Bo Bay (DaraVDO) CH7


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its funny how kwan-cee is playing a mother/father role when they are still young themselves lol its just gonna be like watching benz play kwans mom in their first lakorn together. i guess they must have ran out of older stars


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Yea! Cee hardly well rarely star with anyone twice beside Cheer :wub:
I'm still waiting for Cee-Mo to pair up :no: It's been years :cry:

Also waiting for;

Cee-Cheer :p

Wanna see pictures already :woot2: :dance1:
ahhhh ana!!! im still waiting for cee-mo to pair up as well.. i was so not satisfied with the latest one with vee.. they were a couple but ahhhhh they broke up and got with dif ppl.. eeek.. i was so disappointed T_T..

and waahh.. im excited to see cee & kwan reunited ehehe...

but hmmm if that really is the plot.. then wow.. >_<


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I know I was not satisfy at all about Koo Pbuan Olawon :whatever:
I waited for years. Than KPO came along but they weren't a pair :facepalm: Than when Lui was first announced they say Cee was the p'ek and Mo was n'ek I was thrill :woot2: :yahoo: Than after so many issue they change p'ek to VEE -_- :no: :cry1:. Again my dream was crushed :cry: :nono1:

Okay. Back to Cee-Kwan :dance1:

I made this long ago. Back Then I thought Cee/Kwan looked like sibling :p

Cee/Kwan on Jan Jao

Part 1


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argh.. i couldnt have agreed more with you ana.. i was so happy for lui too!!! argh.. too bad p'ek is vee T_T.. wahhh..

anyways.. that was a cute mv ana.. hehe.. it makes me excited for this lakorn but then i thought about the plot again and was like damn.. lol..


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a clip of Kwan fitting...
credit to


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cee is soooo cute! kwan is very pretty! im looking forward to this one even though he will play as a father, but gotta support my man! haha thanks for sharing the photos.