helped Nadech making new acquaintances that could be extremely helpful later on . The night was young and the club was already packed. After a few chats, Nadech got invited at a table of gorgeous young girls that were looking for a bit of fun . Feeling in his element , Nadech accepted the offer and went to seat among them. It had been a long time since he had this much attention from the ladies. Yaya was not a guest , so she was told to stay behind Nadech's seat and waited for any future instructions.

An hour had passed and one of the girls seemed more forward than the others. Her long black hair was hiding half of her fashionable but skimpy outfit and her body language was definitely talking to Nadech's libido . Seeking for some privacy , Nadech invited the young woman to the VIP room. Flattered to have received his favours , she got up and hanged happily on Nadech's arm. Watching her boss frivolous lifestyle, Yaya rolled her eyes and stayed put at her spot . " I am not moving anywhere " she though not impressed by Nadech's behaviour, " I am waiting for him to go up and then I will get myself a drink. I am just soo thirty ." Yaya watched Nadech walking away from her when suddenly , he stopped. He twisted himself around so he could face her. With a gesture of the hand, he signalled her to come with him. Yaya could not believe this , why did he needed her for ?...

Stunned by her boss's demand, Yaya reluctantly obliged. She followed the couple up the stairs and entered the room. Nadech and his chick , who was now hanging around his neck, sat carelessly on the black sofa . Embarrassed by the situation , Yaya walked straight forward until she reached the window-mirror wall. Turning her back at them, she was wishing to be anywhere but here. Trying to concentrate on what she was observing on the dance floor , she could not ignore the whispers and giggles that were coming from behind her.

" Hey babe , would you mind making me a Baileys with ice ? Asked Nadech sweetly to the creature that was now nibbling on his ear. She nodded with a naughty smile on her lips. Looking around for the drinks, she finally spotted the minibar and went towards it. Free from any distractions , Nadech found Yaya facing away from him. He could feel her shyness and he found it quite amusing . Wanting to torture her for a bit , he decided to call her over.

" Miss Sperbund... Why are you so far? Come and seat with us ..." Asked Nadech while pointing at the opposite couch.

Yaya took a deep breath , reminding herself that the night shift was almost over. She glared at Nadech , worried that she will have to endure more than she can chew, and obeyed his request quietly.

A Baileys in hand, Nadech's conquest returned to her cosy spot, next to him. He thanked her and took a few sips of the divine beverage . Wanted to come back to where she left of , the girl took the glass away from Nadech's hand and put it on the table in front of them . Realising that Yaya was watching them , the young woman suddenly asked " What about her ?"

"Her ?" Repeated Nadech, "Don't worry about her babe, it is her job to stay wherever i go. Just think of her as my guardian angel . "

Happy enough with his answer, she then proceed to lock her arms around his neck once more, while straddling his lap . She then gave her full attention to his left cheek , leaving traces of small kisses around it. Nadech was letting her do whatever she wanted without ever touching her in return.
Yaya had no idea where to look. Nothing like this ever happened to her before. She took the decision to turn away , not wanting to witness anymore of their exchange. Not leaving sight of Yaya , Nadech was definitely enjoying himself . He wanted to get her attention but she stubbornly laid her eyes elsewhere. He found himself taking a lot of pleasure in her distress . Yaya could feel his heavy gaze on her but tried to ignore it. She could hear heavy breathing in the background. She did not know what to do.Uncomfortable , she tried to position herself better. In doing so, she accidentally met Nadech 's lusting stare again . This time she could not get away.... He was taunting her , daring her silently. She felt a sudden heat spreading all over her cheeks, her heartbeat was accelerating carelessly, pumped up by a sudden flow of adrenalin. Slowly , Nadech's eyes started traveling down from her face to her legs, clearly enjoying undressing her with his gaze. Her long sleek brown hair were pull back in a high bun, showing her soft features while the black dress she was wearing, revealed a curvaceous body that any man would have been hungry for...

Oblivious to what was happening behind her back , Nadech's partner was now attacking his neck, her hands searching to open the buttons of his shirt.
Pleased, Nadech wanted to know how far Yaya could handle this little game ...Keeping his piercing eyes on her, Nadech started wondering his large hands on his guest's thighs, caressing them softly. A smile appeared on his face when he realised that Yaya was terrified of what was about to come next . Her body had stiffen while her pretty face was red of confusion and shame. He was harassing her and he was loving every minute of it ...

" Dring !... Dring!.... Dring!..." Disturbed by the phone in the room , Yaya took the opportunity to break the sinful charm that Nadech was exerting on her, and went to answer the phone. Taew was on the other side and was asking if a certain Suly was with them .

"Suly ? " asked Yaya.

At the mention of her name , the lustful girl ,that had now successfully open Nadech's shirt, stopped in her tracks and turned around , giving Yaya an interrogative stare.

" Your boyfriend has been looking for you everywhere on the dance floor" continued Yaya , repeating Taew 's words.

At the news, Suly got off Nadech and arranged her clothes and hair to make herself presentable again. She quickly excused herself and got out of the room .

A long silence followed her departure. Yaya and Nadech were quietly assessing each other knowing that they were now alone in the room that was still full of unfulfilled desires.



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