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credit:โอ้เจ้ากี้ เบาๆ บล๊อกทีวีพูล/facebook


sarNie Oldmaid
I think Cee and kwan love will have some major obstacle, and they won't end up together. Than the second generation will come in and cee and Kwan will meet each other again. That's my guess. I hope in the end Kwan and Cee will end up together, even if it won't be until the end.

Looks so good and Sad. I can't wait to tune in when it airs.


sarNie Coma
so kwan/cee will be playing the parents generation and min is the kids? omg, thats gonna be like watching benz play as kwan's mom in their old lakorn together! wouldn't it make more sense if they have an older actor/tress play the older gen instead while kwan is the kid


sarNie Egg
Hi everyone this is for my first time post here.Love Cee so much.I'm a Asian so I like Thai lakorns.Cee Siwat is my No.1 Thai actor.I liked him because his smile is very cute.